Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Wendys - 1991 - Gobbledygook [lp]

If timing is truly everything, then the Wendys had the misfortune of releasing their debut album shortly before the collapse of their record label, U.K. indie powerhouse Factory. Comprised of John Renton (vocals), Ian White (guitar), Johnny MacArthur (drums), and Arthur Renton (bass), the Wendys rode on a wave of critical acclaim -- and the usual hype from Factory's Tony Wilson -- when they emerged from Edinburgh, Scotland, in the early '90s. As the hysteria created by the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays began to dwindle, the Wendys were voted into "next big thing" status. Superstar producer Ian Broudie produced the group's 1991 debut, Gobbledygook, and while it was lauded by critics, the LP was overlooked by the public. When Factory hit the skids, it dragged the band with them; as grunge took command of the airwaves, there was no room for the Wendys' Madchester-inspired guitar pop. (all music)


Something's Wrong Somewhere / Pulling My Fingers Off / Half Blind / Suckling / Removal / Gobbledygook / I Want You and I Want Your Friend / Soon Is Fine / Half Pie / I Feel Lovely / The Sun's Going To Shine For Me Soon

The Wendys - Gobbledygook
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Monday, July 30, 2007

D B Cooper: Buy American (1980) + Dangerous Curves (1981)

"In 1971, a man known as DB Cooper hijacked and threatened to blow up an airliner, extorted $200,000 from its owner, Northwest Orient, then used a parachute to leap from the airborne 727 with 21 pounds of $20 bills strapped to his torso. He was never seen again—dead or alive. That's the DB Cooper many people have heard about. Now let's fast-forward 9 years later, and you find these cool guys who may have liked that story and decided to name their band DB Cooper as well. Or did they want to preserve the identity of their singer by using that name? This band was based in the Santa Barbara, CA area, and one of its members, Robby Scharf was a member in his teenage years of the very first band of Shaun Cassidy, The Longfellows. But the most interesting thing about him for us power pop fans is that Robby ended up being a member of the legendary Pranks -yeah, you heard right! Two of their many unreleased songs, Eb (or is it Ab?) and I Don’t Want To Lose The Feeling make regular appearances in good power pop compilations – but those two songs are only the tip of iceberg.... the Pranks stuff needs to be released now!!!! It’s a sin to keep so many stellar songs hidden!
Back to DB Cooper, another Pranks member, Mr. Jeffrey Foskett, (no less!), contributes some vocal harmonies here too (btw, Robby Scharf has played in many of his records too and with the Cowsills since the 90s). All in all, enough reason to jump on this album? Most probably, yes, but DB Cooper add a rockier flavour to the mixture, as you may have guessed by the cover. Hey, that ain’t a bad thing... Forever Rock'n'Roll, right?" (Mr. popcat wrote in Power Pop Lovers Blog)

The Band:

Jon Chapman - Drums and backup vocals / Roger Heath - Guitar and backup vocals /Robby Scharf - Bass and backup vocals / Ric Streeter - Guitar and backup vocals / D B Cooper - vocals

Buy American tracks:

Had Enough / No Way Out / Caroline / Stand And Show It / Right Here, Right Now / Ram On / Heart Freeze / Chasin' Rainbows In The Night / Workin' For The Man / Forever Rock 'n' Roll

Dangerous Curves tracks:

Breakin' Out / Bad Guy's Winnin' / Dangerous Curves / When This Day Is Over / Tonight / Small Town Talking / Modeling School / Bad Seed / I've Gotta Gun / For Whom The Bell Tolls

D B Cooper - Buy American
D B Cooper - Dangerous Curves

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wazmo Nariz - 1979 - Things Aren't Right [lp]

Wazmo Nariz (born Larry Grennan in Chicago, Illinois) was a quirky new wave singer and songwriter. His first success came with an independent single, "Tele-tele-telephone" which was recorded and released in 1978. The single was picked up and was one of Stiff Records early releases in the UK.
They released an EP the next year and I.R.S. Records founder Miles Copeland signed Wazmo and his band to Illegal Records/I.R.S. The signing resulted in the full length LP Things Aren't Right and featured the single "Checking Out The Checkout Girl" which received some airplay around the Midwestern U.S.


Vocals: Wazmo Nariz / Guitar, Back-up Vocals: Jeff Hill / Bass James E McGreevey III / Keyboards: Jeff Boynton / Drums: Bruce Zelesnik


The Mind Is Willing, But The Flesh Is Week (Nariz) / Who Does It Hurt? (Nariz) / Luncheonette Lovers (Nariz/Zelesnik) / Stubbies (Nariz / Plunger (Nariz) / Deeply (Nariz / Checking Out The Checkout Girl (Nariz / This Is Your Elbow (Nariz) / The Oven (Nariz / Lips (Nariz) / Germ Proof Cleaners (Nariz) / Al's Radiator (Nariz) 2:58

Wazmo Nariz - Things Aren't Right
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rubber Rodeo - 1984 - Scenic Views

Originally members of a band called The Asphalt Cowboys, Rubber rodeo arised when that group split. They used the images of country music and the repertoire but stamped their own new wave vision onto the music.
After two independent EP releases, on Eat Records, in 1982 and 1983, the band recorded their full-length debut Scenic Views (1984) for Mercury Records. The sessions were not without tension: producer Hugh Jones used a Linn drum machine rather than letting Barc Holmes play, and bassist Allen played only on a portion of the track "Walkin' After Midnight" before being let go by the band. Former Rubber Rodeo producer John Doelp took over on bass for the remainder of the sessions, and was credited with "bass and musical direction" on the final release, although he was not an official member of the group.
Despite the difficulties in making the record, Scenic Views was a moderately successful release. The LP's first single "The Hardest Thing" failed to chart, but the video received significant MTV airplay. The album's second video "Anywhere With You" also received MTV play, and the "Anywhere With You" single was a minor hit in the US, reaching #84 on the US Billboard charts.

