Monday, December 31, 2007

The Silencers - 1989 - The Lyon Tapes

Four Scots meet in London in 1985: Jimme O'Neill & Cha Burns (both ex- Finger- printz); Martin Hanlin and Joe Donelly. Fingerprintz were a new wave, Smith- inspired "combo" who released three albums on Virgin (The Very Dab, Distinguish Marks and Beat Noir avalaibles at Power Pop! Criminal$ Blog) and were largely ignored in Britain and Europe despite some stunning reviews, their 'quirky dark surreal pop' did, however, attract a following in America.
After the demise of Fingerprintz, they demo three new tracks at Scarf Studios in South London: Painted Moon, I See Red and I Can't Cry. The concept is guitar-based atmosphere pop with "one foot in the 60's and one in the 80's". Written by Jimme in a little room in Battersea, the songs are less quirky and more melodic than the Fingerprintz material, more passionate and personal. The begin of The Silencers.

This is the 195th volume of the "lolive" great concerts collection recorded in Lyon (France).
It was recorded for ZAP FM at the Truck in Lyon-Vénissieux in October 16, 1989, on a Fostex 16tracks tape recorder and mixed few days after in studio.
Some edits have been done between few songs on the final mix.

The songs normalizing and the complete artwortks maded by Blog Kihn.

Line up:

Jimme O'Neill (vocals/guitar) / Cha Burns (guitar) / Davie Crichton (fiddle/accordion/keyboards) / Joseph Donnelly (bass) / Martin Hanlin (drums)


I Can't Cry / Scottish Rain / Walk With The Night / Answer Me / Blue Desire / Painted Moon / A Blues For Buddha / Possessed / Higher Ground / Razor Blades Of Love / Gimme Shelter

The Silencers - The Lyon Tapes
Part 1
Part 2

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Del-Lords - 1989 - The Lyon Tapes

American musical pioneers at the East Coast's western- most boundaries, New York City's Del-Lords stood in the forefront of back-to- the-roots countryfied urban rock'n'roll, skipping any particular stylistic imitation to enthusiastically bang out perceptive tunes of hard times and true love. With guitarist Scott Kempner (once Top Ten of the Dictators) penning the material but occasionally relinquishing lead vocals to guitarist Eric "Roscoe" Ambel, the Del-Lords embraced rock's basic components with such skill and verve that they outshone most everyone else on the scene. (Trouser Press)

This concert was recorded by "lolive" for Zap FM at Le Truck, Lyon-Venissieux, on April 10, 1989.


Cheyenne / Lover's Prayer / Total Destruction to Your Mind / Wasting Time Talking / Poem of the River / Johnny 99 / How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live / Tallahassie Lassie / Judas Kiss / I Play The Drums / Get Tough / Jumpin' in the Night / The Cool and The Crazy-My Generation / A Legal Matter

The Del-Lords - The Lyon Tapes
Part 1
Part 2

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Stephen Tin Tin Duffy -1985 - The Ups And Downs + Remixes

Stephen Anthony James Duffy (1960, Birmin- gham, England) is a British singer- songwriter and multi- instrumen- talist. He has recorded under many numerous names.
Last·fm sayd that "in the world of music he's only known, outside of cult circles, as a founder member and original lead singer of Duran Duran and also for his two sole UK hit singles in 1985 - Kiss M" and Icing on the Cake."
I don't think so, I think he's known as the leader of the great "Lilac Time".
In 1978 he formed Duran Duran with college friends Nick Rhodes and John Taylor. After recording demos and playing local gigs Duffy left the band to form Only Five Believers. This latter band evolved into The Hawks who released their sole single "Words of Hope" in 1980, beating his first band Duran Duran by 1 year.
The Hawks eventually dissolved and Duffy formed Tin Tin, a 4 piece synth-led band who recorded "Kiss Me". This was picked up by WEA and became a major club hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Financed by Warners, Duffy moved to America for 1 year to write songs but was eventually dropped and returned to England to be signed by Virgin/10. In the meantime, he had relaunched himself as a solo artist called Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy. A remix of "Kiss Me" was reissued in 1985 and became a major hit followed by "Icing on the Cake" and the album "The Ups And Downs". After this period, he dropped the Tin Tin from his name and proceeded to record as Stephen AJ Duffy. He released 3 more singles and 1 more album called "Because We Love You". This marked the end of his pop phase.
Following an experimental dance album under the alias Dr. Calculus, Duffy was dropped by Virgin/10 and he returned to his folk roots and formed The Lilac Time with his brother, Nick.

