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Heroes - 1980 - Border Raiders

Heroes were a Devon based band formed in 1979.
With Chris Bradford and Mark Hankins on guitar and vocals, the band's line-up was completed by Pete Lennon (lead guitar), Dave Powell (drums) and ex-Randy band-member Brian 'Wally" Wallis on bass guitar.
Chris Bradford has over the years written songs for many diverse artists such as Kiki Dee, Lene Lovich and Progressive Rock giant, Greg Lake.
Mark Hankins was member of Randy. His career continued with session work alongside many artists including solo singles for both the Sweet's 'Brian Connolly' and 'Andy Scott', Dr. Feelgood and 'Mike Vernon' who produced 'Fleetwood Mac'. As the eighties came to a close Mark met New Seeker Mick Flinn and he began to work as the group's backing guitarist and singer for the group ( his first time with the group was to deputise for Paul Layton). Mark also plays in Micks other group 'The Mixtures. When Marty Kristian decided to leave the New Seekers in 2002, Mark joined the group on guitar and vocals, a role he plays today.
Heoes were primarily a recording group although they performed a tour of Germany playing the Olympianhalle in Munich, the notorious Top Ten Club in Hamburg and a show in Berlin. In this show, the truck carrying the group's instruments didn't stop and continued into Poland forcing the group to use the equipment belonging to the band they were touring with, 'Dr. Feelgood'.
The Heroes played good old fashioned Rock and Roll '... a woman would be better, but this could be okay!' They formed a goodtime rock and roll five piece and recorded an album of ten songs 'Border Raiders', and a single 'Some kind of women b/w 10 % will do'. 'Border Raiders' slips down nicely, a heady concoction of pop and rock ballads and broadly smiling boogie.


Some Kind of Women (Extended) / Mean to You / Honolulu / Heroes / Don't Let It Take a Hold / There Are Times / Wild Eyes / Border Raiders / Never Let Go / Running Shoes / Sailors

Bonus tracks: Some Kind of Women (7" version) / 10 % Will Do (7" b-side)

Heroes - Border Raiders
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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Nips & The Nipple Erectors

The Nips were a band that played in and around London between 1977 and 1980, best known for their unique musical blend, attitude, and sense of humor. They've been labeled as punk, rockabilly, mod, R&B, ted, indie, and many other things, none of which completely describe who they were.
At the start, the Nipple Erectors consisted of Shane MacGowan (vocals), Shanne Bradley (bass), Roger Towndrow (guitar) and Gerry Mcllduff (drums). Just like any other punk band of the time period, the Nipple Erectors were an original bunch dressed in tacky clothes and had developed a sound all their own. Their style was regarded as punkabilly. Not exactly punk, not exactly rockabilly, but an crazy mixture of the two. Shane and Shanne were the members who originaly put the band together.In June of 1978, the Nipple Erectors recorded their first single, "King of the Bop." "Nervous Wreck" was on the B-side. At that same session they recorded "Stavordale Road N5" and "So Pissed Off" which were not released until the release of "Bops, Babes, Booze and Bovver" (singles collection LP, released in 1987).
After having released their first single, the eager band played more shows, succeding in the developement in a nice sized local following. Deciding the Nipple Erectors was too corny a title for the band , they shortened their name to "The Nips." Then going by their new name, they released a second single, "All the Time in the World" w/ B-side "Private Eye" also on the Soho label, near the end of 1978.
The next couple of years saw a change in the band line up and two more singles were released as well as a live recorded LP "Only the end of the Beginning" (1980). According to the "Bops, Babes, Booze and Bovver" record folder, the line up had changed from Roger Towndrow to Gavin Dougles (guiter) and from Gerry Mcllduff to a guy named Grinny (drums). In addition to their live LP from 1980, they released yet another single, "Gabrielle" w/ B-side "Vengeance" on Chiswik Records. "Gabrielle" was sort of a poppier love ballad which wasn't all that bad but it didn't make it to the top of the charts like the band had hoped for. The B-side, "Vengeance" on the other hand was sort of a "You screwed my girlfriend, so I'm gonna break your head" type of song. Their last single "Happy Song" w/ B-side "Nobody" to Love" was released in 1981 on Test Pressing Records and was produced by the well known singer of the "Jam" Paul Weller.

