Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome to the Club!

Hi guys.
About three years ago me and other fools began the adventure of a blog called Power Pop Lovers.
Unfortunately the adventure was only active for a year more or less, the reason: a 'person' a little bit intransigent.
Each of the partners has taken different steps and now mantain blogs that are visited daily by thousands of lovers of the good music.
Finally I've decided to reopen the old Power Pop Lovers Blog published simultaneously on wordpress and blogger with the same inputs in order to recover and keep those wonderful albums to enjoy the nostalgic and new discoverers of them.
The new sites are:
For that reason I'm going to close PVAc Blog slowly and move the old posts there reuploading those files whose links have expired with new servers more operatives than rapidshare, because Rapidshare has ceased to be an attractive host to upload.
Gradually I try to upload the albums in lossless format (FLAC) for collectors and mp3 (320) for the other users. Please! be patient because I have only 640 kb upstream, and the uploads are very slow.
To avoid download problems and unnecessary delays, I recommend to use JDownloader (can be used in windows, linux and mac). It's easy to use and you can queue multiple downloads for all the upload servers. JDownloader recognize captchas and is perfect to download files from the servers with a big speed.
Thanks to all and enjoy it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hi, Guys.
I've been offline (without DSL) for 45 days because my phone company it's a shame.
Now I'm online again.
The Badfinger files have been reuploaded.
In the next days I'll answer all the posts, specially "the Distractions" comments because they have new material.
Stay tunned !!!

Badfinger - Magic Christian Music
Badfinger - No Dice
Badfinger - Straight Up
Badfinger - Ass
Badfinger - Selftitled
Badfinger - Wish You Were Here
Badfinger - Head First
Badfinger - Airwaves
Badfinger - Say No More

Rar Password: PVAcblog
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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Bongos - 1982 - Drums Along the Hudson

The Bongos recorded their early singles and their well-received debut EP for UK-based Fetish Records. Their debut U.S. album, Drums Along The Hudson, compiled from the band's British singles, was released in 1982 to mostly favorable reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. While Trouser Press suggested that the group "may trade a certain amount of substance for easy appeal," it added that "there's no better musical equivalent of whipped cream anywhere."
Writing in the Village Voice, Robert Christgau dryly commented that "for all their jumpy originality [the songs are] still slight, and Richard Barone's lyrics are so oblique you have to wonder what his angle is.
In 2007 however, Jim DeRegotis wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times: "The initial impression of naivete is offset by deceptively simple lyrics that actually hint at deep, dark mysteries and unfathomed mystical enigmas."
The group's cover of T. Rex's "Mambo Sun" reached #72 on the Billboard Dance Chart.

Hudson tracks:

In the Congo / Bulrushes / Clay Midgets / Video Eyes / Glow in the Dark / Telephoto Lens / Certain Harbours / Speaking Sands / Burning Bush / Automatic Doors / Hunting / Zebra Club / Three Wise Men / Mambo Sun / Question Ball

The Bongos - Drums Along The Hudson
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The Loved Ones: The Price For Love (1993) + Better Do Right (1994) + You Better Do Right E.P. (1994)

From Oakland, California, the Loved Ones. In a city that produces mainly rap, the Loved Ones were certainly an anomaly, but they became one of the most popular and original bands on the local scene. While most musicians in their early 20s draw upon more trendy influences, the mod-topped members of this quartet built the foundation of their sound on '60s maximum R&B with the gritty stylings of early Chicago blues.
Imagine Mick Jagger and Howlin' Wolf driving down the freeway on a Vespa on their way to see a James Brown concert, and you've got the idea. From their '60s-styled live-in-the-studio production to their vintage instruments, The Loved Ones are the real thing.
Everybody frug!

At myspace

The Loved Ones:

Bart Davenport - vocals, acoustic guitar / Mike Therieau - bass, vocals / John Kent - drummer / Xan McCurdy - lead guitar

The Price For Love tracks:

Pretty Baby / I Can't Take It / Cut You Loose / Love and Gone / Jaguar Blues / Lickin' Stick / I Told the Truth/ Falling in Love / Price for Love / Hightone Hop / Don't Put Your Spell on Me / None of Your Business / She's into Something / Devil's Moon

Better Do Right tracks:

Wishy Washy Woman / What is Love! / Crazy Gone Lover / Bad Dream / Why! Let...Go / You Better Do Right / Good Bye / Xan's Night Out / You Know / Baby, You Live In Style / Everything / Bow Wow / Can't Stop Me

You Better Do Right tracks:

You Better Do Right / Lickin Stick / Don't Want To Let You Go / Loved Ones - Cut That Out (Live)

The Loved Ones - The Price For Love
The Loved Ones - Better Do Right
The Loved Ones -You Better Do Right E.P.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Everything Is OK !

