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Watermelon Men - 1986 - Fifteen Stories By The.... (Live In Germany) [tape]

Here is the rip of an old tape give it to me by the Watermelon Men fan "blue- cartoon". The history of them is written in the other posts. It's a Live Show in Germany in 1986.
The quality of the sound is good.
Probably it was published like a long play but the only two references about it in the net are in japanesse (very hard to understand by me).

The art covers are designed by me because I haven't found any pic about it.


Back In My Dreams / In The Pouring Rain / Tonight / One Track Mama / There She Goes / Seven Years / New Hope For The Lonely / Hungarian Heart / All Summer Long / Tell That Girl / Things Like These / Your Eyes / I Can't Hide / You're Not Good (Incl. The In-Crowd & Harlem Shuffle) / Autumn Girl

Watermelon Men - Fifteen Stories By The....
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Craig Fuller & Eric Kaz - 1978 - Selftitled [lp] (NEW RIP)

Singer, songwriter, guitarist Craig Fuller was a founding member of the folk-rock group Pure Prairie League in 1970. Fuller was with the group for its first two albums, leaving in 1972.
Singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player Eric (Justin) Kaz has had a journeyman's career in American popular music. In the mid-'60s, he played piano in Children of Paradise, a group featuring folk performers Happy and Artie Traum. He was a member of the pop/rock group the Blues Magoos from 1969 to 1970, after which he was signed as a solo artist to Atlantic Records and made a couple of albums in the early '70s.
In 1976, Fuller & Kaz joined American Flyer, which made two albums, after which both teamed up for a 1978 duo album.
Here is a new rip of that excellent album with too much better quality.


Craig Fuller / Eric Kaz / Michael McDonald / Leo Sayer / J.D. Souther / Steve Lukather... and more (see credits)


Feel That Way Again (Fuller) / Cry Like a Rainstorm (Kaz) / You Take a Heart (Kaz) / Let the Fire Burn All Night (Fuller/Kaz) / 'til You Come Back (Kaz) / Annabella (Fuller/Kaz) / Ways of a Woman (Kaz) / Fool for You (Fuller) / Restless Sea (Kaz) / Annabella (Fuller/Kaz)

Craig Fuller & Eric Kaz - Selftitled
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Watermelon Men - Past... Original Tray for cd box

Here is the orginal back sleeve of the album redesigned for cd box.

To Save it:
Click on the image.
The image will be opened in a new window.
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Various - 1980 - On The Wave [lp]

Originally, On The Wave, was a promotional edition of a box that contained 6 vinyls of 7" with The Cure, Protex, The Invaders, The Akrylykz, Heroes and New Adventures. At collectors level, the box is very appreciated because contains the single of The Cure (Boys Don't Cry) with its unique white sleeve. Later, Polydor published it in Spain in format 12" adding 6 songs of other 6 bands or artists to the A-Sides of the singles contained in the original box.
Some of them are very well known by all, the mentioned “Boys Don't Cry” or “Happy House” of Siouxie, but the really interesting things of the compilation are the songs of The Invaders, Heroes or The Tunes, "Jimmy" by Purple Hearts, the wonderful “Maybe Tomorrow” of The Chords or the fine Chuck Berry's "Come On" covered by New Adventures.


Heroes - Some Kind Of Women / 999 - Trouble / The Cure Boys Don't Cry / The Chords - Maybe Tomorrow / The Akrylykz - Smart Boy / Siouxie And The Banshees - Happy House / The Invaders - Best Thing I Evert Did (New Future) / The Tunes - She's My Girl / New Adventures - Come On / Magnum Bonum - Lover Boy / Purple Hearts - Jimmy / Protex - I Can't Cope

Various - On The Wave
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The Outnumbered - 1985 - Why Are All The Good People Going Crazy [lp]

The first thing this band did right was pick a name. These guys really were outnum- bered. They came from deep within the corn jungle of central Illinois, playing in a college town that record companies usually ignored. They were perhaps the world’s only all-male feminist band, performing anti-misogynist, anti-capitalist, anti-war rants at the height of the Reagan era. They were earnest when earnestness was way out of fashion. They had bad haircuts and—as their lyrics made clear—problems with self-esteem. In short, nobody would have voted for them as Boys Most Likely to Succeed.... more

The Outnumbered:

Jon Ginoli-Vocals, Rhythm Guitar / Paul Budin-Vocals, Bass, Harmonica / Tim McKeage-Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Vocals / Ken Golub-Drums, Percussion


I Feel So Sorry Now / Accidental Color / Out Of The Gloom / The Other Way 'Round / What's Going On With You / Inspiration / Don't You Feel It / You Need A Babysitter / Sit With Me In The Dark / Back To Square One / One Desperate Moment / Restless Soul / Cover Me With Flowers

The Outnumbered - Why Are All The Good People Going Crazy
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Pop Art - 1985 - A Perfect Mental Picture [lp]

Pop Art, Los Angeles, formed in 1983, with Dave Steinhart (voices), their brothers Steve and Rich (guitars), Tony Ortega (bass) and Steve Lepatner (drums). The Steinhart brothers created their own labe "Stonegarden" with the purpose of publishing their works. In 1986 they published his first lp “A Mental Perfect Picture” with Ethan James (keyboards and production) and Kenji Haroutunian (percussion). The album is very influenced by the early R.E.M and The Connells. The album has a point of romanticism near the British Idie Pop bands of the era. Discs full of rich shades, with wonderful guitars, and very good lyrics. Really an authentic delight of Indie Pop-Rock.


