Friday, July 20, 2007

Nervous Eaters: Selftitled (1980)+ Hot, Steel And Acid (1986) + Eaterville #1 (2004) [lp's]

The core of the Nervous Eaters, Jeff Wilkinson, Rob Skeen and Steve Cataldo crawled out of Wilk's basement and onto the Rathskellar stage. The Eaters quickly became the "RAT's", house band. Managed by the club, the group released two primitive singles for Rat Records, "Loretta" and "Just Head". Bent on self destruction, fueled by anything they could get there hands on, ignited by the raw sounds of Link Wray, early Chicago Blues greats and British guitar legends Beck, Clapton and Page, The Nervous Eaters created a raw edgy song style uniquely their own.

Original Lineup:

Steve Cataldo- Lead Vocals, Guitar / Stanley Clark- Guitar / Rob Skeen - Bass / Jeff Wilkinson - Drums

Selftitled tracks:

Loretta / By Yourself / No Sleep Tonite / Walkout / No Time / All Except You / Get Stuffed / Girl Next Door / Hooked / Last Chance / Out On A Date (She Said No) / She's Got The Kind Of Love

Hot, Steel And Acid tracks:

Hot Steel And Acid / Nazi Concentration Camp Blues / Shit For Brains / Get A Hold On It / Born To Die / On The Avenue / The Times They Are A Changing / She's Gonna Be My Baby

Eaterville tracks:

Loretta / Just Head / I'm A Degenerate / Get Stuffed / You Smell Like Fish / Rock With Me / Driving To New York / You've Heard These Chords Before / She's Gonna Be My Baby / Beautiful Delilah / On The Avenue / Planet Fever / After Your Goodtimes Gone / Interview

Nervous Eaters - Selftitled
Nervous Eaters - Hot, Steel And Acid
Nervous Eaters - Eaterville #1

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