Hi Vex and all who asked for me.
Everything's Ok !
I have had a problem with my uploads. I couldn't upload files larger than 1 Mb (at 1024 kb the upload crashes).
I've been trying to fix the problem the last two months and finally I've found the solution thanks to one person in an spanish forum.
There are a Windows XP SP3 update crash (more people has the same problem...)
The solution:
With Linux or any windows (not XP) O.S. the problem is fixed.
Now I have two O.S. in my PC (Linux and Windows 7) and I can upload all the files without problems.
I'm reuploading all the links broken (Wire Train, Cosecha Roja...)
When all the files were uploaded I will turn to post new files.
Thanks to all for the comments.

Stay tunned !!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

DMZ - 1992 - When I Get Off (The Classic Originals!)

Before Jeff "Monoman" Connolly formed Boston's seminal garage rock terrorists the Lyres, he was in a late-'70s prototype known as DMZ. With the exception of a few musicians, DMZ and the Lyres were essentially same-sounding bands; DMZ just played with a little more speed and punk verve. Oddly enough, during the late-'70s signing frenzy of any band even remotely associated with the punk scenes in Boston and New York City, DMZ got a shot with Sire Records. The label, exhibiting near-total artistic myopia, teamed the band up with goofball has-beens Flo and Eddie as producers. While the resulting record was panned, it's far from a disaster, due mainly to DMZ's ferocity and trashy ebullience. Fans of mid-'60s rock such as the Seeds, ? and the Mysterians, and the Kinks, and who have an unending jones for speedy trash-rock and whiny Farfisa organs, will love DMZ.

DMZ - 1978 - Selftitled album debut posted here


Busy Man / Can't Stand the Pain (The Pretty Things cover) / You're Gonna Miss Me (13th Floor Elevators cover) / When I Get Off / Do Not Enter / Guilty Child / Shirt Loop / Lift up Your Hood / Barracuda (The Standells cover) / Comin' After Me (The Flamin' Groovies cover) / Bloody Englishmen / First Time / Oedipus Show / Rosalyn (The Pretty Things cover) / Might He I.D. / From Home / Are You Gonna Be There (The Chocolate Watchband cover) / Pretty Girl

DMZ - When I Get Off
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers: Rumble (1988) + Guitar Trouble (1990)

Throughout the half-century or so of rock music history, styles have shifted and trends have waxed and waned, but good old raunchy, ragged rock and roll has never once gone out of style. Oh, there have been periods when such music was rather hard to find: portions of the '60s when hippie psychedelia ruled, the late-'70s disco explosion, and, I'm sorry to say, a good bit of the '80s. Thankfully, that's where the criminally overlooked bar band Tommy Conwell & the Young Rumblers comes in.
The band's delightful, greasy blues-rock masterpiece "I'm Not Your Man" was a big hit on rock radio in 1988, but somehow its fate wasn't nearly as favorable on the pop charts. Maybe that's because the tune is plenty odd, complete with a Tom Waits-ish spoken-word intro and some wonderfully loopy lyrics throughout. In addition, the group's bar-band roots lack the smooth edges most pop radio programmers have always demanded. But that's what makes this song such a timeless relic, as it didn't fit in the '80s but its singularity makes it hard to decide in which era it would exactly fit. Conwell's gravelly voice takes a chameleonic path to musical transcendence, spitting out witty and playful lyrics at a time when music could have used the breath of fresh air it supplied. Oh well, at least it's never too late to revisit or discover a lost classic. (By Steve Peake)

Walkin' On The Water, the first job of Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers is exclusively available at Tommy Conwell store. Original 1986 album digitally remastered and released for the first time on CD.

Rumble tracks:

I'm Not Your Man / Half a Heart / If We Never Meet Again / Love's on Fire / Workout / I Wanna Make You Happy / Everything They Say Is True / Gonna Breakdown / Tell Me What You Want Me to Be / Walkin' on the Water

Guitar Trouble tracks:

Guitar Trouble / She's Got It All / Let Me Love You Too / I'm Seventeen / Nice 'N Naughty / Didn't Want to Sing the Blues / Rock with You / Do Right / Hard as a Rock / Good Love Bad / What Once Was / I'm Seventeen, Pt. 2

Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers - Rumble
Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers - Guitar Trouble

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Nervous Eaters - 2002 - Eat This!