One / The Party / The Meeting / October Wind / Wanted Man / Reduced / Walrus Of Love / Trapped In A Fire / Planting / Four Long Days / Sunshine Club / Anxious Call / The Porch / In Between

Pop Art - A Perfect Mental Picture
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The Distractions - 1980 - Nobody's Perfect [lp]

The Distractions, Manchester, Uk. They formed in 1975 by Mike Finney (voices) and Steve Perrin- Brown (guitar), along with Lawrence Tickle (bajo) and Tony Trap (drums). They had changes until finally Finney and Brown formed with Pip Nicholls (bass), Adrian Wright (guitar) and Alec Sidebotom (drums). At a first time they played live playing songs like “Waiting for Lorraine”, “Paracetamol Paralysis”…
They were supporting the main bands of Manchester area… publishing a single and an ep that soon we be here.
At the end of the summer of 1979, they signed with Island, but until the spring of 1980 it would not see the light their first and only lp, the wonderful “Nobody's Perfect”. Fourteen songs full of new wave sound, the peculiar sound of Manchester, voices like Clive Gregson (Any Trouble). Really an authentic jewel of the British New Wave.
Unfortunately the reviews was very good, but it did not have repercussion in the commercial market, and they split in 1981.
Luckyly, I acquired their majestic lp, and for delight of all the Pop-Rock overs of Pop-Rock... it's here. (Five stars)


Waiting For Lorraine / Something For The Weekend / Boyscry / Sick And Tired / Leave You To Dream / Louise / Paracetamol Paralysis / (Stuck In A) Fantasy / Nothing / Wonder Girl / Stil It Doesn't Ring / Untitled / Looking For A Ghost / Valerie

The Distractions - Nobody's Perfect
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The Mosquitos - 1985 - That Was Then, This Is Now [mlp]

Long Island, New York. The Mosquitos released a 5 song EP of fine 60's influenced pop entitled "That Was Then, This Is Now!" on the Valhalla label in 1985 and then disappea- red. The Mosquitos, who took their name from the band that appeared on an episode of "Gilligan's Island", were known for their blistering live shows (anybody have any mp3s or cd-rs?) and for writing the song "That Was Then, This is Now" that the regrouped Monkees turned into a Top 20 hit in 1986. The Mosquitos were Vance Brescia, (vocals/guitar), Steve Prisco (lead guitar/vocals), Iain Morrison (bass/vocals), Mitch Towse (drums), and Tony Millions (keybard/vocals).
Pure Power Pop !!


Put Your Foot Down / I Know A Secret / If I'm Lucky / Do You Want To Hurt Me / That Was Then, This Is Now

The Mosquitos - That Was Then, This Is Now
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The Bongos - 1983 - Live Along The Hudson (The Columbia University Complete Show)

Power Pop Lovers Blog posted in Nov 21, 2006, six songs of this show. One of the members of the Team wrote:
"A few info about this one, i got the tape around 1985. I used to have a good pal who was working on a french radio show (not really powerpop, though), and he got quite some "Marlboro" promo tapes, one of them featured Graham Parker on one side and The Bongos on the other side, so as he didn't care that much about The Bongos, he gave it to me and i ripped it to mp3 a few years ago - this is the way Javi (PowerPopLover) got it - so don't be too surprised by the sound quality - this is a first rate quality live show."

Well, now, you can enjoy the complete show (15 songs). A Power Pop gem!!!.

I've titled the album "Live Along The Hudson" like tribute to the first album.


Telephoto Lens / Tiger Nights / Glow In The Dark / The Bulrushes / Automatic Doors / Roman Circus / Burning Bush / Numbers With Wings / Three Wise Men / Skydiving / Barbarella / In The Congo / Question Ball / My Sin / Mambo Sun

The Bongos - Live Along The Hudson
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The Pyromaniacs - 1984 - Selftitled [mlp]

The band stared as a bunch of DJs in Stockholm playing for some colleagues of the Stockholm (Sweden) club scene in late the 70's. The could hardly play but the colleagues loved to see the guys having fun and giving them a reason to get drunk after working hours late night/early in the morning. The appeared under the name: Inhangers. Payment was 2 bottles of Bells Whisky, emptied to the last drop before the gig.
One thing led to another and some years later they acually had a band, wrote some tunes and learned some covers. The first "real" appearance was at the club "Garage" after some Battle of the Bands victories at youth clubs and local bars in Solna. Intro was "Warewolves" the Frantics's instrumental with a spooky blue light coming from beneath, creating the graveyard feeling. polygrams label manager Peo Berghagen saw the show and offered a recording contract backstage after the gig.
The rest is history. The Pyromanics style was STYLE, something many other bands did not have. They called the music "slightly psycdelic rock'n'roll fun". If you mix the raw sound of Sonics (from Seattle) and the sophisticated sound of the Byrds, you get close to the look-and-feel of Pyromaniacs.
The Pyromaniacs envisages some late appriciation mentioned in magazines as MOJO for the genuine sound and a new generation of youngsters searching the roots to bands as "the Hives". (matsba - Rate Your Music)

The Band:

Willy Bully: bass / Steve Danielsson: drums / Mats Jernstrom: guitar / Peter Lindgren: vocals, organ / Tommy Vee: guitar


Follow The Beginners / Seasick Serpent / She’s Not Just Anybody / Lay Some Lovin’ On Me / The Choice / She Made My Blood Run Cold - Bonus Track: 96 Bye-Byes from “A Real Cool Time Compilation” (courtesy of bluecartoon)

The Pyromaniacs - St
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Watermelon Men - 1985 - Four Stories by the.... + bonus [mlp]

Courtesy of an enthusiastic blogger called "blue- cartoon" here is this mini-lp of the great swedish band.
Four stories contained four songs called "Blue Village", "Is It Love?", "The Day The Angels Cried" and "Your eyes". He has included like bonus "I Can't Hide" from "Bucketfull Of Brains Flexi" and the distorted version of "Back In My Dreams" from "A Real Cool Time Compilation".
Back In My Dreams features in their 1st lp "Past Present And Future" posted down.

