Monday, July 27, 2009

DMZ - 1992 - When I Get Off (The Classic Originals!)

Before Jeff "Monoman" Connolly formed Boston's seminal garage rock terrorists the Lyres, he was in a late-'70s prototype known as DMZ. With the exception of a few musicians, DMZ and the Lyres were essentially same-sounding bands; DMZ just played with a little more speed and punk verve. Oddly enough, during the late-'70s signing frenzy of any band even remotely associated with the punk scenes in Boston and New York City, DMZ got a shot with Sire Records. The label, exhibiting near-total artistic myopia, teamed the band up with goofball has-beens Flo and Eddie as producers. While the resulting record was panned, it's far from a disaster, due mainly to DMZ's ferocity and trashy ebullience. Fans of mid-'60s rock such as the Seeds, ? and the Mysterians, and the Kinks, and who have an unending jones for speedy trash-rock and whiny Farfisa organs, will love DMZ.

DMZ - 1978 - Selftitled album debut posted here


Busy Man / Can't Stand the Pain (The Pretty Things cover) / You're Gonna Miss Me (13th Floor Elevators cover) / When I Get Off / Do Not Enter / Guilty Child / Shirt Loop / Lift up Your Hood / Barracuda (The Standells cover) / Comin' After Me (The Flamin' Groovies cover) / Bloody Englishmen / First Time / Oedipus Show / Rosalyn (The Pretty Things cover) / Might He I.D. / From Home / Are You Gonna Be There (The Chocolate Watchband cover) / Pretty Girl

DMZ - When I Get Off
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