The Ups And Downs tracks:

Kiss Me / She Makes Me Quiver / Masterpiece / But Is It Art / Wednesday Jones / Icing On The Cake / Darkest Blues / Be There / Believe In Me / The World At Large Alone

Remixes Bonus tracks:

Kiss Me ('83 version) / She Makes Me Quiver (M+M Mix) / Kiss Me ('83 Extended Mix) / Icing On The Cake (Extended Mix) / Kiss Me (Plural Mix)

Stephen Tin Tin Duffy -The Ups And Downs
The remixes (Bonus)

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Note: The Remixes includes an special Tray for all the tracks.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Red Guitars - 1986 - Tales Of The Expected

The Red Guitars were a British indie rock band active from 1982 to 1986. Based in Hull, UK, the Red Guitars' first single Good Technology was a minor hit, selling 60,000 copies. Their third single Marimba Jive reached number one on the UK independent charts in late 1984.
The band was originally formed by Jerry Kidd (Vocals) and Hallam Lewis (Guitar) in 1979.
In 1984 they recorded "Slow To Fade" (Self Drive Records) their first lp.
In 1986, Kidd left the band and is replaced by Robert Holmes, they sign with Virgin Records and release their second album "Tales Of The Expected". After that they disbanded.
The Red Guitars played a one-show reunion at the Winterlude Festival in Hull on February 11, 2006.
More info about them at the Red Guitars Site.


Robert Holmes (vocals, guitar) / Lou Howard (bass) / Hallam Lewis (guitar, backing vocals) / John Howley (guitar, one finger keyboards) / Mattehw Higgins (drums) + Jim Gardner (ten finger keyboards)


Sweetwater Ranch / National Avenue (Sunday Afternoon) / Be With Me / Suspicion & Fear / Love & Understanding / Storyville / House Of Love / Trains On Time / Marianne / Baby's Got A Gun

Red Guitars - Tales Of The Expected
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"Red Guitars 1982-1984 - Good Technology" is a compilation that includes "Slow To Fade" plus the early singles. You can get a copy from Lemonburst for £10.95 including postage and packing.

Robert Holmes went on to release a solo CD, Age of Swing, "very much in the vein" of this final Red Guitars outing. It too had an almost invisible CD release and must be extremely rare in any format. (H2Gmusic wrote this in comments)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lost Durangos - 1986 - Evil Town

The great first and only mini-lp of this canadian roots-rock band (Vancouver, British Columbia).
Formed by Greg Potter (guitar and vocals), Kelly Brock (vocals), Buck Cherry (guitar and vocals), Matt Rickson (bass and vocals) and Paul de Bourcier (drums).
After leaving the Lost Durangos, Brock joined the new wave/pop/rock band Innocent III. They recorded a single in 1988, featuring the songs "Out Of Touch", produced by Brian 'Too Loud' Macleod and "You're Not There", produced by Paul Hyde (The Payola$). After this she began her solo career. (Kelly Brock at myspace)
Greg Potter has seen most angles of the music business. In 1999 he received a Western Magazine Award for feature writing and put out his first book, a critical history of Canadian music called Hand Me Down World: The Canadian Pop-Rock Paradox. He played with bands like and the Blasters. Now he played shows for 35 people that "are there because they're actually into it and is a lot better than playing for 300 people who are just getting drunk".
Before the Lost Durangos, John "Buck Cherry" Armstrong was writing, recording and performing since 1976 and was a founding member of the West Coast punk scene beginning with Active Dog and later with the Modernettes. Buck is currently recording new material for an independent album. (More info and mp3 demos here)
About Matt Rickson and Paul de Bourcier I haven't found info.

