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Jo Broadbery & The Standouts - 1980 - St [lp]

The first album of Jo Broadbery with The Standouts recorded in 1980 for Revenge Records. Previously, in 1978 they formed a band called "Local Operator".
This album was produced by the famous Mike Howlett, producer of bands like "The Keys", "Martha and The Muffins", "The Alarm" or "Swimming Pool Q's", althought the best seller band produced by Howlett was "OMD" and their hit "Enola Gay"
It's a piece of Power Pop (New Wave) hard to find and specially indicated for the New Wave collectors. It was recorded in the best New Wave times and has the sound of them, powerful guitars, voices in the Costello's way and near the other great "Jo"... Jo Jo Zep, good rythmns, fine chorus and a song in front of all the others called "Temptation", a marvellous piece. (Power Pop Lovers Blog)


Jo Broadbery: rythmn guitar,voices
The Standouts:
Geoff Cooper: guitar, organ, backing voices
Mick Shiner: bass, backing voices
Dave O'Regan: drums


The One That Got Away / Put You In Exile / Animal Games / Mumbo Man / Cut Out The Real / Temptation / Footsteps In The Dark / In Disguise / Backroom Boys / Love Is A Conspiracy

Jo Broadbery & The Standaouts - Selftitled
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Rip courtesy of Power Pop Lovers Blog.

Squueze - 1981 - BBC Rock Hour [lp]

Introduced by Sylvie Simmons, this live trans- cription disc was recorded at Oxford Polytechnic UK on Friday 15 May 1981 and broadcast in the US on Thursday 27 September 1981.

Good stuff and very good sound.

Squeeze in 1981:

Glenn Tilbrook: Guitar, Vocals
Jon Bentley: Bass
Chris Difford: Guitars, Vocals
Gilson Lavis: Drums
Paul Carrack: Keyboards, Vocals

Tracks (plus Sylvie Simmons Intro & Goodbye):

Take Me I'm Yours / Another Nail In My Heart / Separate Beds / Slighty Drunk / Out Of Touch / I Think I'm Go Go / Is That Love / Heaven / Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) / Yap Yap / Slap And Tickle / Cool For Cats / Up The Junction / Messed Around / Goodbye Girl

I've only cut the Dannon, Penthouse and Maxell spots.

Squeeze - BBC Rock Hour
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Al Stewart - 1979 - The Live Radio Concert Album (promo only) [lp]

This legendary "Promo- tional Use Only" LP was recorded November 24, 1978 at the studios of radio station WKQX in Chicago during the TIME PASSAGES tour. It is known among fans as "The Blue Album".
According to Al only 2500 copies were pressed.
It's an excellent performance recorded at the height of Stewart's commercial success. No fan should be without it.
In 1993 tracks 5-8 were included as bonus tracks on the reissued UK CD version of RUSSIANS AND AMERICANS.
In 2002 was published in cd format with the name "Time Passages Live". This CD has an extra track, Sirens of Titan, but it has a cheap packaging and there are no liner notes or credits.
"Time Passages Live" is avalaible at amazon or cduniverse (and many more sites)

Here is the originial "Blue Album".

- Al Stewart / Vocal, guitar

Guests :

- Peter White / Keyboards, guitar
- Robin Lamble / Bass,backing vocal
- Phil Kenzie / Saxophones
- Robert Alpert / Keyboards
- Krysia Kristianne / Keyboards, backing vocal
- Harry Stinson / Drums, backing vocals
- Adam Yurman / Guitars


On The Border / Time Passages / Roads To Moscow / Life In Dark Water / Valentina Way / Year Of The Cat / The Pink Panther Theme / Song On The Radio

Al Stewart - The Live Radio Concert Album
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Burn the cd without pause between tracks.

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The Records - 1979 - St [lp] + Bonus

Here is the US release of the Records first album. In Europe it was called "Shades In Bed" and had a bonus Ep with four songs.
Virgin USA modified the order of the songs, the art covers and the Starry Eyes version. The rip and the art covers courtesy of Power Pop Lovers Blog.


All Messed Up And Ready To Go / Teenarama / Girls That Don't Exist / Starry Eyes / Up All Night / Girl / Insomnia / Affection Rejected / The Phone / Another Star

The Records - St (Us copy)
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My contribution to the post is a bonus. The Tim Moore's "Rock and Roll Love Letter" cover, with a double b-side, "Wives And Mothers Of Tomorrow" and "Starry Eyes" (Live) recorded in the Be Stiff Tour in 1979.