Only The End... tracks:

I Love to Make You Cry / Vengeance / Gabrielle / King of the Bop / Ghost Town / Fuss 'N' Bother / Venus in Bovver Boots / Happy Song / Stupid Cow / Nobody to Love / Infatuation / Maida Aida / Hit Parade / Can't Say No

Bop's, Babes, Booze and Bovver tracks:

King of the Bop / Nervous Wreck / So Pissed Off / Stavordale Road N5 / All the Time in the World / Private Eye / Gabrielle / Vengeance

The Nips - Only The End Of The Beginning
The Nipple Erectors & The Nips - Bop's, Babes, Booze and Bovver
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jack Green Discography

Jack Green was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1951.
When Jack joined T-Rex in 1973 he was already a veteran in showbiz circles. At the age of 16 he had written two major hit singles in Holland and Germany, then had spent two years in the cast of the musical, "Hair," playing the part of, "Woof," on the West End stage, and he had an album with his own band, "Sunshine" released on Warner Bros.
He played with T-Rex from 1973 to 1974 touring the world and playing on the singles, "Truck On," and "Teenage Dream," and on the albums, "Zinc Alloy," and, "Light of Love," (released in the U.S.A.)
When Jack left the band he joined the "Pretty Things" who had just been signed to the newly formed, "Swansong Records," (Led Zeppelins' label) and played on the albums, "Silk Torpedo," and, "Savage Eye." A period back in the West End followed, with Jack playing, "Simon Zealotes," in, "Jesus Christ Superstar." Then came a short stint with, "Ritchie Blackmore's - Rainbow," and then a solo career with R.C.A. followed. Success came in Canada and the U.S.A. in the form of a gold record for his first album, "Humanesque," (on which Ritchie Blackmore played). Next came the album, "Reverse Logic," and then, "Mystique," from which came the track, "Walking in my Sleep," – the first solo hit for "The Who's – Roger Daltry," and finally came the album, "Latest Game," on which Jack worked closely with "John (Cougar) Mellencamp." Jack has only recently returned from living in Spain, where he has been writing songs and film music.
Jack's music was a fusion of classic guitar rock and roll with just the right amount of new wave sprinkled in for good measure.

Humanesque tracks:

Murder - So Much - Valentina - Babe - Can't Stand It - I Call, No Answer - Life on the Line - Bout That Girl - Thought It Was Easy - Factory Girl - This Is Japan

Reverse Logic tracks:

One By One - (Why Don't You) Let Me Go - Cold Modern Day - When I Was Young - It's A Hard World - Let It Rock - Too Many Fools - Set Me Free - Brave Madonna - Sign Of The Times - Promises

Mystique tracks:

Look At It Rain - Liar - I Really Love Your Money - Walking In My Sleep - Another Day Another Dollar - Young Blood - You're Warm - Don't Kick Me (When I'm Down) - Take It Up - Storm

Latest Game tracks:

Sweet Lover / Latest Game / Television / Loving And Knowing / You Don't Have To Love Me / American Fool / Win Your Love / Right Now / Difficult To Cure / I've Had Enough

Jack Green - Humanesque
Jack Green - Reverse Logic
Jack Green - Mystique
Jack Green - Latest Game

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Les Calamités - 1988 - Selftitled

The French people remember Les Calamités just as a girl pop duet with one hit in 1988: Vélomoteur.
Some genuine rock fans regard Les Calamités mainly as the first famous French girl band in the early 80's.
Though their name is also still remembered by French Pop and Garage Rock connoisseurs in Japan and in the United States.
Several young European bands have covered their songs since the late 90's.
The band was founded more than twenty years ago in the Beaune region (France) by Caroline Augier, Isabelle Petit and Odile Repolt.
Starting with the history of French Rock. Because Les Calamités were primarily a part of what was later to be called the French Rock alternative scene.
With a home in the French provinces, like many other groups, singing equally in French and in English (which put them at the boundary between two conceptions of French Rock), they expressed in their own way the energy spillover of the young, who were not satisfied with the music glutting nation-wide medias. One cannot deny them that merit, even though their musical journey ended with a huge commercial hit, which they actually had not looked for.
Nowadays, fortunately, girl bands have become a common thing in Rock'N'Roll. But it's a recent phenomenon. Girl groups' history started in the early 60's in the US, especially with Motown groups (several of their songs were to be covered by Les Calamités). But there is one link between that era and the present generation: the early 80's. There was Bananarama in England and the Bangles in California - France had Les Calamités. The comparison may sound odd and almost like a provocation. But it's not artificial: the first track by the Bangles is to be found on the same American compilation (Rodney on the ROQ (cd version)) as the first English cover by Les Calamités; and Bananarama, who had covered the same Velevelettes hit as Les Calamités, is now being paid a tribute by the Boonaraaas, who started their recording career with a Calamités cover.
(Extracted from Les Calamités website)
I've included their greatest hit "Vélomoteur" as bonus track.