You can find Evil Town song and more Vancouver Independent music taking a look at the OCANADARM! blog.


Evil Town / Every Leaf's Gotta Fall / Sins Of The Father / Living Nowadays / Never Say How Far / I've Seen The Rain

Lost Durangos - Evil Town


Note : All the work (rip and scans...10 !!) maded by "bluecartoon". Thank you very much.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Planets - 1981 - Spot

In May I brought to you Goonhilly Down the first album of this band leadered by Steve Lindsey.
Here is the 2nd titled "Spot". Published in 1981 by Rialto Records(the same company of The Korgis).
The Planets had a minor hit with the song called "Follow The Leader".


Steve Lindsey: bass guitar and vocals / Chris Skornia: keyboards and vocals / Barry Lines: guitar and vocals / Larry Tolfree: percussion.


I Can't Stop / Let Me Fall / Intensive Care / You Gave Your Love (Back To Me) / I Want To Touch You / Don't Look Down / Earth / Follow The Leader / Forgone Conclusion / C.R.A.Z.Y. (Crazeey)

The Planets - Spot
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Note: Goonhilly Down & Spot were released in cd format in 2000 by Edsel Records UK and you can find it at amazon with a good price.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Screamin' Sirens - 1984 - ¡Fiesta!

Screamin' Sirens were an all-women band that combined country music, punk rock, rockabilly and a dash of funk for their own wild party music. They pre-dated what is usually referred to as alternative country, but undoubtedly influenced it. They were based in Hollywood, California. The band featured Rosie Flores, who went on to have a successful solo career in the alternative country and rockabilly scene. Pleasant Gehman is also a successful writer and editor, and a member of the Ringling Sisters. Bassist Miiko Watanabe went on to play with American Girls. Casey Gomez, who played drums with the group for a time, had also played with the Pandoras. Screamin' Sirens were notorious for their wild live shows and party-inducing image. They also did a film called The Runnin' Kind which starred Brie Howard as well as Screamin' Sirens.

Screamin' Sirens:

Diane ("Boom-Boom") Dixon: drums and vocals / Pleasant Ann Gehman: vocals / Marsky Reins: fiddle, rhythm guitar, vocals / Rosie "Rosita" Flores: lead guitar, vocals
With Miiko Watanabe: bass


The Runnin' Kind / Maniac / Head For The Hills / Jim / Mr. T Luv Boogie / Midnight To Moonlight / Rare And Darling / He's In The Slam / Oh, Stephen! / Love Slave

Screamin' Sirens - ¡Fiesta!
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Joe Egan - 1981 - Map

The second and last album by Joe Egan (Stealers Wheel). In the same line of the first "Out Of Nowhere" both albums have never been reiussed in cd format.


Tell Me All About It / Survivor / Stay As You Are / Diamonds / Maker On The Make / Miss Match / Heat Of The Moment / Price Of Love / A Little Bit Of Magic / Front Line

Joe Egan - Map
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Various - 1978 - Live Stiffs Live

What's not to love about this "record" of the legendary 'Stiffs Live Stiffs' back in 1978 - 5 acts of vastly different styles and experience thrown together on a bus in a 50's style package show. Nick Lowe had a band featuring guitarist Dave Edmunds on drums, and Elvis Costello's drummer Pete Thomas on guitar whilst Wreckless Eric had Ian Dury on drums & fellow Blockhead Davey Payne on sax. The policy of rotating the acts each night was soon abandoned to leave the emerging & acknowledged stars of the tour, Ian Dury, and Elvis Costello to engage in alternate nights of headlining, and escalating degrees of trying to upstage each other - which all made for tremendous entertainment! The album leads with 2 tracks from Nick Lowe, rocking hard before disappearing to the bar, and the legendary 24-Hour Club, Wreckless Eric follows with two terrific songs by this under-rated songwriter, who could have become a superstar if not lumbered with a "Drunken Loony" image. Larry Wallis only really had one song to promote, so that's here, followed by Costello, bizzarly including Bacharach & David's "I just don't know what to do with myself" and a venomous "Miracle Man". The rising star of Ian Dury backed with precision by the Blockheads (who had only been together a matter of weeks at the time) closes with two of his best from "New Boots and Panties". Matters are brought to a close by a riotous finale of "sex & Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll", the tour anthem, featuring a cast of thousands (it seems!) Is there such a thing as an essential album - this could be it! (An amazon customer review)


