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The Loved Ones: The Price For Love (1993) + Better Do Right (1994) + You Better Do Right E.P. (1994)

From Oakland, California, the Loved Ones. In a city that produces mainly rap, the Loved Ones were certainly an anomaly, but they became one of the most popular and original bands on the local scene. While most musicians in their early 20s draw upon more trendy influences, the mod-topped members of this quartet built the foundation of their sound on '60s maximum R&B with the gritty stylings of early Chicago blues.
Imagine Mick Jagger and Howlin' Wolf driving down the freeway on a Vespa on their way to see a James Brown concert, and you've got the idea. From their '60s-styled live-in-the-studio production to their vintage instruments, The Loved Ones are the real thing.
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The Loved Ones:

Bart Davenport - vocals, acoustic guitar / Mike Therieau - bass, vocals / John Kent - drummer / Xan McCurdy - lead guitar

The Price For Love tracks:

Pretty Baby / I Can't Take It / Cut You Loose / Love and Gone / Jaguar Blues / Lickin' Stick / I Told the Truth/ Falling in Love / Price for Love / Hightone Hop / Don't Put Your Spell on Me / None of Your Business / She's into Something / Devil's Moon

Better Do Right tracks:

Wishy Washy Woman / What is Love! / Crazy Gone Lover / Bad Dream / Why! Let...Go / You Better Do Right / Good Bye / Xan's Night Out / You Know / Baby, You Live In Style / Everything / Bow Wow / Can't Stop Me

You Better Do Right tracks:

You Better Do Right / Lickin Stick / Don't Want To Let You Go / Loved Ones - Cut That Out (Live)

The Loved Ones - The Price For Love
The Loved Ones - Better Do Right
The Loved Ones -You Better Do Right E.P.

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