Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Boomtowwn Rats Early Shows (1978/79)

All six members were originally from Dún Laoghaire, Republic of Ireland. The name Boomtown Rats comes from a gang in Woody Guthrie's autobiography, Bound for Glory. They became a notable band, but one whose accomplishments were overshadowed by the charity work of lead singer Bob Geldof.

Don't Believe What You Hear-BBC TV - Live Concert - September 16, 1978 - Middlesex Polytechnic Hendon

Quite possibly, it was the original broacast of this back in 1978.

The set list is not dissimilar to the Hammersmith Odeon set, but is a little less polished, and all the better for it. Also visually it was a lot better devoid of any special effects, though you have to remember I have not seen this for almost thirty years now!

It is also the best known Boomtown Rats bootleg.


Mary Of The 4th Form / Me & Howard Hughes / I Never Loved Eva Braun 8/ Don't Believe What You Read / Rat Trap / Kicks / Joey's On The Street Again / Living On A Island / She's Gonna Do You In / Like Clockwork / She's So Modern / Looking After No. 1

Live at the Fox Theatre, San Diego - February 27, 1979

This was the debut performance of I Don't Like Mondays (inspired by the tragic school shooting that occurred in San Diego just a month before the show. ), so a more basic version of the song without some of the phrasing you may be familiar with. Also a rare rendition of Never Bite The Hand That Feeds.


Blind Date / (I Never Loved) Eva Brown (sic) / Neon Heart / Me And Howard Hughes / Like Clockwork / Medley: Rat Trap / Kicks / Joey / Living On An Island / (She's Gonna) Do You In / She's So Modern / Lookin' After No. 1 / Mary Of The 4th Form / Do The Rat / Never Bite The Hand That Feeds / I Don't Like Mondays

Password (both shows): PVAcblog

Bitrates: 1st. VBR ± 280; 2nd: 320

Thank you very much to rush2112 for "Don't Believe What You Hear" rip and artworks.