The Records - Rock And Roll Love Letter (12" ep)
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Greg Kihn: The Early Recordings (1975-1980)

Greg Kihn began his career in his hometown of Baltimore, MD, working in the singer/songwriter mold, but switched to straightforward rock & roll when he moved to San Francisco in 1974. The following year, he became one of the first artists signed to Matthew Kaufman's now-legendary Beserkley Records. Along with Jonathan Richman, Earthquake, and the Rubinoos, Kihn helped to carve the label's sound -- melodic pop with a strong '60s pop sensibility -- a refreshing alternative to the bloated prog rock of the time. In 1976, after his debut on the compilation Beserkley Chartbusters, he recorded his first album with his own band consisting of Ronnie Dunbar (guitar), Steve Wright (bass), and Larry Lynch (drums). Through the '70s, he released an album each year and built a strong cult following through constant touring, becoming Beserkley's biggest seller.

Here are their first recordings.

Chartbusters Tracks:

Earthquake - Friday On My Mind / Greg Kihn - All The Right Reasons / Rubinoos - Gorilla / Jonathan Richman - The New Teller / Jonathan Richman - Roadrunner / Earthquake - Tall Order For A Short Guy / Jonathan Richman - Government Center / Jonathan Richman - It Will Stand / Greg Kihn - Mood Mood Number / Earth Quake - Madness

Self Titled Tracks:

Don't Expect To Be Right / Any Other Woman / Emily Davison / Try Try To Fall In Love / Kid From Louisville / Worse Or Better / He Will Break Your Heart / What Goes On / Satisfied / Why Don't You Try Me

Again Tracks:

Love's Made A Fool Of You / Island / Last Of Me / Real Big Man / Politics / Hurt So Bad / For You / If You Be My Love / Madison Avenue / Untie My Hands

Next Of Kihn Tracks:

Cold Hard Cash / Museum / Remember / China Town / Sorry / Everybody Else / Understander /Secret Meetings

With The Naked Eye Tracks:

Rendezvous / In The Naked Eye / Getting Away With Murder / Moulin Rouge / Beside Myself / Roadrunner / Another Lonely Saturday Night / Can't Have The Highs (Without The Lows) / Fallen Idol

Glass House Rock Tracks:

Castaway / Desire Me / Anna Belle Lee / Things To Come / Small Change / The Only Dance There Is / The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance / Serenade Her / Night After Night / For Your Love

Download links:

Beserkley Chartbusters Volume I
Greg Kihn - St
Greg Kihn - Again
Greg Kihn Band - Next Of Kihn
Greg Kihn Band - With The Naked Eye
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Greg Kihn Band - Glass House Rock
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Greg Kihn albums rips courtesy of Power Pop Lovers.

Crippled Pilgrims - 1985 - Down Here [lp]

Most of the music on this Maryland quartet's is fairly undis- tinguished folk- and garage-rock — sketchy songs roughly produced on two guitars, bass and drums. Lead singer Jay Moglia seems to be trying to convey something about how people underestimate themselves and settle for less than they're worth, and about the difficulty of honest self-expression. But either he gets too angry and the songs turn into shapeless inchoate rants, or he turns dreamy and blathers on without really saying much. Then, for a few beautiful and perfect moments on Under Water, he gets it right. In "Down Here," "Undone" and "Pretend Not to Care," the guitar chords slip softly by like leaves in a pool, and Moglia's tentative, unsure voice finds its balance of desperation and desire. Rough, sullen and unyielding, with a kick drum pounding like an accelerated heartbeat, "Oblivious and Numb" is his most beautiful and perfect moment of all. [Karen Schoemer - Trouser press]

The band:

Jay Moglia — Vocals, Guitar / Scott Wingo — Lead Guitar / Mitch Parker — Bass / Dan Joseph — Drums, Piano


Down Here / So Clean / Oblivius And Numb / Sad But True / Calculating / Undone / What You Lost / Pretend Not To Care / The Sense / Not Good

Crippled Pilgrims - Down Here
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Crippled Pilgrims - Down Here: Collected Recordings (1983-1985) in cd format available here for only $10.