Hello again. I'm back. I've needed a few days to put all in order.
These guys are somewhat of a Boston legend. Probably best known for their killer 1970s singles "Just Head," which made reappearance on one of the earliest volumes of the Killed By Death series, and "Loretta." They made one ill-conceived and way overproduced album for Elektra in 1980, and then returned for a fantastically raw mini-LP for Ace Of Hearts called Hot Steel And Acid in the 80s. Since that time, those early singles have been covered by the Lazy Cowgirls, New Bomb Turks, Teengenerate, the Vikings and the RC5. Though they never set out to be a punk band, their sheer rawness had many peg them as so, although leader Steve Cataldo has always said it was the proto-punk of the Stooges And MC5, as well as a lot of early blues music (Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and Paul Butterfield were faves), and early rock and roll (Elvis, Little Richard, etc), among others, that was fueling them. For this new release, recorded over the last couple of years by Cataldo and various cronies including Eaters alumni Rich Bartlett (once in the Fools) and Allen 'Alpo' Paulino, (also in the Real Kids), Billy Loosigan and Jeff Erna of the Dropkick Murphies. This is a pretty solid collection of no-frills rock and roll on the raw side for sure. There's elements of powerpop, garage rock and punk throughout it all, and some killer guitar action. (Reviewed by Alan Wright)


Scream (When I Dream) / No More Idols / Don'T You Cry / Call Kevin / Look Wot U Dun / On Off On / Today And Tomorrow / 5-2-8 / Over My Head / New Face / Poe Boy Bluez / Melanie

Nervous eaters - Eat This!
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You can find the other 'Eaters' albums here.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Closed For Holidays

Hi bloggers.

I'm on Holidays with my family.

Let's go to the beach !

See you next July 15 and the comments will be published.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Red Rockers: Good As Gold (1983) + Schizophrenic Circus (1984) [1995 Reissue]

Thus armed with no great expectations, Good as Gold came as something of a surprise, starting with the first track. Gone was the raging rhetoric, replaced by a startlingly pretty pop song, "China" filled with articulate, ringing guitars and John Griffith's newly smoothed-up vocals. With ex-Stiff Little Fingers drummer Jim Reilly in the lineup, Red Rockers switched to melodic pop-rock, much like 415 labelmates Translator but with more emphasis on electric drive and generally less-exceptional songwriting.
Good as Gold is consistently good and "China" deservedly became a hit single, but the band failed to really catch on commercially, and returned with an equally bewildering follow-up, Schizophrenic Circus. Seemingly an attempt to become America's Alarm, the LP — produced by Rick Chertoff — goes nouveau-country and encompasses both the anthemic, folky "Blood From a Stone" (covering the Hooters) and a totally unnecessary remake of "Eve of Destruction." Danger sign: too little original material of any significant quality.

Good As Gold + Schizophrenic Circus tracks:

China / Good as Gold / Dreams Fade Away / Change the World Around / Answers to the Questions / 'Til It All Falls Down / Running Away from You / Fanfare for Metropolis / (Come on into) My House / Home Is Where the War Is / Just Like You / Blood from a Stone / Shades of '45 / Another Day / Freedom Row / Good Thing I Know Her / Eve of Destruction / Both Hands in the Fire / Burning Bridges

Red Rockers - Good As Gold + Schizophrenic Circus
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Three O'Clock - 1983 - Live At The Concert Factory - Costa Mesta

Hi bloggers.
This is a live concert of this fantastic band that I found in the net years ago. It was recorded at The Concert Factory, Costa Mesta, California on March 5th, 1983.
It's based on the songs of their two first albums "Baroque Hoedown" and "Sixteen Tambourines", probably the best albums of the band.
The quality of the sound is good.
This is a very good moment to remember the live sound of one of the L.A. classic bands of the 80's.
Information sent by the original ripper:
"Actually this is not only the Concert Factory but 2 songs are from another concert (1982); the songs are "Marjorie Tells Me" and "It's All Too Much" and they were performed at Berkeley Square (1982).
I transferred this from a K7 some years ago making therefore a mix of the two concerts - the best of the two concerts being the Concert Factory, so it was the core of the rip.
Thank you very much.
Enjoy it!


With A Cantaloupe Girlfriend / Upside Down / Lucifer Sam / As Real As Real / Green Onions / All In A Good Time / Stupid Einstein / In Love In Too / Tomorrow / I Go Wild / She Turns To Flowers / Sorry / In My Own Time / It's All Too Much / Marjorie Tells Me / For Peter's Sake / Going Home / Feel A Whole Lot Better

The Three O'Clock - Live At The Concert Factory
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Three O'Clock: Ever After (1986) + Vernillion (1988)

Ever After saw Gutierrez exit the group (he's now in Louis and Clark), to be replaced by Steven Altenberg without any major changes in the group's sound or direction. Shortly after its release, the group parted ways with IRS, spent some time in legal limbo and then signed to Paisley Park. Apparently, Prince had heard and liked them (not too surprising, since Around the World in a Day draws on many of the same influences as Three O'Clock's records), though they'd never actually met. With Jason Falkner replacing Altenberg and Ian Ritchie producing, the group recorded Vermillion, their most interesting and varied album to date, which includes Prince's (sorry, Joey Coco's) "Neon Telephone" — just right for them — a lead vocal apiece by Falkner and keyboardist Mike Mariano (both great) and Quercio's six-minute ballad, "Through the Sleepy Town." Three O'Clock broke up later that year, with Quercio going on to form Permanent Green Light.

