Thursday, March 27, 2008

Madness - 1983 - One Show Beyond (Live in NJ)

The fantastic pop-rock/ska band from Camden Town, London, formed in 1976 played this show on August 23, 1983 at the Fountain Casino, NJ, USA for the King Biscuit Flower Hour Show.
With all their hits, House Of Fun, My Girl, Night Boat To Cairo, Our House, Baggy Trousers, One Step Beyond, It Must Be Love,... -with the exception of Wings Of A Dove, released as a single in the UK three days before the show- it's an excellent document recorded when Madness achieved their great success.... and has a very good sound. (180 Mb of pure energy)


House Of Fun / Disappear / Close Escape / Bed And Breakfast Man / My Girl / The Sun And The Rain / Blue Skin Beast / Embarrasment / Mrs. Hutchinson / Take It Or Leave It / Night Boat To Cairo / Tomorrow's Dream / Razor Blade Alley / Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) / Grey Day / Shut Up / Madness / Baggy Trousers / Our House / Madness Is All In The Mind / It Must Be Love / Primrose Hill / One Step Beyond

Madness - One Show Beyond
Part 1 / Part 2
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Del Fuegos: Studio Albums

Kicking up a ruckus on the more garage-orien- ted side of the 1980's roots rock boom, the Del Fuegos were a four-piece band from Boston who(at least for a time) won critical favor and a loyal cult following at home and on the road for their passionate, no-frills style. Formed in 1980, the Del Fuegos consisted of guitarist and singer Dan Zanes, his brother Warren Zanes on guitar, bassist Tom Lloyd, and drummer Steve Morrell. Steady gigging on the Boston club circuit won the band a potent local reputation, which began to spread along the East Coast with the band's first few low-budget tours. While the Del Fuegos began recording an album for legendary local label Ace of Hearts Records, in 1984 the famed Los Angeles indie Slash Records stepped in and signed them, releasing their first album, The Longest Day, in the fall of that year. (By this time, Steve Morrell had parted ways with the band, and former Embarrassment percussionist Woody Giessmann had taken over the drum kit.) One of the first albums produced by former Ronnie Montrose keyboard man Mitchell Froom, The Longest Day's mixture of attitude, guitar firepower, and heart-on-the-sleeve emotion clicked with both critics and fans, and the Del Fuegos seemed poised for a commercial breakthrough with their second album, 1985's Boston, Mass.
While "Don't Run Wild" and "I Still Want You" earned some radio and MTV airplay and the album received rave reviews, it wasn't the hit some were hoping for, and the more self-consciously hip members of the music world began to turn their backs on the band after it appeared in a widely seen beer commercial. The band began reaching for a more ambitious sound and wider musical range on its third album, but 1987's Stand Up received harsh reviews and little support from fans, despite the Del Fuegos' appearance on an extended tour with noted fan Tom Petty (who also guested on Stand Up), in which the group shared the opening slot with the Replacements. After Stand Up's disappointing reception, Woody Giessmann and Warren Zanes both quit the Del Fuegos, and the band was dropped by Slash. In 1989, Dan Zanes and Tom Lloyd decided to give the band another chance, bringing aboard guitarist Adam Roth and drummer Joe Donnelly and cutting a new album, Smoking in the Fields, but while critics were kinder to the new set than Stand Up, the album was a commercial bust, and within a year the Del Fuegos were history. Dan Zanes went on to a solo career and in time found success with a series of acclaimed children's albums, while Warren Zanes returned to music in 2002 after many years in academia with a fine solo album, Memory Girls. (Mark Deming, All Music Guide)


The Del Fuegos - The Longest Day
The Del Fuegos - Boston, Mass
The Del Fuegos - Stand Up
The Del Fuegos - Smoking In The Fields

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Scandal - 1984 - Warrior

On February 05, 2008, I posted the Scandal first mini-lp.
Warrior was released in 1984, and when singer Patty Smyth left the group soon thereafter they broke up for good.
The big hit from this album is "The Warrior", co-written by Holly Knight and Nick Gilder. With the other single "Beat Of A Heart" or the Journey's cover "Only The Young", and the Mike Chapman production, Warrior is the archetypal 80's rock sound.