Toutes Les Nuits / The Kids Are Alright / Le Supermarché / Behind Your Sunglasses / You Can't Sit Down / Pas La Peine / Boy From New York City / Malhabile / With A Boy Like You / Nicolas / Teach Me How To Shimmy / C'est Embêtant / Le Garçon De New York / Vélomoteur (bonus track)

Les Calamités - Selftitled
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Friday, August 24, 2007

Ups & Downs - 1986 - Sleepless

Ups & Downs, Brisbane, Australia, 1983. The Atkinson's brothers formed the band in the line of the icons of the music of that country, “The Church”.
They were very influenced by bands like Cocteau Twins, REM and mainly the Flamin' Groovies; in fact, they took the name from a song of the album “Now”, and were supported them in the Australian tour of 1987.
The album was recorded in the summer of '86 at Sidney and leaves us two fantastics moments like “In the shadows” and “The Perfect Crime”, and a lot of good songs.
In the year 1990, Greg and Darren Atkinson split up the band and formed “Big Heay Stuff”.

The band:

Greg Atkinson - Lead Vocals, Bass guitar / John Flade - Lead guitar / Darren Atkinson - Drums, percussion, vocals / Peter Hamilton-Shaw - 6 & 12 String guitars


Sleepless / The Living Kind / Hearts / Alarming Situations / In The Shadows / Solitary Man / Where Is The Sun / The Perfect Crime / Travelling

Ups & Downs - Sleepless
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oister (Twilley & Seymour) - The TEAC Tapes (1973-1974)

"After high school, Seymour played with a band called El Roacho, who scored a record deal, while Twilley attended college for a year. Twilley had made a deal with his dad: if he completed a semester of college with straight A's, his father promised to support him in his decision to try a career in the music business. Dwight fulfilled his end of the bargain, so his dad, George Twilley, agreed that Dwight could try to make it in the music business.

Dwight and Phil then reformed as Oister, with Phil simply bailing out of El Roacho right on the eve of recording their first album. Dwight and Phil with Bill Pitcock back at their side worked feverishly to polish up and rework many of Dwight's best songs, so that they could have a tape to play for record companies in Los Angeles, get a record deal, and fulfill their dream of being stars (listen to the lyrics of "I Wanna Be a Rebel," written around this time: "... I get the feeling I should split for the coast tonight/Hollywood, Hollywood/ I get the feeling that could be aw-aw-alright/do you good, do you good ..."). A friend, Jim Barth, was a sometime member of Oister on piano; he later engineered some Dwight Twilley Band recordings at The Church. It should be stressed at this point that Jim Barth was a very important component of the band; after all, how many bands actually had their very own engineer in the band?! It meant a lot when it came to learning how to get down the sounds they heard in their heads onto tape.

Because they had only one 4-track tape deck, they made a deal with a Tulsa singer named Dean Grider in which he would allow them to borrow his Teac 2-track deck to use in compiling their demonstration reels, and they would allow him to take one of Dwight's songs, wipe the lead vocal off, and record his own lead vocal on top of it, to use as his own demo when he went out to L.A. himself. The song was called "Love Is A Train" (see Teac A Tape, below). Dwight and Phil then used the borrowed tape deck to compile two reels of what they felt was their best material to date...."



Miserable Lady / Like You Did Before / Baby's Got The Blues Again / Pop Bottle / Lightning / You Just Might Make It / Little Stars / Didn't You / You Can't Remember It / Sky Blue / Come And See Me / Love Is A Train / Hot Mama / No Resistance / You're My Lover / You Were So Warm / Rock Yourself Son / Release Me / Look Like An Angel / Lovin' Me

Oister - The Teac Tapes (1973-1974)
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jonny Destry & Destiny - 1980 - Girls, Rock'N'Roll & Cars

Girls, Rock'n'Roll & Cars was the first album of Jonny Destry (John Steen- kamp). Singer, songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist was born in Rotterdam (Holland) in January 1956. His first great idol was the classic guitarist John Williams; he learned all his song by memory. He formed part of The Spitfires (1963), The Magnetos (1964-1966), The Nazz (1968). His family moved to Los Angeles. and he composed songs and recorded demos. In 1979 he signed with Millenium a company of RCA.
He reunited The Spifires again in 1998.
Girls, Rock'n'Roll & Cars is the classic album of rock'n'roll with the sound of the 80's.