Watermelon Men - Four Stories By The....
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Thanks a lot to "bluecartoon"

Earth Quake - 1977 - Leveled [lp]

Formed in 1971 by Steve Nelson, Stan Miller, Robbie Dunbar (brother of Tommy- Rubinoo) and John Doukas.
In 1975 guitarist Gary Phillips (The Freedom Highway, Copperhead) was added to the band.
Managed by Matthew King Kaufman owener of the Beserkley Records, they played the San Francisco area and often toured with other Beserkley bands due to the communal attitude the label took.
Leveled is one of Earthquake's best, this record features some nice originals ("Lovin' Cup" and especially, "Upstairs") and a solid version of Mann & Weil's "Kicks."

Gary Philippet (Gary Phillips) passed away on January 17, 2007.

Gary Phillips Tribute page.


Lovin' Cup / Emma / Kicks / Trainride / Nothing Personal / Street Fever / Julie Anne / Upstairs

Earth Quake - Leveled
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You can find their Beserkley debut in the cueburn blog (here). (Thanks to soapy for the info)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Graham Parker & The Rumour - Live At Hammersmith Oden (Apr 3th. 1979) [tape + lp]

One of the many Graham Parker live recordings. This was a BBC Radio "In Concert" broadcast.
In 1979 GP & The Rumour published their classic "Squeezing Out Sparks". It cemented their position as one of Britain's top live acts and ensured sell out concerts on their seemingly endless world tours.
In this show features the only half-official GP & the Rumour recording of "Crawling From The Wreckage," well known through the Dave Edmunds version.
The BBC Radio Broadcast did fadeout during "Protection", but the show version was published in "BBC Rock Hour" #138 by GP/Dire Straits, airdate 9/21/1980, USA.
With the help of the Adobe Audition has been easy to mix "Protection" after "Soul Shoes" to complete the show.


Discovering Japan / Local Girls / Thunder & Rain / Don't get Excited / Back to Schooldays / Passion is No ordinary Word / Mercury Poisoning / Stick To me / Love Gets You Twisted / Crawling from The Wreckage / Sat Night is Dead / Nobody Hurts You / Soul Shoes / Protection

Graham Parker - Live At Hammersmith Odeon
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WATERMELON MEN: Past, Present And Future (1985) + Wildflowers (1986) [lps & cd]

The Watermelon Men were a great Swedish band.
They put out a record, "Past, Present, and Future" in 1985 that turned out to be an appropriate title. The album is full of infectious sophisticated pop and appeared on several 'Best of' lists for 1985 in Sweden. In 1986 they released a second album called "Wildflowers" with the production of Clive Gregson.
Only the last "Moving Targets" were released as a cd.
I bought the vinyl "Past, Present And Future" but it was stealed in a party.
Years ago, I got the albums of the own band "via soulseek". The 6th song " You Should Be Mine" was corrupted and appears here courtesy of rideyourpony (thanks a lot).

Past, Presente & Future tracks:

Seven Years / Pretty Days In The Summertime / Tell That Girl / Hungarian Heart / New Hope For The Lonely / You Should Be Mine / Lonesome Town / Autumn Girl / Back In My Dreams / There She Goes / Nowhere Train / Still I'm Dressed In Blue

Wildflowers tracks:

Empty Smile / Heading For The Woods / Pouring Rain / I Know The Sun Won't Shine / Pictures Of Good Times / True Confession Of Love / That's Why I Walk These Street / Postcard View / In Another World / Small Town Revolution

Watermelon Men:

Erik Illes (vocals, guitar) / Johan Lundberg (guitar) / Imre von Polgar (guitar) / Hans Sacklén (bass) / Erik Westin (drums) / Magnus Ågren (keyboards) / Jonas Rehn (keyboards) / Ola Jameson (drums)

Sadly Imre von Polgar, one of two great guitarplayers in the band died in the tsunami-disaster at Khao Lak. The group that split in 1994 reunited last year for one last performance in memory of Imre. (R.I.P.)

Watermelon Men - Past, Present And Future
Watermelon Men - Wildflowers (ripped from vinyl)
Watermelon Men - Wildflowers (ripped from cd)

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Ian Lloyd - 1980 - 3WC [lp]

Although Lloyd was classically trained on both piano and violin, he first reached interna- tional acclaim as lead singer for the band Stories, formed with Michael Brown of The Left Banke in the early 70s. Lloyd sang lead on Stories' songs like "I'm Coming Home" (played as an anthem during the return of the Iranian hostages) as well as "Brother Louie" (featured in the 2006 film Guess Who).
On 3WC, Lloyd straddles the middle world of rock and new wave like a male version of Pat Benatar (artistically not physically). Despite the grave title, Third Wave Civilization isn’t a blueprint for the future (if Lloyd had any inkling into the future, he probably wouldn’t have recorded a version of Gary Glitter’s “Do You Wanna Touch Me”). Instead, it’s music that would have felt right comfortable in 1980 and, today, maybe a little self-conscious. Lloyd writes some of the music himself but takes help when it’s offered, including two great songs from Bryan Adams (let’s see if that gets past spellcheck) and a winner from Mick Jones. Going back to those Bryan Adams songs, they’re interesting because they pre-date Adams’ own success with them: “Lonely Nights,” “Straight From The Heart.” While Lloyd’s weary voice is well-suited to the ballad, “Lonely Nights” is hands-down the best thing on here and should have been the album’s uncontestable hit. A second single (if I was picking them) would have been Jim Vallance’s “Can’t Get Enough of You,” which captures the taught post-Cars sound better than the opening Glitter track. But the thing of it is, I’m not even supposed to be here reviewing this album. I was lured by the presence of Mick Jones and Al Greenwood, only to find that 3WC* and 4NR are dissimilar alphanumerical creatures. (Connolly & Co)