Nick Lowe's Last Chicken In The Shop: I Knew the Bride / Let's Eat
Wreckless Eric & The New Rockets: Semaphore Signals / Reconnez Cherie
Larry Wallis' Psychedelic Rowdies: Police Car
Elvis Costello & The Attractions: I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself / Miracle Man
Ian Dury & the Blockheads: Billericay Dickie / Wake Up and Make Love With Me
All: Sex Drugs Rock & Roll & Chaos

Various -Live Stiffs Live
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Note: The album was reiussed in cd format in 1992 but today it has a prohibitive price (32 pounds = 44 euros = 65 dollars)

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Big Sound Authority - 1985 - An Inward Revolution

Days ago I had a request by an anonymous user in the comments. I've always been a little eclectic with my musical taste (not only with power pop live the people), and here is the requested album.
Big Sound Authority was formed in 1983 by duel vocalists Tony Burke (who handled the band’s rock material) and Julie Hadwin (who sang the blues parts). The band were complemented by a fine brass section.
The band were eventually signed by small label Source Records, and they immediately released the single “This House (Is Where Your Love Stands)”, which gained much airplay and interest for the act – and went on to become a significant UK chart hit single.
Follow up single “A Bad Town” also hit the UK charts and two subsequent singles were produced by Tony Visconti, famed for his work with David Bowie.
The band recorded and released one full-length album “An Inward Revolution”, before splitting.
With the This House 7" b-side (I Miss My Baby) like bonus track.... Here is my contribution to that great band...
Enjoy it !!!


A Bad Town / Loverama / Let's Hold Together / When Things Fall Apart / (Call Me) Soulman / Be True To Yourself / Moving Heaven And Earth / My Hell-Shaped Room / This Is The Day / I'm Stronger Now / This House (Is Where Your Love Stands) / I Miss My Baby (bonus single B-side)

The Big Sound Autihority - An Inward Revolution
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Monday, December 03, 2007

The Reels -1979 -Selftitled

The Reels originated with the group Native Son (Mason, Hooper, Bliss and Newham), which was formed in the country town of Dubbo, New South Wales and played in the area for about three years, mainly playing cover versions of current and classic hits. After moving to Sydney in 1978 they added Abrahams and changed the band's name to The Brucelanders. They gradually developed an original repertoire of fast-paced, quirky pop and ska music, and their energetic performances gained them a strong following on the thriving east coast live music scene at that time. They were also given enormous support in Sydney by the ABC's rock radio station Double J (which moved to the FM band and became Triple J in 1980).
In 1979 they secured a recording contract with the Australian branch of the Mercury Records label, changed their name to The Reels and released their debut single, "Love Will Find A Way". This, and its follow-up "Prefab Hearts" (one of my all times favourite songs), combined with the band's distinctive image, gained increasing attention with their music videos featured on the influential national TV pop show Countdown. These were followed by their self-titled debut album with producer Mark Opitz (The Angels, Cold Chisel).


David Mason (lead vocals) / Craig Hooper (guitars) / Colin 'Polly' Newham (keyboards) / John Bliss (drums) / Paul Abrahams (bass)


Baby's in the Know / Misused, Abused / Spot the Ridge / Wonder Why / Apathy / Plastic Pop / Prefab Hearts / Go Away / Love Will Find a Way / Bopper / The Meeting / (Yet I) Feel Like Dancing

The Reels - Selftiled
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Tim Lee & Matt Piucci - 1986 - Gone Fishin'

