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Racey - 1979 - Smash And Grab

The members of Racey came from all around. But when Racey was first formed in 1976 by singer RICHARD GOWER, they began their career by playing in pubs and clubs in the West of England. By the autumn of 1976 they performed their first professional shows and were booked to play a one-month residency at the night club JOMFRUBURET, Copenhagen, Denmark. (Jomfruburet meaning 'lady's bower' - while the place was quite the opposite).
After returning to the UK where they were spotted by famous record producer MICKIE MOST whilst playing a t the Three Queens Pub in Weston-Super-Mare.
Despite the fact that 1977 was the height of punk rock boom and clean-cut bands were considered unfashionable, Mickie Most was impressed by the bands live performance and original songs and signed them to his RAK label.
In November 1978, the bands second single LAY YOUR LOVE ON ME was released and became an enormous Christmas hit. Penned by hitmakers Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman it sold over 950,000 copies in the UK alone to make it RAK Records biggest ever hit single. It went on to become a chart hit all over Europe and a No.1 hit in Australia and New Zealand.
In March 1979, Racey released their next single SOME GIRLS, also song written by Chinn/Chapman. They had originally written the song for Debbie Harry and Blondie but following the success of Lay Your Love on me decided to give it to Racey to record instead. The record became Racey’s biggest hit reaching No. 1 in 12 countries, eventually selling over 5,000,000 copies worldwide. Some Girls is still a favourite with radio Stations and club DJs and is guaranteed to fill dance floors around the world.
The bands first album SMASH AND GRAB sold over 1,000,000 copies reaching No. 1 in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and many other European countries. It reached the accolade of Treble Platinum status in Australia where it remains one of the best selling albums of all time. Racey eventually earned 35 Gold, Silver and Platinum sales awards.
In 1981 Tony Basil recorded the song KITTY taken from Racey’s album Smash and Grab which she renamed MICKEY and took the No.1 spot in the USA chart and most other countries.

The band:

RICHARD GOWER: Lead Vocalist, Guitar, Keyboards / MICHAEL HIGGINS: Bass Guitar, Vocals / GARRY WIDLAKE: Drums, Vocals / GARY COMBES: Keyboards, Vocals


Love's A Riot / Such A Night / There's A Party Going On / Lay Your Cards On The Table / She's A Winner / Some Girls / Lay Your Love On Me / Kitty / Rah State Way / Boy Oh Boy / We Are Racey

Racey - Smash And Grab
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