The Ian Lloyd Homepage


IAN LLOYD -- lead vocals, backing vocals
AL GREENWOOD -- synthesizers
MICK JONES -- lead & rhythm guitars
JIM VALLANCE -- drums, bass, guitars & keyboards
Bryan Adams -- rhythm guitar (4)
The Aliens -- all instruments (6)
Paul Dean -- rhythm guitar (1)
Bruce Fairbairn -- backing vocals
Nancy Nash -- backing vocals (2)


1. DO YOU WANNA TOUCH ME (OH YEAH) (Gary Glitter/Mike Leander)
2. STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE (Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Eddie Holland)
4. LONELY NIGHTS (Jim Vallance/Bryan Adams)
5. CAN'T GET ENOUGH (Jim Vallance)
6. TROUBLE (Mick Jones)
7. WALK AWAY (Al Greenwood/Ian Lloyd/Bruce Fairbairn)
9. THIRD WAVE CIVILIZATION (Ian Lloyd/Jim Vallance)
10. WANDERERS (Ian Lloyd)

Ian Lloyd - 3WC
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The Truth - 1986 - Weapons Of Love [cd]

Second release of this band. The 1st album is posted here.
In this album they decided to trade their R&B roots for '80s rock bombast. The title cut made clear the shift in allegiances: singer Dennis Greaves and guitarist Mick Lister (the only two remaining band members) had abandoned Paul Weller for Robert Palmer.
This album is worse than first and many of the fans apostatized of it.


Dennis Greaves - Lead Vocals, Guitar (ex-Nine Blow Zero)
Mick Lister - Vocals, Guitar (ex-Nine Blow Zero)
Pat Mastelotto - Drums (ex-Mr. Mister)
John Pierce - Bass
Dennis Herring - Guitar, Keyboards
Paul Fox - Keyboards
John Van Tongeren - Keyboards
Pat McDonald - Harmonica
Davy Faragher - Backing Vocals


Weapons of love / Winterland / Until it burns / The edge of town / Cover up my face / Respect / Come on back to me / This way forever / Another new day / Soul deep fascination

The Truth - Weapons Of Love
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Katydids: Selftitled (1990)+ Shangri-la (1991) [lp's]

From London. Led by japanese- american vocalist Susie Hug (who was born in Tokyo, grew up in San Diego, California and has spent most of her adult years in London) with her husband Adam Seymour (guitar), Dave Hunter (bass), Dan James (guitar) and Shane Young (drums). Great power pop on only two albums produced by Nick Lowe and Ray Schulman/Ian Broudie respectively. Hug released a 4 song EP in 2000 and has been an accomplished musician and songwriter contributing her skills and songs to The Blue Aeroplanes, The Mighty Lemon Drops and most recently in 2004, the band Travis who played back-up band on her first full length solo cd, "A Is For Album". (Avaliable on cdbaby)
Adam Seymour has been playing with The Pretenders.

Selftitled tracks:

Heavy Weather Traffic / Stop Start / Girl In A Jigsaw Puzzle / All Above Me / What Will The Angels Say? / Lights Out (Read My Lips) / Miss Misery / King Of The World / Chains Of Devotion / Dr. Rey / Growing Old

Shangri-la tracks:

The Boy Who's Never Found / Almost And Nearly / Slip Away / Many Of My Friends / Some Mysterious Sigh / Seesaw / Faith To Change / Always / Don't Think Twice / What's The Matter Here?

Katydids - Selftiled
Katydids - Shangri-la
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The Rave-Ups - 1985 - Town + Country [lp]

Roots-rock quartet the Rave-Ups was formed in 1980 by frontman Jimmer Podrasky, a Pittsburgh native who founded the group while studying English at Carnegie- Mellon University. The original incarnation of the band briefly relocated to Los Angeles before dissolving, prompting Podrasky to return home and accept a job as a house painter; he then traveled back to Southern California, recruiting drummer Timothy Jiminez. Guitarist Terry Wilson and bassist Tommy Blatnik cemented the lineup prior to cutting 1985's acclaimed Town + Country.
Like contemporaries from Jason & the Scorchers to Green on Red to the Long Ryders, the Rave-Ups were ahead of their time -- alternative country when alternative country wasn't cool, their career petered out at roughly the same time the No Depression movement came into critical and commercial vogue. Although their indie label breakthrough Town + Country (a title perfectly capturing the group's distinctive blend of rock & roll torque and C&W twang) largely forgoes the classic pop influences of the previous Class Tramp EP, frontman Jimmer Podrasky nevertheless maintains the disc's crisp melodicism, infusing highlights like the opening "Postively Lost Me" (one of two songs the Rave-Ups performed in the film Pretty in Pink), "By the Way," and the bluegrass-inflected "Remember (Newman's Lovesong)" with rootsy grit and galloping energy. (Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide)

The Rave-Ups at myspace


Positively Lost Me / Remember (Newman's Lovesong) / Better World / Class Tramp / In My Gremlin / Radio / By the Way / Not Where You're at (But Where You Will Be) / You Ain't Going Nowhere / Rave up/Shut Up

The Rave-Ups - Town + Country
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Town + Country was reiussued in cd format in 1990, but now is currently unavailable.

