Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Three O'Clock: Ever After (1986) + Vernillion (1988)

Ever After saw Gutierrez exit the group (he's now in Louis and Clark), to be replaced by Steven Altenberg without any major changes in the group's sound or direction. Shortly after its release, the group parted ways with IRS, spent some time in legal limbo and then signed to Paisley Park. Apparently, Prince had heard and liked them (not too surprising, since Around the World in a Day draws on many of the same influences as Three O'Clock's records), though they'd never actually met. With Jason Falkner replacing Altenberg and Ian Ritchie producing, the group recorded Vermillion, their most interesting and varied album to date, which includes Prince's (sorry, Joey Coco's) "Neon Telephone" — just right for them — a lead vocal apiece by Falkner and keyboardist Mike Mariano (both great) and Quercio's six-minute ballad, "Through the Sleepy Town." Three O'Clock broke up later that year, with Quercio going on to form Permanent Green Light.

Ever After tracks:

Suzie's on the Ball Now / Look into Your Eyes / When We Can / The Penny Girls / Follow Him Around / Warm Aspirations / Step Out of Line / We Are One / If You Could See My Way / Songs and Gentle Words / Watching Pictures [bonus track]

Vermillion tracks:

Vermillion / Love Explosion / To Be Where You Are / When She Becomes My Girl /
World on Fire / Neon Telephone / On Paper / Ways of Magic / Time's Going Slower / Love Has No Heart / Through the Sleepy Town

The Three O'Clock - Ever After
The Three O'Clock - Vermillion

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