The Spitfires website (Dutch)


Keith Stream: Rythmn guitar / Paul Kamp: Bass / Ron Krasinski: Drums


Girls, Rock'n Roll & Cars / Summertime / It's Got To Be You / We've Got Love / Please Knock / Dance Away / I Can't Stand The Pain / A-M-E-R-I-C-A / Your Head On My Shoulder / Baby Let Me Bang Your Box

Jonny Destry & Destiny - Girls, Rock'N'Roll & Cars
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Watermelon Men - 1986 - Wildflowers [from cd]

For Watermelon Men fans, here is the cd rip of their 2nd album "Wildflowers". It's the German edition, and now is out of print.

Watermelon Men - Wildflowers (cd source)
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Note: For the vinyl downloaders, I forgot to say that the cd copy has a bonus track:
11- Days Of Confusion

Original post

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Willie Nile: Places I Have Never Been (1991) + Los Conciertos de Radio 3 (2001)

After releasing a pair of great albums for Arista, Willie Nile signed a deal with Geffen Records in 1982, but a dispute with the label put Nile's recording career in limbo, and he ended up not making an album until he struck a deal with Columbia and released Places I Have Never Been in 1991. While in many respects Nile's debut was the purest expression of his music, Places I Have Never Been is where he really nailed the elements of record making; unlike the lean, stark textures of Willie Nile or the overcooked bombast of Golden Down, Places I Have Never Been boasts a sound and an approach that really flatters Nile's songs, and it's certainly his most eclectic and musically adventurous major-label set. T-Bone Wolk and Stewart Lerman produced the album with Nile, and though there's a bit more polish on these tracks than they really need, the team also matched up Nile with some stellar studio players (as well as some Grade-A guest stars, among them Roger McGuinn and Richard Thompson), and they fill out Nile's arrangements with a lot more finesse than on his previous sets. Nile also delivered a set of terrific songs for this album, and he rarely sounded as joyous as on the title cut and "That's Enough for Me," as edgy and expressive as on "Café Memphis" and "Children of Paradise," and as passionate as on "Heaven Help the Lonely," which sounds like the hit single Nile deserved but never got. Nile's luck with Columbia proved to be no better than he had with Arista, and his next release would be financed on his own dime and released by his own label, but that doesn't change the fact Places I Have Never Been is a solid and beautifully crafted record from a gifted songwriter who also knows how to rock on out, and shows both these talents to his advantage on this disc.(all music)

In the year 2001, Willie Nile came to Spain to record a concert for the Spanish television (TVE). It's an acoustic and intimate show, voice, guitar and piano. Six songs that are an authentic delight.

Places tracks:

Places I Have Never Been / Rite Of Spring / Heaven Help The Lonely / Cafe Memphis / Yesterday's Dream / Everybody Needs A Hammer / Renegades / Don't Die / Breakdown / Children Of Paradise / That's Enough For Me / Places I Have Never Be...

Radio 3 tracks:

Everytime the World Turns Around / Vagabond Moon / Beautiful Wreck of the World / On the Road to Calvary / Across the River / When One Stands

Willie Nile - Places I Have Never Been (Megaupload) or (Rapidshare: Part 1 / Part 2)
Willie Nile - Los Conciertos De Radio 3

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"Los Conciertos de Radio 3" tracks and artworks provided by "bluecartoon".