The Flys - 1990 - See For Miles Compilation (1977-1980) [cd out of print]

In the beginning there were three young lads from Cov in the UK. David Freeman, Joe Hughes and Neil O’Connor. Neil was slightly older than the other two and had made their acquaintance through David’s mum, Esther Freeman, a lovely lady who was Neil’s Yoga teacher ( yeah he was a bit of a late flowering hippy….).
Joe took up the bass, Dave and Neil, the guitars and voices and they started to try to do something. They gave themselves the name "Midnight Circus" and were probably bloody awful but, hey, it was a good laugh.
In those days there was never a full time drummer except for one guy, Paul Angelopolis, an American guy from Florida, in the same age group as them who wasn’t half bad except for when he partook more than he should’ve.
Sadly Paul abused too much and died of a barbituate overdose at the age of 24.
And that was sort of the end of "Midnight Circus".
By now it was 1977 and there was a change in the air. So they dropped the name and reincarnated as "The Flys". But still no drummer.
Around this time they happened upon a guy named Chris King who started to take a managerial interest in the lads and, as luck would have it, had a younger brother, Pete King, who was a good drummer and so deserved an audition.
Here was the guy they’d been hoping for years to meet. And so The Flys became Dave, Joe, Neil and Pete.
Chris had a huge amount of belief in the band and proposed that he’d set up a small indie label and sign up the band to release a limited edition 7 inch EP and so they went off to Pathway studios, an 8 track in Islington where all the great Stiff recordings had been made, to spend a Saturday recording their repertoire of 14 songs, or so.
Then 5 of the recordings were chosen, mixed, mastered and became the EP "Bunch of five" on Chris King’s "Zama" label which included the titles…. "Love and a Molotov cocktail", "Can I crash here", "Civilisation"...
Eventually EMI were to sign the band after having heard the EP and seeing the band on stage opening for The Buzzcocks tour in the Autumn of ’77.
Ironically EMI had rejected them as Midnight Circus!

More info about The Flys at myspace


Name Dropping / Waikiki Beach Refugees / Walking The Streets / Don't Moonlight On Me / Sixteen Down / Undercover Agent Zero / Today Belongs To Me / Fascinate Me / Saturday Sunrise / Can I Crash Here / Energy Boy / Love And A Molotov Cocktail / We Are The Lucky Ones / Beverley / We Don't Mind The Rave / What Will Mother Say / Night Creature / Let's Drive / When Two And Five Make Nine / Fun Fun Fun / Looking For New Hearts

The Flys - See For Miles Compilation
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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ellen Shipley - 1979 - Selftitled [lp]

Managed by Tommy Mottola, New York songstress Ellen Shipley debuted in 1979 on the New York Interna- tional label (distribuited by RCA) with an album boasting a host of hot session players. Contributing musicians included guitarists G.E. Smith, Rick Derringer and Network's Richie Cerniglia, bassist John Siegler, drummers Jerry Marotta and Joe Franco and the likes of the girls from Desmond Child and Rouge and also the duo of Hall & Oates on backing vocals.
Her big hit was a song written together with Rick Nowels for Belinda Carlisle called "Heaven Is A Place On earth".
This album was co-produced by Uutopia keyboard player Ralph Shuckett and Ed Sprigg.


I'm Jumping Out of My Skin / Man of the World / Good Thing Goin' / Heroes of Yesterday / I Surrender / Over the Edge / Little Sister / Catch the Cobra / Stray Dog / Last Tears

Ellen Shipley - Selftitled
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Jane Aire And The Belvederes - 1979 - Selftitled [lp]

Another talented singer from Akron, Ohio whose career really got started outside her homeland. Accom- panied here by a sharp four-piece English band otherwise known as the Edge, Aire works confidently through a solid set of tunes that includes the oft-recorded "Breaking Down the Walls of Heartache," Pearl Harbor's "Driving," Holland-Dozier-Holland's "Come See About Me," plus some of producer Liam Sternberg's better original compositions.
The Belvederes, by the way, were, in fact, the Edge - a group in their own right. Their lineup included future Culture Club drummer (and Boy George paramour) Jon Moss, and they released a couple of records under their own name.
Lu Edmunds and Jon Moss play briefly in The Damnned too.
The famous Kirsty MacColl and the not so famous Rachel Sweet are contributing with backing vocals here to a great effect.

Band Members:

Jane Aire (vocals) / Lu Edmunds (guitar) / Gavin Povey (keyboards) / Gyl Havard (bass) / Jon Moss (drums)


Breaking Down The Walls / No More Cherry Icing / Driving / When You Can't Be Loved / Take It To The Next Wave / Duke Of Love / Come See About Me / Life After You / Wind Up / Love Is A Fire

Jane Aire & The Belveders - Selftitled
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Tears - 1979 - Selftitled [lp]

Tears put out one album of pure melodic pop during 1979. The music has early inflections of The Rolling Stones, but really it's a late seventies pop effort, with slight rock overtones veering into REO Speedwagon territory. Pearson has that Mick Jagger swagger in his dress sense, and vocal style, while in some places he's a deadringer for Kevin Cronin.
Guitarist Erik Cartwright was previously with the band Bux.
Tears probably disappeared as fast as they came; only Erik Cartwright has since been sighted, having joined the 1980's incarnation of Foghat.

Tears were:

Charles Woods Pearson - Vocals / Alan Adkins - Vocals, Guitar / Erik Cartwright - Guitar, Vocals


More Than a Miracle / My My She Lies / Laziest Boy / Urban Girl / My Temptation / I Cover the Waterfront / Sittin' Pretty / Cool Your Jets / Horizontal Boogie

Tears - Selftitled
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The Truth - 1985 - Playground [lp]

Up from the ashes of Nine Below Zero, a short-lived but well- respected energetic R&B band (who had a minor following in the early '80s due to the punk charge of tunes like "Eleven Plus Eleven"), London-based singer/guitarist Dennis Greaves formed the Truth and inked with I.R.S. Records in 1984. Drawing heavily on Paul Weller's bulging catalog, the quintet's 1985 debut, Playground, is a fine ten-song collection of second-generation mod pop that launches with the Jam-derived fervor of the title track. Driving guitars, crumbling drums, organ fills, and Greaves' inspired vocals result in what could easily be an outtake from The Gift. Meanwhile the cooing, soulful pop of "Spread a Little Sunshine" and the U.S. single "Exception of Love" (which deserved to be a hit) come closer to the Style Council's terrain at the time. "I'm in Tune" falls midway between roaring rock and timeless soul and is arguably the highlight of this mostly great set, which is plagued only by the repetitive, just plain average nature of late-album tracks like Thursday Club. (John D. Luerssen - All Music Guide)