Ever After tracks:

Suzie's on the Ball Now / Look into Your Eyes / When We Can / The Penny Girls / Follow Him Around / Warm Aspirations / Step Out of Line / We Are One / If You Could See My Way / Songs and Gentle Words / Watching Pictures [bonus track]

Vermillion tracks:

Vermillion / Love Explosion / To Be Where You Are / When She Becomes My Girl /
World on Fire / Neon Telephone / On Paper / Ways of Magic / Time's Going Slower / Love Has No Heart / Through the Sleepy Town

The Three O'Clock - Ever After
The Three O'Clock - Vermillion

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Three O'Clock - 1985 - Arrive Without Travelling

Psychedelic rock & roll is here to stay – it's turning heads from Los Angeles to London, and even Prince has been tunneling backward to the mindbending sound of the lysergic Sixties. Among the leaders of the pack are the Three O'Clock, who look and sound like the Monkees and the Left Banke rolled up into one big paisley-pop package. Theirs are not the can't-find-my-mind acid agonies of the Blue Cheer and Hendrix axis, but rather the happy, helium-timbre choristering of Flower Power advocates high on groovy colors and good vibes.
Arrive without Travelling suggests, by its very title, that hallucinogens may make a comeback as a new mental mass-transit system. Certainly, the grooves within are saturated with music so sweetly bent that ordinary reality alone could not have inspired them. "Her Head's Revolving" starts out eight miles high and goes up from there, as distorted guitar riffs and fey harmonies mount around the syncopated 4/4 slam of the drums to a crescendoing frenzy not heard on record since the Yardbirds' "I'm Not Talking." "Knowing When You Smile," "Half the Way There" and "Another World" are equally wonderful, made up of gossamer vocal textures, a crisp, martial rhythmic attack and keyboard-laced pop melodies played with almost classical precision.
Some of the material borders on the predictable ("Simon in the Park," which bows to the East) or the precious ("Mrs. Green," an oversweet confection), and the music on Arrive without Travelling is more tributary than original. But when the Three O'Clock comes up with "Spun Gold," a song as magnificent as, say, the Left Banke's great lost single "Desiree," one can only be grateful for music like this in the Eighties. (Rolling Stone)

The line up was the same of the other albums.


Her Head's Revolving / Each And Every Lonely Heart / Underwater / Mrs. Green / Hand In Hand / Knowing When You Smile / Half The Way There / Simon In The Park / Another World / The Girl With The Guitar / Spun Gold

The Three O'Clock - Arrive Without Travelling (Repaired the corrupt file)
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Three O'Clock: Baroque Hoedown (1982) + Sixteen Tambourines (1983) [French Issues]

The songs on Baroque Hoedown have poppier vocals and equally engaging music. The addition of ex-Quick/Weirdos drummer Danny Benair also brought the quartet a harder edge. Don't miss their cover of the Easybeats' "Sorry."
Sixteen Tambourines is even better — an incredible full-length collection of chiming, memorable power pop tunes played and sung as if each track were likely to get played on every radio station coast-to-coast. Slick and inventive production by Earle Mankey delivers the songs (most co-written by guitarist Louis Gutierrez and bassist Michael Quercio) in utterly engaging style. Best numbers: "On My Own," "Jet Fighter," "And So We Run." Absolutely charming and remarkably memorable.

The band:

Michael Quercio - vocals, bass / Louis Gutierrez - guitar, vocals / Mike Mariano - keyboards, vocals / Danny Benair - drums

Baroque Hoedown tracks:

With A Cantaloupe Girlfriend / I Go Wild / Marjorie Tells Me / Sorry / As Real As Real / I Feel A Whole Lot Better / In Love In Too / Lucifer Sam

Sixteen Tambourines tracks:

Jet Fighter / Stupid Einstein / And So We Run / Fall To The Ground / A Day In Erotica / All In Good Time / Tomorrow / In My Own Time / On My Own / When Lightning Starts / Seeing Is Believing

The Three O'Clock - Baroque Hoedown
The Three O'Clock - Sixteen Tambourines

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Befour Three O'Clock - 1992 - Happen Happened [reissue]

One of the brightest lights of new American pop psychedelia, LA's Salvation Army debuted with an album that was liable to inspire young bands all around the world to join in the fun. The trio's melodies have the ethereal quality of a young Syd Barrett; the music is a blend of all the most colorful '60s sounds, showing the influence of such groups as the Byrds, Move, Hollies, Music Machine and others.
Following legal action by the real Salvation Army (concerns over musical competition?), the group changed its name to the Three O'Clock. (Three years later, Frontier cleverly repackaged the original album as Befour Three O'Clock.)