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Cruzados - 1985 - St [lp]

The '80s rock band the Cruzados consisted of members Tito Larriva (lead vocals and guitar), Tony Marsico (bass and vocals), Steven Hufsteter (guitar), and Chalo Quintana (drums), and although they were often picked as "the next big thing" by both their musical peers and music critics, the group would remain together for only a pair of albums. During a brief four-year span, the Cruzados opened shows for the likes of Fleetwood Mac, INXS, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, as well as appearing at ~Farm Aid (singing "This Land is Your Land," with such renowned artists as Neil Young and Arlo Guthrie). The two albums that the quartet issued for the Arista label, 1985's self-titled debut and 1987's After Dark, received praise from the likes of Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, David Byrne, Brian Setzer, and Billy Joel, but a trip to superstardom wasn't in the cards for the group, as they split before a third album could be assembled. In 2001, a compilation titled Unreleased Early Recordings was issued via the Cruzados' website, including a song ("Rising Sun") that featured Bob Dylan on harmonica (Greg Prato, All Music Guide)


Wasted Years / Rising Sun / Hanging Out in California / Motorcycle Girl / Flor De Mal / Cryin' Eyes / Seven Summers / Some Day / 1,000 Miles / Just Like Roses

Cruzados - St
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The Bluebells (Sisters , Bonus & Second) [lp's]

This Scottish quintet was formed in 1982, and originally comprised brothers David (drums) and Ken McCluskey (vocals, harmonica), plus Robert "Bobby Bluebell" Hodgens (vocals, guitar), Russell Irvine (guitar) and Lawrence Donegan (bass). The latter two were later replaced, respectively, by Craig Gannon (b. 30 July 1966) and Neal Baldwin. The group were fine exponents of the "jangly pop" common to Scottish bands such as Orange Juice and Aztec Camera. Despite strong airplay on UK radio, the inexplicable failure of "Cath" to rise any further than number 62 in the UK chart in 1983 perplexed critics and fans, as did the similar fate that befell "Sugar Bridge" in the same year. The Bluebells did at last gain their deserved success in 1984 with the number 11 hit "I'm Falling", and "Young At Heart" (co-written by Siobhan Fahey of Bananarama/Shakespears Sister), which reached the UK Top 10, while their solitary album for London Records achieved Top 30 status. Riding on the wave of this success, a reissued "Cath"/"She Will Always Be Waiting" belatedly hit the Top 40. ...... (more info at mystrands)

Here are their greatests songs (Sisters and bonus courtesy of Power Pop Lovers).

Sisters tracks:

Everybody's Somebody's Fool / Young At Heart / I'm Falling / Will She Always Be Waiting / Cath / Red Guitars / Syracuse University / Learn To Love / The Patriot Game / South Atlantic Way

Sisters bonus:

Sugar Bridge (single version) / Some Sweet Day / Happy Birthday (Turn Gold) / H.O.L.L.A.N.D. / Tender Mercy / Cath (extended remix) / Everybody's Somebody's Fool (extended remix) / Young At Heart (extended remix) / Sugar Bridge (extended remix)

Second tracks:

Sweet Jesus / A Thousand Times / Scared / Orange County / God Forgives You / Hey Is It True / Mr. Joyce / Jimmy Wonderful / Callander Green / Any Day Now / Better Days / Three Sisters

The Bluebells - 1984 - Sisters
The Bluebells - 1984 - Sisters bonus
The Bluebells - 1992 - Second

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Darling - 1979 - Put It Down To Experience [lp]

Darling, an english band (London) in the middle of the New Wave/Hard Pop. Leadered by their female vocalist, the peculiar singer Alice Springs published this cult album in 1979 for Charisma (more knew by the works of Genesis, Peter Gabriel...),
Sometimes the voice remembers the great Joan Jett.

The band:

Alice Springs (voc)
Hal Lindes (gt)
Mick Howard (bs)
Paul Varley (drums)


Do Ya Wanna / Voice On The Radio / Precious Cargo / Dream Street / Save Me / The Word Is Out / Stuck On You / Tip Of My Tongue / Storm Warning / Slot Machine

Darling - Put It Down To Experience
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Thanks 'fab'


Enigma Records was a popular rock and alternative record label in the 1980s. It was initially a division of Greenworld Distribution, an independent music importer/ distributor, from which it split off in 1985 to become its own company.
Enigma was founded and run by brothers William and Wesley Hein. Jim Martone joined the company in 1984 and ultimately became a partner with the Heins. Enigma focused on punk rock, alternative, and heavy metal music though it also released techno, jazz and classical music through subsidiary labels.