Please, don't ask for the other Willie Nile albums; they're still avalaible:

Streets Of New York (popmadrid)
Beautiful Wreck Of The World (cdbaby)
Live At The Turning Point (cdbaby)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dogs - 1983 - Legendary Lovers

Another release of this great band from Rouen, France.
The fourth album Legendary Lovers is recorded in London and produced by Vic Maile (Inmates, Dr Feelgood, Eddie and the Hot Rods). It amazingly covers Gene Vincent’s Bird Doggin’.
The record is released in October and it is as well-received as the previous one by the rock papers; it is even declared third album of the year by the monthly magazine «Best». (Dogs Connection)


Little Johnny Jet / Everything But Love / Never Come Back / Secrets / I'm Just Losing That Girl / Can't Find My Way / M.A.U.R.E.E.N. / If You Don't Want Me No More / Bird Doggin' / Be My Lover / I Got Somebody / Legendary Lovers / Secrets (Version Française)

Dogs - Legendary Lovers
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Many thanks to Frederic for the artworks.

Shaun Cassidy - 1980 - Wasp

Today a colaboration from the USA. Davester brings to you: Shaun Cassidy.

In an attempt to radically change his image, Todd Rundgren and Utopia were recruited to reinvent teen idol Cassidy for the new wave '80s. They wound up essentially remaking Rundgren's Faithful album with lesser-known cover songs, looser arrangements, and Shaun on lead vocals. Like Faithful, WASP is an eclectic selection of covers, mixed with typical Rundgren originals, all delivered with adventurous, uniformly fine vocals from Cassidy.
The opening take on Bowie's "Rebel Rebel" is indicative of the futility this album sometimes falls into: Cassidy sounds fine in his lower register, but Rundgren adds a munchkin-like second lead vocal, turning the song into near-parody. Similarly, "Shake Me, Wake Me" is nearly ruined by synthesizer tweets and synth drums, and "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" sports a playful tack-piano that undermines Cassidy's edgy delivery.
Throughout the album, though, Cassidy's expressive vocals redeem material that is hampered by production quirks. And most of the album rises above the dated arrangements, which mar some of the best selections. "It's My Life" is effectively creepy with its eerie vocal and funereal tempo, "So Sad About Us" sports the strong group vocals and drive of Rundgren-styled power-pop, and "WASP" features a rapped lead vocal and heavy riff reminiscent of Utopia at its best.
WASP is a gutsy album for Cassidy and, when he's not being overshadowed by his producer and backup band, a fine showcase for a talented singer who clearly transcended the teenybopper niche he was stuck in. (James A. Gardner, All Music Guide)


Rebel, Rebel / Cool Fire / The Book I Read / Pretending / Shake Me, Wake Me / It's My Life / So Sad About Us / Wasp / Selfless Love / Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Shaun Cassidy - Wasp
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Romantics And Friends - 1980 - Midwest Pop Explosion

Angelo says in his magnificient blog:
"Wally Palmer, Jimmy Marino, Richard Cole and Mike Skill released their first 7" on Spider Records, the priva- tely-pressed single was a complete sell-out and was reissued a year later. In November 1977, the group went into the studio with Capitol Records producer John Carter to cut some demos. Later they met with Bob Segarini and recorded the songs that can be heard on the Bomp 7" and the Quark album "Midwest Pop Explosion"." (Power Pop! Criminal$)
Here is the Quark album.
Containing the masterpiece first version of “Tell it to Carrie”, includes “Running away” (that appeared in “Destination Bomp”), First in Line (first recording) and Let's Swing (unpublished) with the production of Bob Segarini.
Completed with Nikki & The Corvettes (two songs no more than 2 minutes each one), Stiv Bators and the Singles (don't confused with the actual Singles), we obtain one of the best compilations of the early 80's.
Essential for Power Pop fans.


Romantics - Tell It To Carrie / Romantics - First In Line / Singles - You're For Me / Singles - Thinking Of Ways / Nikki & The Corvettes - Gimme, Gimme / Romantics - Running Away / Romantics - Let's Swing / Stiv Bators - It's Cool Outside / Stiv Bators - The Last Year / Nikki & The Corvettes - Let's Go

Romantics And Friends - Midwest Pop Explosion
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Dawgs - 1982 - My Town

In the mid 1980s, the Boston area produced a small handful of bands that followed in the wake of Beantown's Real Kids; rootsy bands with solid original material, playing in a no frills manner. One of the best were the Dawgs. Fronted by songwriter, singer, guitarist Phil Haynen, he was the spiritual leader, supplying the songs and the energy that fueled this scrappy little quartet. Haynen's raspy voice is the featured instrument on everything here, giving detail to the garbage can drums and transistor radio sounding guitars. Except for bass player's Punk Larcom poppish vocal turn on Haynen's "Starring In My Dreams," this is one bleak album that still holds out that smidgeon of belief for the flower growing out of the pavement in the middle downtown Beantown. Hard to find in either U.S. or foreign incarnations, but a cult band well worth the search to find. (All Music Guide)
They published another album in the french label New Rose called "On The Road To You", soon will be posted here.