The band:

Bob Holmes: guitar, mandolin, violin, vocals / Trish Milliken: organ, piano, vocals / Barc Holmes: drums, percussion / Gary Leib: synthesizers / "Easy" Mark Tomeo: pedal steel, dobro / Doug Allen: bass (on Working After Midnight)


Need You Need Me / Slow Me Down / Anywhere With You / Walking After Midnight / City Of God / The Hardest Thing / House Of Pain / Mess O' Me / Before I Go Away

Rubber Rodeo - Scenic Views
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Michel Pagliaro - 1978 - Rock'n Roll

This is a record I was looking for more than 25 years. Courtesy of Patrick (one of the special contri- butors) here is Pagilaro's Rock'n Roll. Many of the spanish bloggers (specially from Madrid) will remeber Gonzalo Garrido playing "L'ennui cherche un amour" hundred times in his program "Domino".

Born in 1948, Montreal's Michel Pagliaro learned how to play guitar at age 11 and by 15 was playing in his first band - Les Stringmen, followed by Les Bluebirds and Les Merseys.
At age 18 he became the replacement bass player for the successful Les Chancelliers and went on to become the lead singer for the group, who managed to hit the charts with the 1966 single "Le P'tit Poppy". By age 20 he grew tired of just being in bands and decided to go solo by releasing several singles in Quebec including "Comme d'habitude" (the original french version of "My Way") and "Avec la tete". These early years include many french adaptations of english hits and by 1969 he begins releasing a string of hits of his own compositions: "A t'aimer", "Pour toi, pour toi", "Mama river" and his first rock 'n' roll anthem, "J'ai marche pour une nation".....
The late seventies and early eighties saw the release of "Rock 'n' Roll" and "Bamboo". The first presenting a more raw 'punkish' sound than we were accustomed to and the second a more mature sounding Pag with somewhat of a 'new wave' influence. Yet again, he had re-invented himself and acquired the respect of a new generation of fans with songs like "L'ennuie cherche un amour", "Travailler", and "Romantique" (Michel Pagliaro website)


Spiderwoman / C'est comme ça que ça roule dans l'nord / Standing in the rain / L'ennui cherche un amour / T'es pas tout seul à soir / L'enfer des étoiles / Toujours la musique / Baton Rouge / Le p'tit train / The stripper

Pagliaro - Rock'n Roll
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Rave-Ups - 1988 - The Book Of Your Regrets [lp]

Signed in 1987 to Epic Records, The Book of Your Regrets is the group's major label debut. Produced and engineered by David Leonard, the result is a sincere, uncompro- mising album which shows the group capable of raw rock ("Freedom Bound"), punchy pop ("If Fun Was Not"), and funky backbeats ("Please Taker Her [She's Mine]"), as well as country comforts they've been known for.
The results are songs you can relate to. Songs which tell stories, like "Sue & Sonny" or "Mickey of Alphabet City." Songs which touch an emotion that borders on the universal, as in the apocalyptic sentiments of "When the End Comes Before." Songs about the perils of losing your innocence, like the lovely, yet sardonic "Blue Carrot."
In the end, above all else, The Rave-Ups' honesty stands on its own.
The Book Of Your Regrets is the fruit of The Rave-Ups' conviction. Don't miss out or the regrets will be yours... (Liner notes from the promo cd)

The Rave-Ups:

Jimmer Podrasky: vocals, guitar / Terry Wilson: guitar, lap steel, harmonica, banjo, recorder, organ, vocals / Timothy Jimenez: drums, percussion / Tommy Blatnik: bass


Freedom Bound / Sue & Sonny / Please Take Her (She's Mine) / Mickey Of Alphabet City / If Fun Was Not / Knockin' At Your Door / When the End Comes Before / A Girl For Me / Catching / Moonbeams / This House / These Wishes / Blue Carrot 3:26

The Rave Ups - The Book Of Your Regrets
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The Rave Ups - Town + Country posted here

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Photos - 1980 - The Blackmail Tapes + Selftitled + Bonus [lp's]

Worcestershire, England's Photos formed when singer Wendy Wu joined band members of the great lost punk band Satan's Rats. They released one selftitled album (Epic, 1980) and were immediately compared to Blondie, a comparison that didn't felt well to the band. They released several singles in the U.K. including "I'm So Attractive" which was added to the U.S. album release.