Tim Lee (Wind- breakers) together with the imaginative Rain Parade guitarist Matt Piucci publised this folk-rock acoustic album. Called "Gone Fishin' - Can't Get Lost When You're Goin' Nowhere", was recorded in Mississippi in February 1986.
With the collaborations of Bruce Goldon, Randy Everett, George Cartwright, Bobby and Robin Sutliff and Andy Piucci this is an strange album.
Taken from all music:
"While the sound quality is good and some of the songs are decent, the album also has its share of less effective tunes, pedestrian solo break sections, and at times joltingly sloppy ensemble playing. Highlights include "Touch the Gold," twith its rasping bluesy singing and spare arrangement featuring twangy slide guitar and clipped organ; "Lift It Up," with its almost shouted vocal, fuzz rock guitar, and chorus-only vintage-garage-band-sounding keyboards and drums; and two acoustic singer-songwriter style numbers, "Take a Left" and "Too Many Eyes," the latter exhibiting an especially yearning, if squarish, melodiousness. R.E.M.'s musical influence on this album is never too far from the surface and is especially noticeable on the ringing guitar track "Charlie Jones." (David Cleary)


No Rapture (Piucci) / All You Want (Lee) / Home (Piucci) / Charlie Jones (Lee, Piucci, Stuart) /Take a Left (Lee) / Touch the Gold (Lee) / Lift It Up (Lee, Piucci)/ Too Many Eyes (Piucci) / Something Happened (Lee) / Something Better (Lee, Cotheren)

Tim Lee & Matt Piucci - Gone Fishin' (Can't Get Lost When You're Goin' Nowhere)

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Ian Gomm: Summer Holiday (1978) + What A Blow (1981) + The Village Voice (1982) + Images (1986)

Gomm's recording debut with Brinsley Schwarz, Nervous on the Road, was one of the group's best albums and featured one of Gomm's strongest songs, "It's Been So Long." He stayed with the band until the group folded in 1975. Gomm then moved to Wales, where he built his own studio and recorded sessions by the Stranglers, Amon Düül, and Alexis Korner. He also worked on his own material and signed to Albion, who released his solo debut, Summer Holiday, in 1978. The following year, Stiff/Epic issued the album as Gomm with the Wind in America, where the single "Hold On" reached number 12 in the Hot 100 and led to a gig supporting Dire Straits on their Sultans of Swing tour. Subsequent solo albums included What a Blow, The Village Voice (which included "Louise," a song that became Phil Everly's first solo hit) and 1986's Images, his final release of the '80s. Gomm spent the rest of the decade building a new studio, Mountain Sound, and writing more songs. Producing and engineering also kept him busy until 1997, when he released Crazy for You, and Rock'n'Roll Heart (2002).(AMG)

Summer Holiday tracks:

Hooked On Love / Sad Affair / Black And White / Come On / Hold On / Airplane / Twenty Four Hour Service / That's The Way I Rock'n Roll / Dirty Lies / You Can't Do That / Chicken Run / Another Year

Bonus tracks: Images / Goin' Through The Motions (from "Gomm WithThe Wind") / Hold On (Live with The dB's -swedish tv-)

What A Blow tracks:

Man on a Mountain / Do it in Style / Jealousy / It Don’t Help / Here it Comes Again (That Feeling) / What a Blow / Nobody’s Fool / (Swayin’ to the Music) Slow Dancin’ / (I’m in a) Heartache / I Like You, I Don’t Love You / I Just Wanna Stay Here / Jaguar

The Village Voice tracks:

Love Is Gone / Hearts On Fire / I'll Be Around / You Can't Catch Me / Hole In The Middle / Leave It To The Music / Louise / Melody From Mars / I'm In A Heartache / She'll Never Take The Place Of Nobody Home / Murder In The Night
Bonus track: Missing You ("(I'm In A) Heartache" 7" b-side)

Images tracks:

It's Gotta Be Magic / Little Lost Lamb / Lego / Modern Soul / The State I'm In / Cheap Talk Hurts / Play On / Just Images / What Makes a Man.../TV Times / That Girl / Beauty and the Beast / Cry Myself to Sleep / Keep on Dancing

Ian Gomm - Summer Holiday
Ian Gomm - What A Blow
Ian Gomm - The Village Voice
Ian Gomm - Images

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Note: Images was originally ripped and posted by the great "apolloc" at the Power Pop Lovers Blog. Thank you very much for it !!