In 1988 was published this great compilation with the best bands of the company (Game Theory, Textones, Plan 6, Flaming Lips...)


Wednesday Week - Why
Game Theory - Erica's World
Jon St. James - Rainy Taxi
The Textones - Not Afraid
Ben Vaughn Combo - Shing-A-Ling With Me
Plasticland - Go A Go-Go Time
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper - Burn Down The Malls
The Dead Milkmen - The Thing That Only Eats Hippies
Agent Orange - Fire In The Rain
Plan 9 - Man Bites Dog
Wipers - Losers Town
The Flaming Lips - Can't Stop The Spring

The Enigma Compilation 1988
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Nick Gilder - 1985 - St [lp]

Originally from London, England, ten year-old Nick Gilder's family moved to Canada in 1961. After settling in Vancouver, he found his love for music, entertaining family and friends as a youngster, then graduating to garage bands before joining Rasputin with high school friend and guitarist Jim McCulloch.
He snagged a deal with RCA in '85. He resurfaced later that year with some music he'd written while on leave of absence, recording for the first time without McCulloch. The eagerly anticipated self-titled album caught the attention of the critics, with the singles "Let Me In" & "Footsteps", the lead-off track "Screams Of Angels" and the self-reflective "Fingerprints" quickly gaining rave reviews. Yet again he occupied himself by working with other artists, including Patty Smyth's solo debut, Pat Benatar and Joe Cocker.

Nick Gilder's "You Know Who You Are" & "Rock America" available here for download.


Scream Of Angels / Footsteps / Let Me In / Fingerprints / Miles To Go / Waterfront / Rebel / Nowhere To Run / Sabotage / Don't Forget

Nick Gilder - St
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Note: The 8th song "Nowhere to run" isn't cut. It's the real end of the song.

David + David - 1986 - Boomtown [lp]

Although they only recorded one album, the California duo of David Baerwald and David Ricketts made some of the finest mainstream pop of the '80s. With its slick surfaces and memorable melodies, 1986's Boomtown was deceptively smooth; beneath the production, the songs were tales of despair and broken dreams in the Reagan era. David & David scored a surprise hit in 1986 with "Welcome to the Boomtown"; it was their only single that charted. Baerwald began a critically acclaimed solo career in 1990; Ricketts has not released anything since Boomtown.
"Swallowed by the Cracks" also is a little gem.


Welcome To The Boomtown / Swallowed By The Cracks / Ain't So Easy / Being Alone Together / A Rock For The Forgotten / River's Gonna Rise / Swimming In The Ocean / All Alone In The Big City / Heroes

David + David - Boomtown
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Suzanne Fellini - 1980 - St [lp]

Suzanne Fellini had an ephemeral career (only recorded this album). She mixed discon- certing lyrics with post-punk elements. Her LP is a new wave classic. Her greatest hit was "Love on the phone" (n# 87 Billboard pop singles chart in 1980). She also has worked doing backing vocals.

Tommy Keene obtained a gig in New York City accompanying Suzanne Fellini.

Today Suzanne teaches a course in Musical Melody at PS166 a.k.a The Richard Rogers School of Arts and Technology in Manhattan.


Double Take / First Take / Bad Influence / Love on the Phone / Crazy / Permanent Damage / Give Me the Light / Bad Boy / I'm a Rock / Something's Over

Suzanne Fellini - St
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Revolver - 1987 - Scratch & Dent [lp]

Revolver was the indie project of Marty Feier (the drummer in Link Wray's album "Live in '85). Formed in 1985 by Kevin Noonan (lead & backing vocals and lead & rhytmn guitars), Doug Doyle (lead & rhytmn guitars), David Plummer (bass guitar and lead & backing vocals) and the own Feier (drums, percussion and backing vocals). They only recorded this mini album for an indie label called Slinky Records in only 2 days. In 1989 Marty was included like member of "1313 Mockingbird Lane" for the album "Have Hearse Will Travel".
Scratch & Dent was produced by Feier and engineered by Joe Blaney. Joe's first engineering gig was mixing The Clash's single "Radio Clash" at Electric Lady in 1981. Later that year he was hired to record their best-selling album Combat Rock, which went double platinum in the U.S., featuring the Top 10 single, "Rock the Casbah," and the classics "Should I Stay or Should I Go" and "Straight to Hell".
The album also includes a cover of "Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'" originally performed by Crazy Elephant in the late 60's.