Phil Haynen "lost Dawg in a Big dog town": Born In Trinidad..Rythm Guitar..Singer and songwriter for 'The Dawgs', and... 'The Mechanics', 'NightSchool', 'Monsoon Drift', 'Fast Eddie', 'The Jacks'.. cancer survivor.. so far.. (cigarettes).
Phil Haynen at myspace


My Town. / Little Too White / Starring In My Dreams / So Satisfied / The Midnight Moon / Like You Do Me / Chicken / It's All Down / Shoe Shin / All-American Beauty Queen

The Dawgs - My Town
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Provided by Patrick.

Henry Lee Summer - 1988 - Selftitled

This is the first work of Henry Lee Summer for CBS in 1988. He's a classic American musician (Indiana- polis), that invoices subjects of classic rock, in the line of John Cougar, Eddie Money or Robert Johnson.
His big hit “I wish I had a girl” opens an album with a lot of great songs.

Henry Lee Summer website


I Wish I Had a Girl / Hands on the Radio / Darlin' Danielle Don't / I Know How You Feel / Just Another Day / Still Bein' Seventeen / Wing Tip Shoes / Lovin' Man / I'll Hurt for You / I Ain't Comin' Home

Henry Lee Summer - Selftitled
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Rip and text courtesy of the great 'Taz'

Episodio - 1982 - Luces de Ciudad

Episodio, Madrid, Spain, 1982. This was the other Ricardo Chirinos project together with Pistones.
Chrinos put his name and his talent, but the soul of the band (songwriter and voice... elegant and personal) was Enrique Sequeiro. Their only mini-lp (they recorded and lp but it never was published) is full of melancolic Pop-Rock. The song called "El Largo Viaje" and the Chris Spedding cover of "Bedsit Girl (Isabel)" must have been two classic of the Spanish New Wave.
The other members were Antonio Valero (drums) and José Marín (bass).


Sobre El Mar / Esto Es El Fin / Isabel (Bedsit Girl) / Volverte A Conocer / De Vuelta A Casa / Luces De Ciudad

Episodio - Luces De Ciudad
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Code Blue - 1980 - Selftitled

In 1980, Code Blue, a no-nonsen- se power trio featuring Dean Chamber- lain of The Motels, released its first studio album. Although commercial success on a grand scale was not to be, the band's potent melodic concoction remains one of the most original sounds of the New Wave era.
While attending Berkeley in the early '70s, Chamberlain formed the group that would become The Motels. Soon after relocating to L.A., the unit fractured as singer Martha Davis became the primary focus, attracting attention from none other than Phil Spector. Chamberlain left to form Skin with drummer Randall Marsh and bassist Michael Ostendorf. Soon they had a record deal with Warner Bros. and a new name, Code Blue. Nigel Grey, fresh from work on the first two Police albums, signed on as producer, and Gary Tibbs of The Vibrators replaced Ostendorf on bass.
After initial sessions at the legendary Olympic Studios in London and overdubs at Grey's studio in the south of England, the band broke with the producer and continued in L.A. with engineer Mike Stone. Released in 1980, Code Blue harnessed the raw, melodic spirit of the New Wave without relying on its musical clichés. While not as emblematic of the '80s as some of their contemporaries, Code Blue brought their delightful "Whisper/Touch" to the classic teen film Pretty In Pink, cementing their place among the finest the decade had to offer.


Whisper-Touch / Modern Times / Hurt / Face To Face / Burning Bridges / Somebody Knows / Other End Of Town / Where I Am / Settle For Less / The Need / Paint By Numbers

Code Blue - Selftitled
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Donnie Iris - 1981 - Live

Published for promotion only, this mini lp was recorded the day after April Fool's Day 1981, at "The Paradise", Boston, MA. Boston again, a great city for the Power Pop music.
MHowe wrote in the Unofficial Donnie Iris site this:
"Donnie Iris-Live, the 1981 radio promo EP and I was absolutely blown away by it. From the beginning of "Agnes" through the intro of "I Can't Hear You" (which we got a real kick out of because he swore) to the final frenzied chords of "Ah! Leah!", we played the EP over and over again, playing air guitar and just having a ball. It is one of my all-time favorite albums, even though it only has 6 songs on it. Those 6 songs rocked out more than most double live LP's ever have."