The Truth were:

Dennis Greaves - Guitar, Vocals / Mick Lister - Guitar, Vocals / Rick Parfitt Guitar - Bass / Chris Skornia - Keyboards / Allan Fielder - Drums


Spread A Little Sunshine / Exception Of Love/ So Many Things / Always On My Mind / I'm In Tune / Playground / Is There A Solution / It's A Miracle / Thursday Club / You Play With My Emotions

The Truth - Playground
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pearl Harbor & The Explosions - 1980 - Selftitled [lp]

Pearl Harbor & The Explosions: formed in the late 70's and lidered by the explosive and theatralic Pearl E. Gates. This was their first album released for Warner. It was published with two different art covers (included in the Booklet). The album was produced by David Kahne (The Bangles, Stevie Nicks,.... not to mention Paul Mc Cartney's “Driving Rain”...). Their best hits were "Drivin'" (scored as an indie single and prompted Warner to sign the band), "You Got It (Release It)" and "Shut Up And Dance". However, the group's selftitled debut LP was not a commercial success. They released a second album, 1981's "Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost Too", and then disbanded.


Drivin' / You Got It (Release It) / Don't Come Back / Keep Going / Shut Up And Dance / The Big One / So Much For Love-Get A Grip On Yourself / Up And Over

The U.S. release of the album avalaible here in cd format.

Pearl Harbor & The Explosions - Selftitled
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Rip courtesy of Power Pop Lovers Blog

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The dB's - 1986 - Amplifier [lp]

In the spring of 1978 Chris invited Will Rigby and Gene Holder to New York to be his rhythm section for some shows. All three had grown up in Winston- Salem, NC, playing in the small but lively music scene there. (The same is true of Peter Holsapple, Mitch Easter, and Don Dixon.)
Chris chose the name dB’s as reference to "drums and bass" as well as it being the abbreviation for deciBels, the scientific measurement of loudness....... more

This album is a compilation of tracks from the two Albion albums and was released without the knowledge, participation, or approval of The dB's (and never has been reissued in cd format),

The dB's:

Peter Holsapple / Chris Stamey / Will Rigby / Gene Holder


Nothing Is Wrong / Neverland / In Spain / Happenstance / Living A Lie / From A Window To A Screen / Ask For Jill / Amplifier / Bad Reputation / Big Brown Eyes / Moving In Your Sleep / Black And White / I Feel Good Today / Ups And Downs

(LP, Castle Communications Plc, DOJO LP 33 1986)

The db's - Amplifier
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Jags (1979-1981) [lp's]

One of the many so called UK power pop bands to emerge from the new wave, the Jags did so in style with their classic debut "Back Of My Hand". They came together when Nick Watkinson and his school friend, John Alder from Scarborough, Yorkshire, England, began writing songs together around 1977. Despite Watkinson leaving for Bournemouth College Of Art they remained in contact and in late 1978 formed the Jags together. Watkinson sang while Alder played guitar; the line-up was completed by Steve Prudence from Guildford, Surrey, England on bass and Alex Baird on drums. Baird from Glasgow, Scotland was the only member with any real previous experience, having once played alongside Midge Urehttp://ra in Stumble (before Ure found fame in Slik) and also playing for a while in the Banned. Signed to Island they released "Back Of My Hand" in 1979 which reached the Top 20. The follow up - "Woman's World" - was their only other hit but their debut album was well received. Mainly produced by Jon Astley and Phil Chapman, production assistance was credited to Buggles who were just making their own breakthrough as recording artists. The follow-up album in 1981 was produced by Alex Sadkin and contained strong singles in "The Sound Of G-O-O-D-B-Y-E" and "I Never Was A Beachboy". (My Strands biography)

Back Of My Hand [ep] tracks:

Back of My Hand / Double Vision / Single Vision / What Can I Do?

Evening Standards tracks:

Evening Standards / Party Games / Tune Into Heaven / Last Picture Show / The Tourist / Desert Island Discs / Woman's World /
Back Of My Hand / She's So Considerate / Little Boy Lost / Single Vision-Bmw
(Bonus tracks): Dumb Blonde (Woman's World 7" b-side) / Back Of My Hand (BBC Live) / Party Games (BBC Live)

No Tie Like A Present tracks:

Here Comes My Baby / I Never Was A Beachboy / Another Town, Another Place / The Train And The Plane / Silver Birds / The Sound of G-O-O-D-B-Y-E / Small Change / Mind Reader / Little Lloyd Wright / Fearing A Tornado

The Jags - 1979 - Back Of My Hand
The Jags - 1980 - Evening Standards (+ bonus)
The Jags - 1981 - No Tie Like A Present
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Racer X - 1984 - Selftitled [mlp]

Racer-X, New York (USA). This isn't the metal band with the same name. This was the project of one of the members of The Speedies, Allen Zane. They only recorded this mini-lp for the french label, New Rose Records. A little gem of power pop courtesy of Power Pop Lovers Blog.