I Can Arrange It / Right Of Way / Glad To See You're On Your Way / Life Goes On / Getaway / Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'

Revolver - Scratch & Dent
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Richard Lloyd - 1979 - Alchemy [lp]

"When Television first disbanded in 1978, I had already written a number of songs which became the basis of Alchemy. I had wanted to do a record of a different tambre than the two Television records, more Pop, sentimental and personal. Television was under contract to Elektra records both individually and as a group, so when the band broke up both Tom and I went on to make solo records.

Alchemy was recorded at Bearsville studios in Woodstock NY. This was the studio owned by Bob Dylan's manager Albert Grossman. My A&R person wanted me to record in the country to keep me away from certain temptations existing in the city. So I took the temptations with me. The A&R person also suggested the producer. The most interesting story about the record is that one day Fred Smith woke me up telling me that the producer had locked himself in the studio and was putting keyboard sounds on the record. We had had a discussion about this and I was very against keyboards being on the record. Nonetheless, when I went down and knocked on the studio he wouldn't let me in, and I could hear the cheesy sounds of his crappy synthesizer through the door.

I immediately called the record company and tried to fire him, but when they called him he told them that he was saving my record from me, and that I was a mess. The truth be known, I was half a mess. So production stopped for six weeks while we tried to sort it out. The record company informed me that my A&R person had arranged for him to be paid in full, and if I wanted a new producer I could pay for it myself. End result: keyboards on the record. With all of the travails around the recording, it still manages to have some lovely moments on it. Unfortunately, it is currently out of print. There is an e-mail campaign under foot to get Elektra to rerelease it.

I would love to get my hands on the master tapes and remix it and remaster it, but Elektra hasn't budged yet. If you'd like to join the campaign, you can go to any of the Television sites and they will direct you." (Richard LLoyd)


Misty Eyes / In The Night / Alchemy / Woman's Way / Number Nine / Should've Known Better / Blue and Grey / Summer Rain / Pretend / Dying Words

Richard Lloyd - Alchemy
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Shoes - 1984 - Silhouette

Originally released in 1984 in England on Demon Records, in Germany on Line Records and in France on New Rose Records, Silhouette was issued as a 12-song, vinyl LP with 3 slightly different album covers. The band was reduced to a three-piece (John Murphy, Jeff Murphy, and Gary Klebe). The album was recorded in their home studio in Illinois. It was un-released in America until it became available on CD in 1991.
Today is only available as CD-R.


Get My Message / Will You Spin For Me? / When Push Comes To Shove / Shining / It's Only You / Twist and Bend It / I Wanna Give It To You / Turnaround / Running Wild / Oh, Angeline / Bound To Fade / Suspicion / Pieces Of Glass */ A New Sensation* / Dormant Love*
(* cd bonus)
Shoes - Silhouette
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The Men They Couldn't Hang - 1986 - How Green Is The Valley

After Shane Mac- Gowan's original band, the Nips, broke up, bassist Shanne Bradley (aka Shanne Hasler) stole the name MacGowan had in mind for his new band and used it for her new combo, which became the Men They Couldn't Hang. The group's other members included vocalist Cush, guitarist/songwriter Paul Simmonds, vocalist Phil "Swill" Odgers, and drummer John Odgers. Much like MacGowan's band, the Pogues, the Men They Couldn't Hang played folk and traditional roots music with punk attitude and energy.
In 1985 the band signed for MCA records and released "How Green Is The Valley". The record included "Ghosts Of Cable Street", a political number concerning The Battle of Cable Street in 1936 and "Shirt Of Blue", which regarded the miners' strike of 1984-5. At the end of promotion for the album Shanne Bradley left to create music with Wreckless Eric and The Chicken Family, she was replaced on bass by Ricky McGuire (ex UK Subs).


Gold Strike / Gold Rush / Ghosts of Cable Street / Dancing on the Pier / Bells / Wishing Well / Going Back to Coventry / Shirt of Blue / Rabid Underdog / Tiny Soldiers / Parade / Parted from You

TMTCH - How Green Is The Valley
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Coveriginals Series - Volume One

Hi, bloggers.

Taking the way to make compila- tions of my Power Pop Lovers friends (and idols),... I've decided to do something different.

Here is my offer....

Why can't we choose between the cover or the orginals?

Power Pop, Rock, New Wave.. a lot of styles covered (only covers... not... compares with the originals).

English, american, spanish, aussie....