Donnie Iris - lead vocals / Mark Avsec - keyboards, background vocals / Marty Lee - guitars, background vocals / Albritton McClain - bass / Kevin Valentine - drums


Agnes / Intro / I Can't Hear You / The Rapper / Shock Treatment / Ah! Leah!

Donnie Iris - Live
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Frenchies - 1974 - Lola-Cola

Sent by Patrick, here are The Frenchies.
They were a glam rock band from france as the name indicates who played a raunchy kind of glam rock in the style of the New York Dolls, and at times like the Stooges, the singer sings with a raspy vioce hitting all the right notes, blending a certain amount of artistic sophistication with trash, just like the Dolls.
Jean-Marie Poire took the assumed name of Martin Dune at this occasion. The drummer Kiss Olivier was a relative of Michel Legrand while bassist Michael "Memmy" Murphy was at the same time a member of Crium Delirium.
A great lp, essential for fans of 70s glam rock......


Dillinger’s Coming / Rock’n Roll Fascination / Mike’s Bike / Detroit Palmtrees / Love Is A Game / Lola Cola / Waiting For Mary-Lou (To Join The Band) / Sweet Face / Lana Turner Cheap Dreams

The Frenchies - Lola-Cola
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Marie France - 1981 - 39 de Fièvre

Other Patrick's colabo- ration.
Marie France Garcia is a French singer and actress. She is transsexual and a Parisian pop icon of the 1970's.
In 1981, with other of the greatest french bands "Bijou" at the instruments, she published "39 de fièvre". Before this, she had published two singles Daisy / Déréglée (1977) and Los Angeles / Marie Françoise se suicide (1978).
The album is a compendium of rythmns, rock'n'roll, twist... with great covers like "Chanson Magique (Move it)", Cliff Richard, Richard Anthony.. "Dis-Moi Oui (We Say Yeah)", Cliff Richard and The Shadows.. "Cette Chanson (Don't Play That Song)", Ben E. King.. "Le dieable en personne (Shakin' All Over)", Johnny Kidd & The Pirates.. "Dansons (Let's Dance)", Chris Montez..
A funny album.


Chez Moi A Paris / Chanson Magique (Move It) / Avec Toi / (La Vie Me Chante) Ouh La La La / Dis-Moi Oui (We Say Yeah) / Pas Cette Chanson (Don't Play That Song) / Le Diable En Personne (Shakin'all Over) / Comme Les Autres / Dansons (Let's Dance) / Trop Tard / Cheri Ce S'ra Moi (It'll Be Me) / Youri (Lucille) / 39 De Fievre (Fever) / Dynamite (Dynamite)

Marie France - 39 de Fièvre
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Phil Daniels + The Cross - 1980 - Selftitled

Born in 1958, he trained at the Anna Scher Theatre of which he has been a member since 1972. He made his film debut as misfit Stewart in The Class of Miss MacMichael (1978). His films include: Scum(1979) Meantime(1983) Sex, Chips and Rock 'n' Roll(1999) But Daniels is probably best remembered as Jimmy the mod icon of Franc Rodham's acclaimed Quadrophenia (1979). His band Phil Daniels and the Cross released their first album in January 1980.
Phil Daniels is a big fan of Chelsea Football Club from London and has performed on stage wearing his beloved Chelsea team shirt whilst singing with British Band, 'Blur', along with Damon Albarn who is also a fan of the team. (Roger (punkmodpop) wrote)

Phil Daniels article in Saturday Times

The Band:

Phil Daniels: guitar and vocals / John McWilliams: drums & percussion / Barry Neil: bass guitar / Peter-Hugo Daly: keyboards


Penultimate Person / The Pond / Welcome to the Party / Class Enemy / Free You / Lost Romance / Kill Another Night / Shout Across the River / Stop Watch / News at Ten / Wet Day in London / Cromer Aroma

Phil Daniels + The Cross - Selftitled

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons: Screaming Targets (1980) + Step Lively (1981)