The Salvation Army:

February 1981 - October 1981

Michael Quercio - vocals, bass / Johnny Blazing - guitar / Troy Howell - drums

November 1981 - July 1982

Michael Quercio - vocals, bass / Louis Gutierrez - guitar, vocals / Troy Howell - drums

July 1982 - August 1982

Michael Quercio - vocals, bass / Louis Gutierrez - guitar, vocals / Danny Benair - drums


Happen Happened #1 / For Hours / Fight Songs / Mind Gardens #1 / She Turns To Flowers #1 / Grimly Forming #1 / The Seventeen Forever #1 / Going Home #1 / Cellophane Nirvana / She Turns To Flowers #2 / Upside Down / The Seventeen Forever #2 / Mind Gardens #2 / Grimly Forming #2 / While We Were In Your Room Talking To Your Wall / Minuet / Happen Happened #2 / I Am Your Guru / Going Home #2

Befour Three O'Clock - Happen Happened
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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Racey - 1979 - Smash And Grab

The members of Racey came from all around. But when Racey was first formed in 1976 by singer RICHARD GOWER, they began their career by playing in pubs and clubs in the West of England. By the autumn of 1976 they performed their first professional shows and were booked to play a one-month residency at the night club JOMFRUBURET, Copenhagen, Denmark. (Jomfruburet meaning 'lady's bower' - while the place was quite the opposite).
After returning to the UK where they were spotted by famous record producer MICKIE MOST whilst playing a t the Three Queens Pub in Weston-Super-Mare.
Despite the fact that 1977 was the height of punk rock boom and clean-cut bands were considered unfashionable, Mickie Most was impressed by the bands live performance and original songs and signed them to his RAK label.
In November 1978, the bands second single LAY YOUR LOVE ON ME was released and became an enormous Christmas hit. Penned by hitmakers Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman it sold over 950,000 copies in the UK alone to make it RAK Records biggest ever hit single. It went on to become a chart hit all over Europe and a No.1 hit in Australia and New Zealand.
In March 1979, Racey released their next single SOME GIRLS, also song written by Chinn/Chapman. They had originally written the song for Debbie Harry and Blondie but following the success of Lay Your Love on me decided to give it to Racey to record instead. The record became Racey’s biggest hit reaching No. 1 in 12 countries, eventually selling over 5,000,000 copies worldwide. Some Girls is still a favourite with radio Stations and club DJs and is guaranteed to fill dance floors around the world.
The bands first album SMASH AND GRAB sold over 1,000,000 copies reaching No. 1 in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and many other European countries. It reached the accolade of Treble Platinum status in Australia where it remains one of the best selling albums of all time. Racey eventually earned 35 Gold, Silver and Platinum sales awards.
In 1981 Tony Basil recorded the song KITTY taken from Racey’s album Smash and Grab which she renamed MICKEY and took the No.1 spot in the USA chart and most other countries.

The band:

RICHARD GOWER: Lead Vocalist, Guitar, Keyboards / MICHAEL HIGGINS: Bass Guitar, Vocals / GARRY WIDLAKE: Drums, Vocals / GARY COMBES: Keyboards, Vocals


Love's A Riot / Such A Night / There's A Party Going On / Lay Your Cards On The Table / She's A Winner / Some Girls / Lay Your Love On Me / Kitty / Rah State Way / Boy Oh Boy / We Are Racey

Racey - Smash And Grab
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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Jane Wiedlin: Selftitled (1985) + Fur (1988) + Tangled (1990)

Jane Wiedlin was part of the LA punk scene that spawned bands like X and The Dickies and went by the name "Jane Drano." As a member of The Go-Go's, she had a brief love affair with Specials and Fun Boy Three member Terry Hall. It was the ups and downs of this long-distance celebrity relationship with Hall that inspired the hit Go-Go's song "Our Lips Are Sealed". In 1983, Jane Wiedlin recorded "Cool Places" with the new wave band Sparks.
In 1984, Wiedlin was the first to leave the Go-Go's to pursue a solo career. She released four solo albums, Jane Wiedlin (1985), Fur (1988) which included the top 10 hit single "Rush Hour", Tangled (1990). Her first three efforts sold poorly and she was dropped from EMI Records. She formed a punk band, froSTed (the unusual orthography coming from the fact Wiedlin is a huge Star Trek fan), which released an album in 1995 to good reviews but poor sales. Kissproof World was released in 2000 on Painful Discs Records. In addition to "Rush Hour," notable singles include "Blue Kiss", "Inside a Dream" and "World on Fire", the latter of which sported a semi-controversial video.