The Blackmail Tapes:

Last Time / With Honours / Sex Object / Lady Is A Tramp / Do You Wanna Dance / Skateboard / Evelyn I / I Saw Her Standing There


Do You Have Fun / Irene / Barbarellas / Now You Tell Me That We're Through / Look At The Band / Friends / Loss Of Contact / She's Artistic / All I Want / Maxine / Evelyn 11 / I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself


Cridsilla / Shy / I'm SoAttractive (US Version) / There's Always Work (Vocal Version)

The Photos - The Blackmail Tapes + Bonus + Artworks
The Photos - Selftitled

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Shoes: Tomorrow Night/Okay (1978) + Black Vinyl Shoes (1978) + Present Tense (1979) + Tongue Twister (1981) [lp's]

Black Vinyl Shoes was recorded in a living room; the intricately layered guitars and vocals make that hard to believe. The songs, telling tender tales of failed romance, are catchy and instantly likable. The band also put the record in an impressive package and distributed it as a vinyl demo; in fact, it's one of the finest home- brewed releases ever, and is a much more valid piece of music than many productions by well-known bands with far greater technical resources. After the small initial pressing sold out, the album was licensed to PVC and reissued with wholly different artwork.
The Tomorrow Night / Okay 7" single was published in Bomp Records in 1978. It contains the first version of Tomorrow Night (later included in Present Tense) and a different version of Okay. It was produced by The Shoes with Steve Meyers.
Present Tense was Shoes' first major label release on Elektra Records in the fall of 1979. Recorded in Oxfordshire, England at Richard Branson's The Manor recording studio in the summer of 1979 and mixed in London at Trident Studios working with producer Mike Stone (Queen, Asia, T. Rex). Present Tense garnered very positive reviews both in the U.S. and in England and set the tone for Shoes' reputations as "critic's darlings" everywhere from New York's Village Voice to England's New Musical Express. The 12 songs included here spawned 4 single releases (Tomorrow Night, Too Late and I Don't Miss You on 7" and I Don't Wanna Hear It on 12") as well as 4 videos (Tomorrow Night, Too Late, Cruel You and In My Arms Again) that would later become early staples at MTV. The layered vocal harmonies and guitar-based songs became a trademark of all of Shoes' discs (Cd baby).
This is probably Shoes' best album.
Tongue Twister, however, found Shoes in more audibly sympathetic territory; though the album's crisp, well-detailed mix is significantly more hi-fi than the group's debut, producer Richard Dashut's approach is pleasingly lean and concise, with John Murphy and Jeff Murphy's harmonies and the efficiently hooky guitar lines of Gary Klebe and Jeff Murphy clear in the forefront at all times. In many ways, Tongue Twisters suggests what Black Vinyl Shoes might have sounded like with more time and money but a similar set of aesthetic choices; it also boasts a set of great pop songs (played with a few notches more energy than on their debut), including the spunky "Your Imagination," the plaintive yet lustful "Karen," the surprisingly hard-rocking "She Satisfies," and "Girls of Today," which amusingly covers territory the Who staked out on "Pictures of Lily." Oh, and no matter what it might sound like, there are no keyboards on Tongue Twisters, a brave creative choice for a pop band with an eye on the charts in 1981. If Tongue Twisters didn't break nearly as much ground as Shoes' debut, it's still a superb bit of guitar-driven pop, and one of the band's most purely enjoyable efforts.

Black Vinyl Shoes tracks:

Boys Don't Lie / Do You Wanna Get Lucky? / She'll Disappear / Tragedy / Writing A Postcard / Not Me / Someone Finer / Capital Gain / Fatal / Running Start / Okay / It Really Hurts / Fire For Awhile / If You'd Stay / Nowhere So Fast (Gary Klebe)

Present Tense tracks:

Tomorrow Night / Too Late / Hangin' Around With You / Your Very Eyes / In My Arms Again / Somebody Has What I Had / Now And Then / Every / I Don't Miss You / Cruel You / Three Times [See Me/Say It/Listen] / I Don't Wanna Hear It (Jeff Murphy)

Tongue Twister tracks:

Your Imagination / Burned Out Love / The Things You Do / Only In My Sleep / Karen / She Satisfies / Girls Of Today / Hopin' She's The One / When It Hits / Yes Or No / Found A Girl / Hate To Run (John Murphy)

Shoes - Tomorrow Night/Okay 7"
Shoes - Black Vinyl Shoes
Shoes - Present tense
Shoes - Tongue Twister

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Nervous Eaters: Selftitled (1980)+ Hot, Steel And Acid (1986) + Eaterville #1 (2004) [lp's]

The core of the Nervous Eaters, Jeff Wilkinson, Rob Skeen and Steve Cataldo crawled out of Wilk's basement and onto the Rathskellar stage. The Eaters quickly became the "RAT's", house band. Managed by the club, the group released two primitive singles for Rat Records, "Loretta" and "Just Head". Bent on self destruction, fueled by anything they could get there hands on, ignited by the raw sounds of Link Wray, early Chicago Blues greats and British guitar legends Beck, Clapton and Page, The Nervous Eaters created a raw edgy song style uniquely their own.