The Warrior / Beat of a Heart / Hands Tied / Less Than Half / Only the Young / All I Want / Talk to Me / Say What You Will / Tonight / Maybe We Went Too Far

Scandal - Warrior

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Stars Of Heaven - 1988 - Rain On The Sea + Speak Slowly

A "blue- cartoon" new release. Two rips and artworks compiled in a cd, a very fine work.
The Stars of Heaven were always a class act on the Dublin music scene, a band set apart from the others with different songs, different influences and a whole different take on making music. I was always slightly heartened by their gigs: they were a bit shambolic really and to a band like ourselves who could already whip a crowd of thirty or forty people into a light sweat, they seemed no real threat, or so I thought. Yet coming out of those gigs you couldn’t help but find yourself name checking songs and discussing solos, lyrics and arrangements that were like nothing else we then knew.
The Stars Of Heaven debuted with a 7" single 'Clothes Of Pride / All About You' released on local indie Hotwire records. John Peel picked up on the record, played it to death, invited the band over for a session and they hooked up with top English Independent Rough Trade, home at the time to The Smiths.
Their first release for Rough Trade was 'Sacred Heart Hotel' a mini album. The first side comprised their first Peel session ,the second side some new tracks. Their Byrdsonian harmonies and jangly guitars went down well with the alternative set who at the time were engrossed in American bands like R.E.M. and The Replacements. They followed this up with 'The Holyhead' e.p., a glorious record which showed the band moving away from their Byrds blueprint. Rough Trade compiled 'Sacred Heart Hotel' and 'The Before Holyhead E.P.' onto one album 'Rain On The Sea' for European release. Their live shows at the time showed a fondness for obscure classics by Alex Chilton, Richard Thompson, Gram Parsons and many others who as time passed have gained a fame of their own.
Their only full album proper 'Speak Slowly' was released in April 1988 on Rough Trade. Produced by Paul Barrett (with 4-5 tracks remixed by Stephen Street), 'Speak Slowly' is fondly regarded by many of the bands fans.


Stephen Ryan - vocals, electric guitar / Stan Erraught - guitars, backing vocals / Peter O'Sullivan - bass / Bernard Walsh - drums


Sacred Heart Hotel / Talk About It Now / Moonstruck / So You Know / Never Saw You / Widow's Walk / You Can Only Say What Anyone Could Say / Folksong / Man Without A Shadow / Before Holyhead / Someone's Getting Tired Of You / Unfinished Dreaming /
Little England / What Else Could You Do / Paradise Of Lies / 2 O'Clock Waltz / 28 / Lights Of Tetouan / Leave As You Came / Every Other Day / Three Nights Day / Ghost Cars

The Stars Of Heaven - Rain On The Sea + Speak Slowly
Part 1
Part 2

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Boomtowwn Rats Early Shows (1978/79)

All six members were originally from Dún Laoghaire, Republic of Ireland. The name Boomtown Rats comes from a gang in Woody Guthrie's autobiography, Bound for Glory. They became a notable band, but one whose accomplishments were overshadowed by the charity work of lead singer Bob Geldof.

Don't Believe What You Hear-BBC TV - Live Concert - September 16, 1978 - Middlesex Polytechnic Hendon

Quite possibly, it was the original broacast of this back in 1978.

The set list is not dissimilar to the Hammersmith Odeon set, but is a little less polished, and all the better for it. Also visually it was a lot better devoid of any special effects, though you have to remember I have not seen this for almost thirty years now!

It is also the best known Boomtown Rats bootleg.


Mary Of The 4th Form / Me & Howard Hughes / I Never Loved Eva Braun 8/ Don't Believe What You Read / Rat Trap / Kicks / Joey's On The Street Again / Living On A Island / She's Gonna Do You In / Like Clockwork / She's So Modern / Looking After No. 1

Live at the Fox Theatre, San Diego - February 27, 1979

This was the debut performance of I Don't Like Mondays (inspired by the tragic school shooting that occurred in San Diego just a month before the show. ), so a more basic version of the song without some of the phrasing you may be familiar with. Also a rare rendition of Never Bite The Hand That Feeds.


Blind Date / (I Never Loved) Eva Brown (sic) / Neon Heart / Me And Howard Hughes / Like Clockwork / Medley: Rat Trap / Kicks / Joey / Living On An Island / (She's Gonna) Do You In / She's So Modern / Lookin' After No. 1 / Mary Of The 4th Form / Do The Rat / Never Bite The Hand That Feeds / I Don't Like Mondays

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Thank you very much to rush2112 for "Don't Believe What You Hear" rip and artworks.