More info about Zane at The Speedies site


Later on in the night (T.Wahler, A.Zane, J.Carl) / Looking through you (T.Wahler, A.Zane, M.Myer) / Moving Fast (A.Zane) / Driving me wild (T.Walher) / Mary Ann (T.Wahler, A.Zane)

Racer-X - St
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The Chevelles - 1991 - The Kids Ain't Hip! [mlp]

The Chevelles are a power pop outfit, from Perth, Western Australia. The Chevelles were formed in 1989 and over the last eighteen years have successfully toured Australia, Europe, the United States and South America.
The "kids Aint Hip" released in March 1991 was and still is a classic statement of Perth Pop. Five breezy intangibly catchy power pop tunes that prompted highly respected editor of US zine Yellow Pills Jordan Oakes to describe the band as "consistently better songwriters that the Hoodoo Gurus". Smiths definitive 'Show me your Love' remains the one best pop tunes out of Australia in the early nineties This is closely followed by Lanes ode to Triple J Radio presenter "Tracie Lee Hutchence". As an interesting note Matzkov always thought the title track "The Kids Aint Hip" was a direct reply to a tune penned by Mariani "Little Town Crier" on the Someloves debut album "Something or Other" (White) A lightening trip to the east coast confirmed that the band was the hottest thing out of Perth since the Stems. High rotation for 'Show me Your Love" ensured the band was now being recognised as a class pop act throughout the country. Upon there return to Perth the band embarked on an extensive gigging schedule. It seemed in 1991 the band were everywhere. This included supporting eastern states bands such as Ratcat, Falling Joys and the Plunderers to headlining triple j showcase gigs like Spinal Pop. While this meant the bands coffers were running high, allowing them to concentrate on recording songs for an upcoming album, the stress of the heavy schedule was beginning to tell.

The songs contained in this album were released in cd format with two different names and art covers:
The Chevelles - The Kids Ain't Hip! (Survival Records Europe SUR519 CD) with 5 xtra tracks.
The Chevelles - In The Zero Hour (Munster Spain MR028) with 8 xtra tracks.

The Chevelles:

Richard Lane - vocals, guitars / Duane Smith - vocals, guitars / Jeff Halley - bass / Guy Douglas - drums

The Chevelles website


Show me your love / Tracie Lee / First Time / Hold On / The Kids Ain't Hip

The Chevelles - The Kids Ain't Hip!(original 1991 vinyl)
re-issue with bonus tracks come soon !!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Milkwod - 1973 - How's The Weather [lp]

In the early 1970's, the two future Cars lead singers, Ric Ocasek and Benjamin Orr, were members of a Boston folk trio called Milkwood. At that time, the two went by their real names, Richard Otcasek and Benjamin Orzechowski. Jas Goodkind rounded out the guitar-and-vocal trio, but future Cars keyboardist Greg Hawkes also played on Milkwood's only album (his name was spelled "Hawks" in the credits), providing sax and horn arrangements. The 1973 album was called How's The Weather, although some mistakenly think it was self-titled. It predates the first Cars album by a good five years.


With You With Me / Dream Trader / Lincoln Park / Bring Me Back / Timetrain Wonderwheel / Makeshift Pawn / The Light Won't Burn / Along The Way / We've Been All Through / Winter Song

Milkwood - How's The Weather
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Friday, June 08, 2007

Fay Ray - 1982 - Contact You [lp]

Named after famous photo- grapher William Wegman's dog, Fay Ray faded into obscurity after its record label locked its second LP in the vault, refusing to release it once the group was dropped. Formed by Sheila McCartney (vocals, percussion), John Lovering (guitar), Owen Hughes (drums), Tony Travis (bass, vocals), and Jeff Taylor (wind), Fay Ray debuted in 1980 with the 7" single "Family Affairs" and three live tracks on the compilation 101 Live Letters. McCartney's voice resembled Siouxsie Sioux's, but Fay Ray had a more accessible pop sound than its post-punk peers. The group filmed two videos, "Modern Lovers" and "Heatwave," that received some airplay during MTV's early years and were revived by VH1 Classic in 2002. The band was never able to catapult itself from its small cult following to a mainstream audience. Its 1982 debut album, Contact You, was a flop. Signed to Elektra Records, Fay Ray had just finished recording its follow-up when the company pulled the plug and kept the masters. Disillusioned, the group broke up. Interest in Fay Ray was revived when the band's records were discovered in used music stores by new wave collectors and shared via mp3 format over the Internet. However, the band's entire discography remained unreleased on CD. ~ Michael Sutton, All Music Guide


Different Morning / Heatwave / Love Is Strange / Modern Lovers / Contact You / Family Affairs / Cold As Steel / Consequences / Clean Lines / Wargames

Fay Ray - Contact You
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jules Shear And His Bands (Funky Kings, Jules and The Polar Bears & Reckless Sleepers) [lp's]