This is the 1st volume.


Cover - Track - Original

MR. HAND - Brown Eyed Girl – VAN MORRISON
PAT DINIZIO - The Kids Are Alright – THE WHO
PRETENDERS - Stop Your Sobbing – THE KINKS
MINERALWATER - Enamorado De La Moda Juvenil – RADIO FUTURA

Coveriginals Volume One (Pt. 1)
Coveriginals Volume One (Pt. 2 + New Art Covers)
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The Planets - 1979 - Goon Hilly Down [lp]

The Planets (Liverpool, Uk). A classic of the british new wave. Their greatest hit was "Iron for the iron" in 1979. Leadered by Steve Lindsey (voc,bass) (ex Big in Japan, Deaf School, Secrets), Tony Wimshurst (gtr), Chris Skornia (keys), Andy Duncan (drms). Initially a solo project by Steve ‘Mr Average’ Lindsey who rel LP 'The Planets'. Then got a band together & rel LP 'Goon Hilly Down' with drums by Budgie (ex Spitfire Boys, Big in Japan, Opium Eaters, Secrets, later of Slits, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Creatures). May80 Tony & Andy had been replaced by Larry Tolfree (drms) & Barry Lines (gtr). Rel LP 'Spot' (Oct80). Steve also rel 2 solo singles prior to this band; one under the name Steve Tempo.


Iron for the Iron / Mile High / A Minute Ago version of Deaf School's 'Darling'] / Lines / Break It To Me Gently / Too Late / Secret / Ball and Chain / I'm on Fire

The Planets - Goon Hilly Down
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Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - 1979 - Loud & Clear [mlp]

Another live record of this magic musician. In some places it's dated in 1977, but the concert was really recorded at the Sentimental Bloke, Bulleen, on Saturday 7th April, 1979 and the Bombay Rock, Brunswick, on Sunday 8th April, 1979. Produced by Joe Camilleri the mini-lp contains a great live version of "So Young".

Joe Camilleri's web


Security / So Young / Not A Woman Not A Child / Mona / Cuthulu

Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - Loud & Clear
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Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - 1978 - Let's Drip Awhile [lp]

One of the more popular Australian bands of their day, Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons was primarily a vehicle for frontman Joe Camilleri, who assembled the group in Melbourne in 1976. Let's Drip Awhile was recorded live at Martini's, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, December 22nd & 23rd, 1977.

The band:

Joe Camilleri: Lead Vocals, Saxophone
Jeff Burstin: Guitar
Tony Faehse: Guitar , Vocals
John Power: Bass, Lead Vocals
Gary Young: Drums
Wilbur Wilde: Saxophone, Vocals


Route 66 / The Honeydripper / I'm a Mad Man / Ain't Got No Money / Yes Indeed / Young Girl / Down the Road Apiece (That Place) / King of Fools / The Girl Across the Street / Show Ya Fun / Riding in the Moonlight / One More Mile

Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - Let's Drip Awhile
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The La's - 1990 - Live At Notingham Poly, Nov 24, [Tape]

Hi all. One of the best live tapes of the Liverpool band, The La's. The definition of them: PowerPop. An old tape, cleaned, normalized and restored, specially "Callin All". A delicious for good tastes. Sound: 4 * over 5.


I Can't Sleep / Timeless Melody / Iou / Was It Something I Said / Doledrum / Way Out / Ride Yer Camel-There She Goes / Son Of A Gun / Freedom Song / Clean Prophet / Feelin / Come In Come Out / Liberty Ship / Callin All / Failure

The La's - Live
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My Old Turntable

Hello to the blogosphere !

In the last days I have been thinking about everything happened with one of the best music blogs: Pop Power Lovers. I have downloaded all the albums posted in that blog. It was my life...

I was very sad looking to my old turntable and I thought: I want to continue listening my old records in my car, but I can't put my turntable in it. What can I do ?

I can do the same work of the Power Pop Lovers Team and put my old vinyls in cd's changing the format analogic to digital (PVAc to 44.1 khZ)...

I opened my old Cool Edit, and I began to tape some of these old albums.

In the next days, weeks, months, here you'll can find those lp's, 7" and 12" ep's, and cd's out of stock forgotten.

People like Jontahan Daniel (Candy) or Frank Seich with their comments in the Power Pop Lovers blog have obtained that I decide to begin this adventure.

Do you want to stay with me?

You'll enjoy with it.

Greetings to all the bloggers.