Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Three O'Clock - 1983 - Live At The Concert Factory - Costa Mesta

Hi bloggers.
This is a live concert of this fantastic band that I found in the net years ago. It was recorded at The Concert Factory, Costa Mesta, California on March 5th, 1983.
It's based on the songs of their two first albums "Baroque Hoedown" and "Sixteen Tambourines", probably the best albums of the band.
The quality of the sound is good.
This is a very good moment to remember the live sound of one of the L.A. classic bands of the 80's.
Information sent by the original ripper:
"Actually this is not only the Concert Factory but 2 songs are from another concert (1982); the songs are "Marjorie Tells Me" and "It's All Too Much" and they were performed at Berkeley Square (1982).
I transferred this from a K7 some years ago making therefore a mix of the two concerts - the best of the two concerts being the Concert Factory, so it was the core of the rip.
Thank you very much.
Enjoy it!


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The Three O'Clock - Live At The Concert Factory
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