Original Lineup:

Steve Cataldo- Lead Vocals, Guitar / Stanley Clark- Guitar / Rob Skeen - Bass / Jeff Wilkinson - Drums

Selftitled tracks:

Loretta / By Yourself / No Sleep Tonite / Walkout / No Time / All Except You / Get Stuffed / Girl Next Door / Hooked / Last Chance / Out On A Date (She Said No) / She's Got The Kind Of Love

Hot, Steel And Acid tracks:

Hot Steel And Acid / Nazi Concentration Camp Blues / Shit For Brains / Get A Hold On It / Born To Die / On The Avenue / The Times They Are A Changing / She's Gonna Be My Baby

Eaterville tracks:

Loretta / Just Head / I'm A Degenerate / Get Stuffed / You Smell Like Fish / Rock With Me / Driving To New York / You've Heard These Chords Before / She's Gonna Be My Baby / Beautiful Delilah / On The Avenue / Planet Fever / After Your Goodtimes Gone / Interview

Nervous Eaters - Selftitled
Nervous Eaters - Hot, Steel And Acid
Nervous Eaters - Eaterville #1

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Sponsors - 1979 - Selftitled [lp]

First and only album of this mysterious New York band. As Luis de Ory (Power Pop Action) says in one of his guessed right commen- taries “New Wave innocent sound. And here the innocence is directly proportional to majesty" (Power Pop Action). In order to state that innocence is necessary to mention that a rumour said the singer of the band (whose name I don't know) was hardly 14 years old. There aren't credits in the album, except the production of Andy Shernoff (ex-Dictator) and engineered by Dave Lichtenstein.
It's a perfect album, 27 minutes with 10 very fine songs.
Without references to them in the net, except in compilations, in those years the people said they were a theater group that decided to record an album by fun (and they did a gem!).


In & Out Of Love / Where You Wait / Love I Can't Wait / Sorry / Easy For You To Say / I'll Be Back / Don't Get Hurt / Accident / I Disagree / Shout Out Doubt

Sponsors - Selftitled
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The Sinceros: The Sound Of Sunbathing (1979) + Pet Rock (1981) [lp's]

The Sinceros were a new wave - power pop band from England that recorded two albums for Epic Records. "The Sound of Sunbathing" (1979) and "Pet Rock" (1981) were released worldwide and achieved moderate commercial success. The band consisted of Mark Kjeldsen (guitar and vocals), Ron Francois (bass and vocals), Don Snow (aka Jonn Savannah) (keyboards and vocals) and Bobbi Irwin (drums). Kjeldsen wrote and sang lead on most of the band's material although Francois and Snow both contributed songs. Neither album has been released on CD.

The first record was produced by Joe Wissert and was recorded at Wessex Studios in London. The band achieved radio play on both sides of the Atlantic with its first single "Take Me To Your Leader." An attempt at a follow-up record entitled "2nd Debut" produced by Paul "Bassman" Riley was shelved and was essentially reworked into "Pet Rock" under the guidance of famed producer Gus Dudgeon. "Pet Rock" featured the single "Disappearing" which was sung by Snow.
The band toured extensively after the release of its first album riding on the heels of the then thriving new wave music scene. Several FM radio recordings of the band circulate notably one from December 13, 1979 at the The Paladium in New York City that was broadcast by WNEW-FM. Dubbed the "$5 Rock and Roll Show," the bill also featured Bruce Wolley, Paul Collins' Beat and 20/20 and was attended by Mick Jagger. The band also made an appearance at the Hurrah nightclub in New York City around this time. Kjeldsen wears a T-shirt featuring this club's logo on the "Pet Rock" album cover.
Kjeldsen, Irwin and Francois first played together in a London R&B band called The Strutters. Prior to signing their record deal,the rhythm section also supported Stiff Records recording artist Lene Lovich. Snow later joined Squeeze as a replacement for Paul Carrack, Francois joined The Eurogliders and Irwin (aka Robert Trehern) became Nick Lowe's long-time drummer after Rockpile disbanded and he has more recently taken on similar duties for Van Morrison.
After the demise of the band, Kjeldsen reportedly worked driving a cab in Holland and has since died from AIDS. Irwin (Trehern) has also recently achieved success in 2006 as co-producer of "Bloom, Red & the Ordinary Girl" by Tres Chicas along with Neil Brockbank. Snow maintains a web site at http://www.jonnsavannah.com which contains information about the band and his subsequent career.

The Sound Of Sunbathing tracks:

Take Me To Your Leader / Worlds Apart / Little White Lie / So They Know / Hangging On Too Long / I Still Miss You / Quick, Quick Slow / My Little Letter / Break Her Heart / Good Luck (To You)

Pet Rock tracks:

Disappearing / Memory Lane / Socially / Down, / Barcelona / Falling In And Out Of Love / Sleight Of Hand / Nothing Changes / Girl I Realise / As The World Turns / Midsong

The Sinceros - The Sound Of Sunbathing
The Sinceros - Pet Rock

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Dirty Looks - 1980 - Live At My Father's Place (1980) [tape]

Dirty Looks, Staten Island, New York, US. They signed with Stiff Record, and they published one of the best Power Pop albums of the early 80's. It included since powerful songs as “Let Go” or “12 High O'clock” to wonderful ballads as “Lie to me”.
The second "Turn it up" was produced by Nick Garvey (The Motors). However, Epic Records was not happy with Garvey's mixes so they contracted Roger Bechirian to re-mix the project. But again Epic was not satisfied, so they released the album only in Europe in Stiff Records. Turn It Up also came as a Limited Edition German Pink Vinyl release (500 copies).
"Live At My Father's Place" is possiblely their only live recording and includes their best songs in concert.
In 1983 they recorded a "demo" album for Island Records called "Unsung Heroes", however it still remains unreleased.

Dirty Looks were:

Patrick Barnes : Guitar, Lead Vocals / Marco Sin : Bass, Vocals / Peter Parker : Drums, Vocals

Marco Sin died in 1995, RIP.

