Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Records - 1979 - St [lp] + Bonus

Here is the US release of the Records first album. In Europe it was called "Shades In Bed" and had a bonus Ep with four songs.
Virgin USA modified the order of the songs, the art covers and the Starry Eyes version. The rip and the art covers courtesy of Power Pop Lovers Blog.


All Messed Up And Ready To Go / Teenarama / Girls That Don't Exist / Starry Eyes / Up All Night / Girl / Insomnia / Affection Rejected / The Phone / Another Star

The Records - St (Us copy)
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My contribution to the post is a bonus. The Tim Moore's "Rock and Roll Love Letter" cover, with a double b-side, "Wives And Mothers Of Tomorrow" and "Starry Eyes" (Live) recorded in the Be Stiff Tour in 1979.

The Records - Rock And Roll Love Letter (12" ep)
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