Selftitled tracks:

Blue Kiss / Goodbye Cruel World / Sometimes You Really Get on My Nerves / East Meets West / Somebody's Going to Get Into This House / Forever / Modern Romance / I Will Wait for Youn / One Hundred Years of Solitude / Where We Can Go / My Traveling Heart

Fur tracks:

Inside a Dream / Rush Hour / One Heart One Way / Homeboy / The End of Love / Lover's Night / Fur / Give! / Song of the Factory / Whatever It Takes

Tangled tracks:

Rain on Me / At the End of the Day / Guardian Angel / Flowers on the Battlefield / Tangled / World on Fire / Paper Heart / Big Rock Candy Mountain / 99 Ways / Euphoria

Jane Wiedlin - Selftitled (Rapidshare: Part 1 / Part 2)
Jane Wiedlin - Fur
Jane Wiedlin - Tangled

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gary Brooker - 1979 - No More Fear Of Flying

This album is specially dedicated to my friend Fernando "El Negro", in the day of his personal name ...... (Urquía... also for you.. Congratulations !!).
"In 1979, two years after Procol Harum disbanded (until their reunion in 1991), singer/songwriter/pianist Gary Brooker released his first solo album, "No More Fear Of Flying." In short, if you love Procol Harum, then you'll love Gary solo, too. "No More Fear Of Flying" is an excellent album of top-notch, Harum-flavored piano pop/rock, spearheaded by Brooker's powerful voice and masterful playing on the keys. Great songs include the title track, the lovely "Say It Ain't So Joe" (written by Murray Head) and "Angelina," the catchy "Give Me Something To Remember You By" and "Get Up And Dance." There's also two bonus tracks to enjoy: the rare Brooker B-side "S.S. Blues" and the previously-unreleased fun of "Fat Cats." Gary Brooker's "No More Fear Of Flying" is a great disc." (Alan Caylow (USA) at amazon).


Gary Brooker – Keyboards, vocal / Tim Renwick – Guitar / Bruce Lynch – Bass / Dave Mattacks – Drums / Gonzales – Horns / Chris Smith – Harmonica / B.J.Cole – Pedal Steel Guitar / Stephanie De Sykes, Claire Torrey, Richard Myhill, Dave Reilly – Backing Vocals / Producer: George Martin


Savannah (Moore-Kosta) / Pilot (Jupp) / (No More) Fear of Flying (Brooker-Reid) / Get Up and Dance (Brooker-Sinfield) / Give Me Something to Remember You By (Brooker-Renwick-Sinfield) / Say It Ain't So Joe (Head) / Old Manhattan Melodies (Brooker-Sinfield) / Angelina (Brooker-Sinfield) / Let Me In (Brooker-Sinfield) / Switchboard Susan (Jupp)

Bonus Tracks:

Fat Cats (Brooker-Reid) / S.S. (Self-Sufficient) Blues (Brooker)

Gary Brooker - No More Fear Of Flying
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

V.A. - 1996 - Raspberries Preserved (A Tribute)

Like a faraway sun that lit up the nighttime sky for a brief moment before the flame in its core went out, The Raspberries burst on the U. S. pop music scene out of Cleveland, Ohio, in 1972. Their sound has been praised and copied by the likes of John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Elton John, Courtney Love and many others.
Never a "major" act, they did score seven Hot 100 singles (even a million-seller with "Go All The Way") between 1972-74 and planted four albums in the rock garden of Billboard magazines Top 200 Albums chart.


Rank Strangers - I'm A Rocker / Tiny Lights - Go All The Way / Webstirs - I Reach For The Light / Hushdrops - Overnight Sensation / Hang Ups - I Saw The Light / Bill Lloyd - Goin Nowhere Tonight / Alex Ballard & Sugarfoot - I Wanna Be With You / Off Broadway - Tonight / Brad Jones - Let's Pretend / Gladhands - Play On / Swinger - Last Dance / Scott Mccarl - Nobody Knows / Rock Club - Rose Coloured Glasses / Kevin Hickel - Hands On You / Bunnygrunt - Cry / Rubinoos - Cruisin' Music / Swarays - Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak / Shambles - Might As Well / Flashcubes - Don't Want To Say Goodbye / Ken Sharp - Waiting / Nicoteens - Hey Deanie

V.A. - Raspberries Preserved (A Tribute)
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Action Now - 1984 - All Your Dreams... And More