Live Tracks:

Intro / They Got Me Covered / You're Too Old / Love Crimes / Accept Me / Disappearing / Lie To Me / Take A Life / 12 O'clock High / Waiting For You / Drop That Tan / Let Go / Crowd / Tuning / Decide / You Can't Love Me

Dirty Looks - Live At My Father's Place, NYC
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

4 Out Of 5 Doctors: Selftitled (1980) + Second Opinion (1982) [lp's]

This US East Coast Power Pop band had three fine songwriters and one of the best producers of the '80s, Alan Winstanley. Winstanley with Clive Langer produced all the Madness albums and bands like Teardrop Explodes or actually band like Dogs Die in Hot Cars. Their first homonimus album had a lot of good songs.
"Although the album itself was geared toward a younger crowd, the Doctors' inventive arrangements were more mature than "clever," creating an album that was more "timeless" than "of it's time." Of course, there were attempts to turn the Doctors into a new wave band (just listen to the quirky spy-themed "Danger Man" for proof) but their keen sense of melody saved the day. In fact, the Doctors were classic songwriters, putting as much into the verses, bridges, and middle eights as they did with their choruses. Lyrically, they were clever, not relying too much on the normal new wave themes of the time (though both "Modern Man" and the aforementioned "Danger Man" do allude to their times). The centerpiece of the album is two rockin' songs linked together that close the first side of the album, "Opus 10" and "I Want Her," both rather basic in formula but powerful in their delivery and placement on the album. A touchingly endearing album with more heart than you'd expect". (Stephen Schnee - all music).
For their second album, The Doctors changed the producer. In this time he worked with a hard-rock and AOR producer called Jeff Glixman (Kansas).
"Strange as it may seem, the Doctors' '80s outlook and Glixman's hard rock history created an album as exciting as the Doctors' debut, though less varied. Using the first album's "I Want Her" as a jumping-off point, the Doctors rock hard on 2nd Opinion without losing any of their charm or melodicism. Bassist/vocalist Cal Everett sounds more confident vocally and his songs have even more hooks than before. "Breaking Rocks" rocks hard with a vocal that will melt even the most hardened criminal. "The Lonely Ones" is equally wonderful. "Dawn Patrol" is the pop/rocker that Night Ranger wanted to write but was too pompous to do so. Guitarist Jeff Severson's "Waiting for Roxanne" is an absolute classic right out of the box and should have been the big radio hit that the Doctors were waiting for. "Heart on a Chain" is another classic that should not have had to wait for a radio station to play it. Only guitarist George Pittaway's "Good Pretender" fails to live up to the rest of the album, though it is certainly a good track. With another great album under their belts, the Doctors did what all good bands do at this point in their career...they broke up. Disappointed listeners might not forgive them for it." 8Stephen Schnee wrote again)

The Doctors were:

Jeff Severson: guitar/keyboards/vocals / Cal Everett: vocals/bass/vocals / George Pittaway: guitar/vocals / Tom Ballew: drums/vocals

Selftitled tracks:

Modern Man (Jeff Severson) / Jeff, Jeff (Jeff Severson) / Waiting for a Change (Cal Everett) / Elizabeth (Cal Everett) / Opus 10 (George Pittaway) / I Want Her (Cal Everett) / New Wave Girls (George Pittaway) / Mr. Cool Shoes (Cal Everett) / Danger Man (Jeff Severson) / Mushroom Boy (Jeff Severson) / Not from Her World (tCal Everett)

2nd Opinion Tracks:

Good Pretender (George Pittaway) / Dawn Patrol (Cal Everett, George Pittaway) / Anna With Antennae (Jeff Severson) / Breaking Rocks (Cal Everett) / Never Say Die (Cal Everett) / Waiting for Roxanne (Jeff Severson) / Lonely Ones (Cal Everett) / Heart on a Chain (Jeff Severson) / Call Me at Home (Cal Everett / Young World (Cal Everett)

4 Out Of 5 Doctors - St (1980)
4 Out Of 5 Doctors - 2nd Opinion

Download links have been removed because the albums have been digitally remastered and reissued in a two cd set. More info at 4 Out Of 5 Doctors site

Hawks: Selftitled (1980) + 30 Seconds Over Otho (1982) [lp's]

Power Pop quintet from Iowa, 1979. Formed by Dave Hearn, keyboards, Dave Steen y Kirk Kaufman, guitars, Frank Wiewel, bass and Larry Adams, drums. All except Adams was songwriters, and in the albunm the fight for the best song. The selftitled album is a basic American New Wave record, good guitars, fascinating ballads (in moments near The Beatles.. "Let me in") and a lot of good songs that could be hits.
In 1982, they published their second and definitive album, 30 seconds over Otho. Many crtics and many people tells that this is their best job. I think the first is superior. The band takes the way of the Springsteen sound, Clarence Clemons plays in it.