Jules Shear, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 7, 1952. He is possibly one of most peculiar and adored american “singer- songwriters”. Brilliant, magnificent, controverted, definitively fascinating. He had to wait the covers of Cindy Lauper or The Bangles to obtain at least the recognition of the critics like composer. It has left magnificent moments to us in form of unforgettable songs, and that is the reason to begin to review his albums with diverse bands.
His first band, “Funky Kings” (1976), when he already moved to Los Angeles. It's not indeed a band of Pop Power, it's a band that took the influences of the American music of that age, Eagles, Jackson Browne… and in fact it was a superband. It also counted between its rows with Jack Tempchin, composer of hits for the mentioned Browne or Emmilou Harris.
In this their first work, the songs composed by him (Let Me Go and Nothing Was Exchanged) already gave us a big idea of which would be later the great "Jules and Polar The Bears."
If you're looking here for an album with heartrendering guitars or power pop melodies, you will take a deception, but really it's a very good disc that the lovers of the sound of the American West Coast will be thankful.
After his experience with Funky Kings, Jules Shear formed his own band, The Polar Bears and they signed for Columbia Records. Got No Breeding is a 70's rock album but with the influences of the New Wave. The voice of Jules, peculiar like always, envolve us song by song. A jewel.
Phonetics was released in 1979 ans it follows the same line of "Got no breeding". Perhaps, this had less memorable results, but with good songs like "Good reason", pop in pure state or the beatiful ballads "The Smell Of Home" and "Real Enough To Love". The production was maded by Stephen Hague (Pet Shop Boys, Jane Wiedlin).
In 1980 they released a 7" e.p. called "Economy Package" with four good and previously unreleased songs. The production of The Polar Pair is good and it was the end of the banda until the year 1996.
In 1996, Columbia suprised us with a new Jules And The Polar Bears release. The album recorded in 1980 was unpublished. It contains 13 songs composed by Jules Shear. Like Columbia tells in the art cover, A lost classic !!
They return to the production of Stephen Hague with the own Shear. It has the same formula of the other works with the same results. (Thanks to Power Pop Lovers Blog)
"You can get isolated in your garret and start falling into patterns," explains songwriter Jules Shear about forming his band, Reckless Sleepers, with guitarist/keyboardist Jimmy Vivino, drummer Steve Holley and bassist Brian Stanley, to record its debut I.R.S. album, Big Boss Sounds. "What's important to me is having these other guys' minds to play off of. It's fun. It's like the first time you had a group. We get together and make up songs."
Ten of which grace the quartet's Scott Litt (R.E.M., dB's, Patti Smith, U2)-produced LP, ranging from the metallic pop of "Tried To Please Her," the horn-laden funk of "Mesmerized," the title track to the British Invasion twang of "Nottinghill Gate" and the soaring trademark Shear ballad, "If We Never Meet Again." There's also a collaboration between Shear and Heartbreaker guitarist Mike Campbell, "This Heart." Eight of the tunes are co-written by Shear and the band. There's metal and spaghetti-Western guitar riffs, Booker T organ, reggae riddims and even the Marlboro Man theme.
"I wasn't looking for guys to get drunk with," says Shear of the genesis of the Sleepers, named after a Magritte painting he spotted in a London museum. The group was founded as a "Led Zeppelin-y" band by Jules and his buddy, Cars guitarist Elliot Easton, to play clubs in Boston and New York. After the addition of a U.K. rhythm section, drummer Steve Holley (who's played with Paul McCartney's Wings, Julian Lennon and Elton John) and bassist Brian Stanley (Bryan Adams and the Beach Boys), the band broke up, Shear being unhappy with the direction, only to reform months later without Easton. New York guitarist Jimmy Vivino now rounded out the group, hailing from an East Coast soul background which included stints with Wilson Pickett, Darlene Love, Ronnie Spector, Dion and Felix Cavaliere. More recently, he was musical director for a James Brown cable special and is producing Laura Nyro's new album
"We went though the process of finding ourselves," says Shear. "We shed a lot of skins in the process. Where we ended up is looser and far more positive sounding."
"I wanted to do something new," says Shear. "I just had to find the perfect guys to do it with. We make the music together. We sit there in the rehearsal room and play until we come up with something we like. It's an organic process. We don't work with drum machines or sequencers. We do it the old-fashioned way."
But Shear is most excited about his latest project. "Everyone in this band has been searching for ways to approach music in a way we can get the most out of it creatively," he explains. "I want to nail down the stuff I have in my head. Doing it myself hasn't been enough. We had to go out and find these other people to help each other."
Reckless Sleepers' Big Boss Sounds is the result of that quest, the optimum performances of the group's material.
"Communication is imperfect," Shear explains. "Music can be a much higher form because it doesn't need words. The music we make is probably more autobiographical than my lyrics. The band has inspired me to go out there and play again, and it's still cool. So who can complain?"
I.R.S. PRESS RELATIONS (818) 777-4745 • (212) 605-0608 100 Universal City Plaza, Bldg. 422, Universal City, CA 91608. (Extracted from the press kit)

Download links:

Funky Kings - Selftitled
Jules And The Polar Bears - Got No Breeding
Jules And The Polar Bears - Phonetics
Jules And The Polar Bears - Economy Package [ep]
Jules And The Polar Bears - Bad For Business
Reckless Sleepers - Big Boss Sound

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Funky Kings and Jules and The Polar bears rips courtesy of Power Pop Lovers Blog (Thanks guys)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Nick Lowe And His Noise To Go - 1982 - BBC Rock Hour [lp]

Introduced by Richard Skinner, this live trans- cription disc was recorded at Hammer- smith Palais, London, UK, on March 15th 1982 during the "Nick The Knife Tour" and broadcast on June 27th 1982.
An excellent collection of tracks by Nick Lowe and Paul Carrack for your collection.

The Artists:

Nick Lowe / Paul Carrack / Martin Belmont / Billy Bremmer / Bobby Irwin



Nick Lowe And His Noise To Go - BBC Rock Hour
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The Room - 1986 - Nemesis (Clear! + In Evil Hour) [lp]

The Room was a New Wave band formed in the early 80's by the vocalist Dave Jackson and the bassist Becky Stringer; plus Paul Cavanagh, guitar and Alan Wills, drums.
They have a lot of good singles (Ringing, A Shirt Of Fire or New Dreams For Old) and the same Tom Verlaine (Television) was soon impressed by the band and produced several songs for them. This album it's a compilation of the mini lp "Clear!" and the next album "In Evil Hour".
Clear! was produced for the own band and "In evil hour" was produced by Tom Verlaine (some songs) and the veteran Smiths producer John Porter.
All of that did to The Room a Liverpool cult band.
To expand its sound, the band added Pete Baker (organ, synthesizer) and Phil Lucking (trombone, trumpet) to its lineup.
The Room are perhaps best known for the song "New Dreams For Old"; highlighted by Jackson's dynamic vocals and Baker's jazzy trumpet, the track became an underground radio hit in the Philippines in 1988, four years after its U.K. release.



Ringing / Numb / The Ride / Never / Sleep Tight / On The Beach

In Evil Hour

A Shirt Of Fire / Crying Red / Naive / Whirlpool / The Friendly Enemy / New Dreams For Old / Calloused Hands / Run Like A Bastard / Half Forgotten Thing / Jackpot Jack

The Room - Nemesis [Part 1] (Clear! + art covers)
The Room - Nemesis [Part 2] (In Evil Hour)
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Rips and text courtesy of Power Pop Lovers Blog.