Before she unleased The Pandoras on an unsuspecting world, Paula Pierce was the lead guitarist/singer/ songwriter in Action Now, a garage power pop band hailing from Southern California's San Gabriel Valley.
Using the original master tapes, thought lost for almost 20 years, the French-only "All Your Dreams" album has been mastered for CD for the first time by remastering genius Bill Inglot, who also originally produced seven of the studio tracks.
Completing the story is "Try" from "Rodney On The ROQ, Vol. III" and a complete Action Now live show, mastered from the original two-track tape, rediscovered after 22 years.
This CD contains the original version of "Stop Pretending ," the title song from The Pandoras' Rhino Records LP along with a live version of "Anyone
But You," later recorded for that same 1986 Pandoras LP. In all, this collection features 26 songs never before on CD, 25 songs never released in the United States and five previously unreleased Paula Pierce-penned tunes.
Playing alongside Paula and making the Action Now sound happen were Jim Schuster (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Mike Lawrence (bass, vocals) and Scott
Hillman (drums).


All your dreams / Then and now / I want you / This one chance / So much on my mind / When wednesday comes / Stop pretending / I'm not trying to hurt you / See If you can / Every word I say / Taking care / You say / Try / I can't get over you (live) / Stop pretending (live) / Every word I say (live) / I'm not trying to hurt you (live) / Trust in each other (live) / Betrayed (live) / See if you can (live) / Try (live) / Anyone but you (live) / For just one night (live) / Looking for a reason (live) / In our home (live) / Never to be forgotten (live) / Then and now (live)

Action Now - All Your Dreams... And More
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - 1984 - Rattlesnakes

Rattlesnakes was the debut album by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions and was released in 1984. The album reached #13 in the UK record charts and included the hit singles "Perfect Skin" (#26 in UK), "Forest Fire" (#41 in UK) and "Rattlesnakes" (#65 in UK, #31 in the Netherlands).
The bulk of the album was written by frontman Lloyd Cole, who formed the band while a student at the University of Glasgow. Cole cites Bob Dylan and Booker T. & the MGs as major influences, but also notes the impact of his studies in English and philosophy on both the album's title, a reference to the novel Play It As It Lays by Joan Didion, and its lyrics, which also reference Renata Adler, Simone de Beauvoir and Norman Mailer.


Lloyd Cole – vocal, guitar / Neil Clark – guitar / Blair Cowan – keyboards / Lawrence Donegan – bass guitar, guitar / Stephen Irvine – drums, tambourine


Perfect Skin / Speedboat / Rattlesnakes / Down on Mission Street / Forest Fire / Charlotte Street / 72CV / Four Flights Up / Patience / Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?

1985 bonus tracks:

Sweetness / Andy's Babies / The Sea and the Sand / You Will Never Be No Good

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Rattlesnakes
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Any Trouble - 1980 - Where Are All the Nice Girls?

Two years have passed since my first post. Over 865,000 hits and an infinity of comments.
Good and bad moments.
I have to give the thanks to all those who have helped me to build this small music site.
Thank you very much to Paul, Patrick, Davester, Bluecartoon, Geekroick, Popcat, Rush2112, Josega65, Tomy, Chang1112, D. Moose and to all those that have supported me and those with their comments have given me forces to continue.
To celebrate it, this 5 stars album with other of my all times favourite song: Yesterday's Love.
Manchester-native Gregson formed the original band in 1975 while attending teaching school in Crewe, taking the group's name from a misquote from the Mel Brooks film Blazing Saddles. After a brief moment as a folky trio with singer Tom Jackson, by 1976 Any Trouble changed to a four-piece rock group, speeding up their repertoire in response to the punk movement -- by this point the lineup was Gregson (vocals/guitar), Chris Parks (guitar), Phil Barnes (bass), and Mel Harley (drums). They built a strong following playing the pub circuit and released their own single, catching the attention of Radio One's John Peel, who quickly took the band and played the song on his show. This exposure started a small-scale bidding war from several labels. By 1980, the group signed with Stiff Records.
John Wood , a renowned producer (Nick Drake, John Martyn, Richard Thompson) who had recently produced Squeeze, was hired to produce Any Trouble's first album. Where Are All the Nice Girls? which had all the makings of a new wave classic, was met with some rave reviews but failed to rack up the big sales that were expected of it. After the record failed commercially, Stiff suggested that Gregson drop the band and redefine himself as a solo artist a la Elvis Costello - Buddy Gregson. Gregson declined, deciding instead to replace the band's drummer Harley, with the more capable Martin Hughes . They began work on the follow-up immediately.