Selftitled tracks:


It's All Right, It's O.K. / I Want You, I Need You / Right Away / Lonely Nights / Let Me In / Need Your Love / American Girls / The Admiral's Mutiny / Spend This Evening / Dancing In The Shadows

30 seconds Over Otho tracks:

Tonight You Are Mine / Somewhere in the Night / (If We Just) Stick Together / Nobody Loses Tonight / Angel / Great Divide / Don't Walk Away / Black and White / Listen to Her Sing / Call on Me

Hawks - Selftitled
Hawks - 30 Seconds Over Otho
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The Drivers - 1983 - Short Cuts [lp]

The Drivers, Toronto, Canada, 1983. The first band of Nick Van Eede before he formed Cutting Crew. They published this album in 1983 and it was an authentic surprise, it contained at least four songs that could have arrived at number one in any list. They are “Broken Friends”, “Talk all night”, “Tears on your anorak” and “One kiss”. In moments they sound like the best Police, Fienchley Girl, or like their countrymen The Payola$ in One Kiss. Skatalitcs moments in Stolen Preasure, but I love the guitars of Broken Friends and Talk All Night.
An authentic and genuine album of Power Pop....
You don't dude, if you wish to be 38 minutes listening good Pop Power this one is unforgettable. In the same line of the Hawks album (the next post), one of the best Power Pop ten top all times, and very hard to find.
A classic Power Pop trio, bass, guitar and drums.

The Drivers were:

Nick Van Eede: Guitars, Lead Vocal / Mac Norman: Bass and pedals, Percussion, Vocals / Steve Boorer: Drums, Percusion, Vocals.


(Won't You) Take Me Out Tonight / Avalanche / Tears On Your Anorak / Talk All Night / Sister / Found You Out / Found The Right Time / Broken Friends / Stolen Treasure / All The Rage / One Kiss / Finchley Girl

The Drivers - Short Cuts
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Any Trouble: Wheels In Motion (1981) + Selftitled (1983) [lp's]

Any Trouble, Crewe, England, 1979. Everybody knows their music.... excellent, with the great Clive Gregson.
In 1984, after leaving Stiff Records, they signed by EMI and published two albums, this one self-titled and other in 1984, called “Wrong End Of The Race” that served like goodbye of the band.
In this album the Any Trouble music began to see the way that Gregson was going to take in his solo records.

Wheels In Motion tracks:

Trouble With Love / Open Fire / As Lovers Do / Walking In Chains / Dimming Of The Day / Another Heartache / To Be A King / Power Cut / Eastern / The Sun Never Sets

Selftitled tracks:

I'll Be Your Man / Please Don't Stop / Touch and Go / Fondations / Party in the Streets / Northern Soul / Man of the Moment / Time Does Not Heal / You'd Better Not Go Home / Falling in Love With You

Any Trouble - Wheels In Motion
Any Trouble - Selftitled

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Tazmanian Devils: Selftitled (1980) + Broadway Hi-Life (1981) [lp's new rips and artworks]

The Tazmanian Devils began in 1976 in Marin County California. Four of the original five members plus a new keyboard player are in the 2006 lineup. The former Warner Brothers recording artists 1980-81 and San Francisco Bay Area Music Award winners (The Bammies) for Best Bay Area Club Band 1981, have recorded a new album entitled "Taz Nuvoux" (alternate site).
The band built a strong following during the late 70’s and early 80’s as a great live band while releasing two albums in 1980 and 1981 on Warner Brothers Records and a 4 song EP in 1982 from a live performance recorded at Keystone Berkeley which was released by Dublab Records now Dubwest (this live album is included in their last release like bonus tracks).

Tazs website

Selftitled tracks:

Feel Alright / Window into Heaven / Spy in the House of Love / Don't Slip / West Coast / Laura / Sender to Me / My Obsession / Pressure / Music

Broadway Hi-Life tracks:

Dirty Bop Party / She's a Rocker / Little Sister / Kids / Rockers Die Young / Lords of Frisco / Giveaway / Don't Hold Up / Dub-Ble Up / Breakdown

The Tazmanian Devils - Selftitled
The Tazmanian Devils - Broadway Hi-Life
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

D.L. Byron - 1980 - This Day And Age [lp] + Bonus

One of the essentials albums of the end of 70's and early 80's. This album was the debut of Byron in Arista. A lot of original and excellent songs. An album full of energy with excellent songs like Big Boys, Love In Motion or Backstage Girl. Produced by the legendary Jimmy Iovine and Jon Small, it's an authentic delight never reisuued in cd format.
Authentic and genuine Pop Power.

D.L. Byron at myspace
You can buy his albums (except this) here

Listen it! (mono):

Listen To The Heartbeat / 21st Century Man / Big Boys / Get With It / Love In Motion / No Romance, No Weekend, No Love / Am I Falling In Love Again / Lorryanne / Today / Backstage Girl

Bonus Tracks:

Down In The Boondocks (21st Century Man b-side) / Shadows Of The Night (Unreleased Demo) / You Can't Hurry Love ("Times Square" OST)

D.L. Byron - This Day And Age
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The Lonely Boys - 1979 - Selftitled [lp]

By request of Paul here is The Lonely Boys (aka Little Bo Bitch) album.
A rare instance of an American improve- ment on a British album. Although this fresh-faced band's name and LP title was originally Little Bo Bitch, their US label wisely insisted on changing both. Overlooked in the imbroglio, unfortunately, was the record itself: competent non-wuss power pop with some amusing and memorable tunes, among them "Annoying All the Neighbours" which happily recalls the Members' early rabble-rousing. Andy Arthurs' production makes it all sound good. An album worth picking up in a bargain bin. Ira Robbins- trouser press]
Steve Carroll played in the 1st album of the Hard Rock Band called Prayin Mantis (data contributed by JoseViruete in a comment).

Alternate review.


Tony Watson: vocals / Steve Carroll: lead guitar / Bob Wainwright: bass / Dermot Moughan: keyboards / Terry Reece: drums


Take It Easy / The Lover / Hot Summer / New Town / Lonely Boys / I'm Confused / It's Only Love / Annoying All the Neighbours / Heart Breaker / I Want Your Love / Slow Song / Stay Alive

The Lonely Boys - Selftitled
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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Marshall Crenshaw - Rockin' Around In The USA (Live 1982-83) [tapes]

Born in Detroit, MI and raised in the surrounding area, Marshall played in a number of different bands in high school, eventually landing in his first professional combo, ASTIGAFA (an acronym for "A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed for All," cribbed from the back of Sgt. Pepper.
To say that Crenshaw has had an interesting career so far would be putting it mildly. He's been in the movies and he's been in the road-show version of Beatlemania. His songs have been plastered all over the soundtracks to several hit movies and covered by artists as diverse as Robert Gordon, Bette Midler, Kelly Willis, Marti Jones and the Gin Blossoms.
Here are two shows of his beginnings.
The disc 1 contains a concert at the Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey, May 15, 1982. It was recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour.
The disc 2 is a live show in Connecticut, August 27, 1983, recorded for the BBC Rock Hour.

KBFH tracks:

I'll Do Anything / There She Goes Again / Move It / Mary Anne / Rockin' Around In NYC / Something's Gonna Happen / Someday, Someway / Gotta Lotta Lovin' / Brand New Lover / Soldier Of Love / She Can't Dance

BBC RH tracks:

Monday Morning Rock / Brand New Lover / Presentation / I'll Do Anything / Here I Am / Whenever You're On My Mind / Band Intro / I've Been Good To You / One Day With You / Mary Anne / Rockin' Around In NYC / Try / Move It / Cynical Girl / Someday, Someway / The Usual Thing

Marshall Crenshaw - Rockin' Around In The USA (Disc 1 + Art Covers)
Marshall Crenshaw - Rockin' Around In The USA (Disc 2)
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Quincy - 1980 - Selftitled [lp]

The first and only album by Haddon Heights, NJ quintet Quincy was a perfect mix of both U.K. and U.S. new wave influences. The album is an example of power pop concision. With a graceful cover of so ugly, the album is a waste of creativity whose main reference is Blondie, but without losing of sight the rage of the first Costello.
"Just a Tragedy" could be a radio hit, but the album contains a lot of good songs.
Later, the Butler brothers formed "Smash Palace".

Quincy was:

Brian Butler / Steve Butler / Gerald Emerick / Metro / Bob Holden


Turn the Other Way Around / Critics' Choice / Don't Knock on My Door / Always in the News / Dime Store Lies / Can't Live in a Dream / Just a Tradedy / Stop Now / Grow Up / Roamin' Catholic / Stuck on You / Ordinary Town

Quincy - Selftitled
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Monday, July 09, 2007

Dogs: Different (1979) + TooMuch Class For The Neighbourhood (1982) + Shout (1985)

In 1973 they covered Flamin’ Groovies, Kinks and Velvet Underground songs, and begins to write their own compositions.
Their debut record "Different" came in 1979 and it's a little gem of a record -- full of spiky guitars, frantic tempos and solid songcraft. (more)
It was released during the summer containing 3 covers (Nobody but me, Fortune Teller, I’m real) and Dominique Laboubée’s new compositions.
The third album Too much class for the neigh- bourhood is recorded in London at the Battery Studio and it's produced by Tony Platt (Trust, AC/DC). Released in June.
Criticism from the papers is unanimous: the album becomes a reference.
It sells fine in Belgium, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Israel and South Africa.
The band follows Marc Zemati’s (manager) advice to record Shout live at the prodigious Rockfield Studio in Wales (Dave Edmunds produced –among others- Stray Cats and Flamin’ Groovies there). Dave Charles (Dave Edmunds’ drummer) plays the invaluable role of sound engineer.
At the start the band had money to record a single; they make an album (sound mixing included) in only 6 days.

Different tracks:

A different me / Gotta tell her / Words / More from you / I'm real / Stranger than me / (I'm gonna learn to) live with it / Nobody but me / Terminal state / Fortune teller / The greatest gift / Lonesome hearts / Sally's eyes

Too Much Class For The Neighbourhood tracks:

Shakin' with Linda / Wanderin' Robin / The most forgotten french boy / Gone gone gone / Sandy Sandy / Death lane / M.A.D. / Too much class for the neighbourhood / Home is where i want to be / The train kept-a-rollin' / Hesitation / Lonesome Angie / Poisoned town / When i came home / Dog walk' (Bonus track)

Shout! Tracks:

Pah-pah-ooh-pah-ooh / One way ticket / I wanna be with the boys / When i was young / Somebody / Hey Belinda / Good morning do you love me / Shop around / A different me / Shout. Isley Brothers Medley : Shout, Respectable, Nobody but me

Dogs - Different
Dogs - Too Much Class For The Neighbourhood
Dogs - Shout
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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Phil Seymour - 1981 - Live at Gazarri's, CA - Radio KMET

This album also was posted by the Power Pop Lovers Blog. A Phil Seymour's live show, performed and recorded for Radio KMET in 1981. Ripped by one of the members of the old PPL's team from a cd-r. He made the artwork (even the promo item fake on the tray).
Fifty minutes of Power Pop.