Any Trouble Official site


Yesterday's Love / Second Choice / Playing Bogart / Foolish Pride / Nice Girls / No Idea / Turning up the Heat / Romance / Hurt / Girls Are Always Right / Growing Up / Honolulu / (Get You off) the Hook

Any Trouble - Where Are All the Nice Girls?
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jack Tempchin - 1978 - Selftitled

"Recorded after the collapse of The Funky Kings, 1978's cleverly-titled "Jack Tempchin" may be the best Eagles album the band never recorded. Produced by Pete Carr (who nailed Don Felder's unique guitar sound on several tracks) and recorded at Muscle Shoals' Fame Studios, Tempchin had a surprisingly attractive voice and a knack for penning catchy country-rock material.
Your life won't be changed by any of this, but if you like early-career Eagles then you'll probably enjoy tracks such as 'Stingaree', 'She Belonged To Me' and 'Fifteen Days Under the Hood'. Other highlights included Tempchin's collaboration with Tom Waits 'Tijuana' and 'Pick Up Truck' (The Eagles should have covered this one as well). Elsewhere the biggest disappointment is Tempchin's version of 'Peaceful Easy Feeling'. Slowing it down to a dirge with Jennifer Warren's providing harmony vocals is simply the wrong thing to do to this country-rock classic."

Jack Tempchin site


Pete Carr, Glenn Frey: Guitars / Bob Wray, Gary Baker: Bass / Randy McCormick, Barry Beckett: Keyboards / Roger Clark: Drums / Jack Tempchin: Harmonica / Harvey Thompson: Sax / Eddie Struzick, Thom Flora, Jackson Browne, Jennifer Warnes, Glenn Frey, Pete Carr: Background Vocals / Anthony Parsons: Flute


Stingaree (Jack Tempchin) / She Belonged To Me (Jack Tempchin) / Peaceful Easy Feeling (Jack Tempchin) / Fifteen Days Under the Hood (Jack Tempchin/Warren Hughey) / Lifetime Friends (Jack Tempchin) / Golden Life (Jack Tempchin/J.D. Souther) / Tijuana (Jack Tempchin/Tom Waits) / Pick Up Truck (Jack Tempchin) / Skateboard Johnny (Jack Tempchin) / Walkaway (Jack Tempchin)

Jack Tempchin - Selftitled
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sergio Makaroff - 1980 - Tengo Una Idea

Our man was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 7, 1951. At the age of 10 years discovered simultaneously the pop music, the mode and the girls. He bought then his first album, an EP of Chubby Checker, the king of the twist. In 1962, when the Beatles appeared, Sergio already was an assiduous client of the record shop of his neighborhood. Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, etc., they changed his life forever.
At the age of 17, already immersed in the culture of the rock, he composed his first song: "Peter Pan", then he formed with her brother Eduardo the acoustic duo "Los Hermanos Makaroff".
The first shows of them were like supporters of Sui Generis, the Charly García band, of whom Sergio had turned into assistant. Later they recorded, with Charly and the major page of the Argentine rockers, the legendary "El Rock del Ascensor".
In 1978 Sergio decided to emigrate to Spain, where his friends Ariel Rot and Alejo Stivel had formed Tequila and they were triumphing for everything high. In the digest of the mythical group there were "El Rock del Ascensor" and other tweo songss composed by Sergio. Across these Spanish contacts it obtained a contract with Epic and recorded his first solo album, "Tengo Una Idea ". It happened from Madrid to Barcelona at the end of ' 78 and there it continues up to today. His first group of accompaniment was the core of those who then would be Los Rápidos, Los Burros y El Último De La Fila. Manolo García was his drummer.
Take a look at the guitars in "Explorador Celeste".....Knopfler influences ???... Probably the best song of him.


El Hijo De Sam / Soy Muy Duro / Nena, ¿Dónde Estás? / Enamorado De Ti / Ausente / Muy Bien / Explorador Celeste / Nadie Como Tú / Ellaa Dijo Hola / Tira Parriba / Ibiza (Bonus track)

Sergio Makaroff - Tengo Una Idea
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Pistones - 1982 - Las 7 Menos Cuarto (12'' EP)

Turning in to the discography of my dear country, today I bring to you and authentic jewel of the New Wave from Spain.
When I was 22, "Los Pistones" published an anthem for the Madrid New Wavers: "Las 7 menos cuarto" (in english "A quarter to 7 pm") is a complete song. The story passes in "La Puerta del Sol", the center of Madrid and the center of Spain. A boy is waiting for a girl, but she never goes to the date. Like every evenings, he's waitng and finally goes to take a drink because she doesn't call him. He's depressed and plains a revenge, but he can't do anything, only listen music and as everyday wait for her, but always she forgot to call him... day by day,... always the same, waiting, another drink.. music...
I feel over 30 years younger listen it.
With other three good songs, specially "Te brillan Los Ojos", this is a cult EP from Spain.

Enjoy it!


Las 7 Menos Cuarto / No Estas De Suerte / Te Brillan Los Ojos / El Artefacto

Pistones - Las 7 menos cuarto (12'' EP)
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