Baby It's You / Love You So Much / Won't Finish Here / Don't Blow Your Life Away / Then We Go Up / Precious To Me / Let Her Dance / Trying To Get To You / If You Don't Want My Love / Baby I Don't Care / We Don't Get Along / Bony Moronie / I Found A Love / How 'bout You

Phil Seymour - Live At Gazarri's
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Eastern Shores - 1986 - An American Compilation [lp]

Originally posted by Power Pop Lovers Blog, it's a 1986 great compilation, released by Record Runner. A lot of good songs, included one of the best songs of "Yo la tengo" called The River Of Water.
"Cowboy & Spin Girl" are now Toothpaste 2000 or Mas Rapido!. The sound, bouncy power pop. You can find their music in Parasol .
"The Cost Of Living" was the band of Matthew Caws and Daniel Lorca pre-Nada Surf.
"Rage To Live" the Ed Tomneys post-Necessaries project, an excellent pop band.
The Reactions made Power Pop Pop from Ohio, REM meets Lemonheads. Nice if you like the Replacements, Magnolias etc... My favourite song of the album.
"Spiral Jetty" at myspace
"Wild Blue" was essentially a studio project based around the talents of vocalist Renee Varo and involving a cast of session players, including ex-Trillion guitarist Frank Barbalace and Device guitarist Gene Black. Other musicians contributing to the album included bassists Mark Leonard and Pino Palladino, drummers Ken Harck, ex-Off Broadway U.S.A., and Pat Mastelotto of Mr. Mister repute and keyboard player Joe Zanona.


Cody Lee & The Walk - I Need A Rocker / Winter Hours - Island Of Jewels / Yo La Tengo - The River Of Water / Cowboy & Spin Girl - Say Goodbye / The Van Dykes - Breaking My Heart / The Cost Of Living - Can't Find The Answer / Rage To Live - Fireman / The Reactions - Tomorrow's Time Today / Spiral Jetty - All Of This / Wild Blue - Voice Of Reason

Eastern Shores - An American Compilation
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Friday, July 06, 2007

Greg Kihn Band - 1982 - Live In California (The Kihntinued Tour)

In 1982 Greg Kihn and his band recorded "Kihn- tinued".
Kihntinued was the continuation of Rockihnroll. With Rockihnroll Kihn finally had the hit he long ago deserved ("The Breakup Song (The Don't Write 'Em)" reached the #5 in the US charts).
Only two references to the early years at the end of the show.
Over 90 minutes of rock'n'roll.


Intro / When The Music Starts /Everyday-Saturday / Sheila / Womankind / Happy Man / Every Love Song / Valerie / Reelin' And Rockin' / Dedication / Seeing Is Believing / Sound System / The Girl Most Likely / Higher And Higher / The Break-Up Song / Can't Stop Hurting Myself / Testify / True Confessions / Medley: Roadrunner- Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) / Radio

I've divided the concert in 2 cd's.

Greg Kihn Band - Live In California (Part 1)
Greg Kihn Band - Live In California (Part 2) (2nd part alternate download via sharebee)
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Monday, July 02, 2007

Pop Art - 1987 - Snap, Crackle

Snap Crackle Pop Art, considered by diehards the band's master- piece, appeared in 1987, but despite critical acclaim Pop Art remained frustratingly little-known to the vast majority of listeners.


Jeff Steinhart - Guitar / Rich Steinhart - Guitar / Dave Steinhart - Vocals + Drums on "Smile" and "This Mess" / Tony Ortega - Bass

Additional Players:

Steve Weisburd - Drums / Craig Aaronson - Drums on "Flying and Falling" / Ethan James - Keyboards / Lyn Norton - Keyboards / Rich Andrews - Backing Vocals


Never No / Subsiding / Flying and Falling / This Mess / Roommates / Half Days / Under Your Glove / On Her Line / Light Blue Pictures / Bullets / Once Before / Laying Cable / No Fire / Smile / Strumpupphallningsapparat / Conditional Thing

Pop Art - Snap, Crackle
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American Flyer: Selftitled (1976) + Spirit Of A Woman (1977)

Days Ago I posted the Fuller & Kaz duo album. Today the two American Flyer albums. American Flyer has long been a favorite of singer/ songwriter, L.A. country- rock, and '70s soft rock aficionados, partially because of the group's supergroup status, but chiefly because the music they made was very, very good. That pedigree was indeed impressive, with the four members consisting of former Pure Prairie League member Craig Fuller, Eric Kaz of the Blues Magoos, Doug Yule of the Velvet Underground, and Steve Katz, formerly of Blood, Sweat & Tears -- maybe not Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in terms of marquee name recognition, but surely a collection of gifted and respected singer/songwriters who complemented each other nicely.Song for song, each of the records is stronger than any Eagles album, and as lushly melodic as the best America songs, while being more consistent than those groups' albums as well.

Selftitled tracks:

Light of Your Love / Such a Beautiful Feeling / Back in '57 / Lady Blue Eyes / Let Me Down Easy / M / Woman in Your Heart / Love Has No Pride / Queen of All My Days / Drive Away / Call Me, Tell Me / End of a Love Song

Spirit Of A Woman tracks:

Spirit of a Woman / Gamblin' Man / My Love Comes Alive / Victoria / Dear Carmen / I'm Blowin' Away / Flyer / Good Years / Keep on Tryin'

American Flyer - Selftitled
American Flyer - Spirit Of A Woman
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Both albums were reissued in a solo cd avalaible at cduniverse. Here are the original albums and artworks.