Joe Camillieri is probably the Australia's most talented musician. Maletese-born he grew up in the Melbourne music scene. In 1975 were formed Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons.
The partnership with Peter Solley (keyboardist and songwriter from UKs 70s prog band Paladin and The Romantics 1st album producer), brought the group to major success. Until now they'd been a cult band, and known for their live performances. On stage there was never a set list. They decided what they played on the spot. Now they had hit singles ('Hit And Run', 'Shape I'm In', 'All I Wanna Do') and nationally selling albums ('Screaming Targets', 'Hats Off Step Lively'). They were major contenders at home and on the Next Big Thing list internationally. But ultimately it wasn't a happy period for Joe Camilleri himself. Peter Solley wanted things too much his way. Hit records wasn't necessarily why Joe and the others were playing music.
Screaming targets was published in 1979 in Australia by Mushroom Records and in 1980 by Columbia Records in the USA (I have the american copy of the album). The album also singled a change of direction with Joe Camerilli, in particular, adopting a ska influence music.
Step Lively was released in 1981 by Mushroom and it also contains a lot of great songs like the mentioned "All I Wanna Do" (near the best Costello in Armed Forces) or "Puppet On A String", "Rub Up, Push Up".

Screaming Targets tracks:

Hit And Run / Don't Wanna Come Down / Katschara / Only The Lonely Hearted / You Made A Fool Out Of Me / Close The Bone / Shape I'm In / Trails And Tribulations / Thin Line / Open Hearted

Step Lively tracks:

But It's Alright / Sweet Honey Sweet / Tighten Up / All I Wanna Do / Fool Enough / P.J. / Gimme Little Sign / Keep It Up / Too Hot / Puppet on a String / Rudy / Rub Up, Push Up

Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - Screaming Targets
Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - Step Lively

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More Jo Jo Zep albums posted here and here

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Rings - 1981 - Selftitled

The Rings, Boston, MA. The original name of the band was "Rings Around Saturn", and they played a gig with that name.
The band was born around 1976 in the basement of a house on Elliot Street in Jamaica Plain (called Belle Rive), with Bob Gifford: bass, vocals and Mark D. Sutton: guitar, vocals. In 1977, Sutton called Michael Baker: guitar and Bob Woodbury: drums, and they completed the band.
Woodbury (Woody) left the band and was replaced by Matt Thurber.
In 1979, The Rings were semi-finalists in the Rumble at the Rat--the first-ever annual WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble (battle of the bands), the winners were "The Neighborhoods".
Following the steps of the "The Cars", in 1981 they signed with a major label, MCA, and published their self-produced debut LP.
Jeff McLaughlin's article in the January 12, 1981, issue of the Boston Globe carried the headline, "The Rings of Boston: Rock Stardom Beckons," .... "The Rings' music is distinctive, a carefully crafted but seamless meld that draws on mainstream rock melodies, new wave harmonies and textures, reggae rhythms and funk wit. ... It is eminently danceable, and already getting airplay on stations all across the rock spectrum."
Following their second album "Rhythm Method" in 1982 the Rings disbanded, with some members regrouping together in Bamboo Gang and later the Wickermen.


Opposites Attract / Who's She's dancin' With / This One's For The Girls / Let Me Go / Got My Wish / My Kinda Girl / I Need Strange / Watch You Break / Too Much Of Nothin' / Third Generation

The Rings - Selftitled
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Willie Nile: Selftitled (1980) + Golden Down (1981)

More than a quarter century has passed since the release of Willie Nile’s first album, accompanied by press notices comparing him to Dylan and Springsteen.

Nile (Robert Noonan) grew up in Buffalo, New York, part of a bustling Irish Catholic family with what he calls “an open-door policy.” For as far back as Willie can remember, his parents welcomed house guests from around the world for extended stays, and “the cosmopolitan nature of the world kind of rubbed off,” he says. After studying philosophy at the University of Buffalo, he headed for Greenwich Village, determined to make a name for himself as a latter-day troubadour. That he did throughout the ’70s, becoming a fixture in the Village folk and rock scenes and getting tabbed as the next big thing to come out of that long-thriving artistic community. Writing in The New York Times, the great rock critic Robert Palmer called him “one of the most gifted singer-songwriters to emerge from the New York scene in years.”

He made his recording debut in 1980 with his acclaimed self-titled LP on Arista Records, following it a year later with Golden Down. He also opened the Who’s North American tour at the personal request of the band. In 1982, he signed to Geffen Records but got caught in record-biz limbo and didn’t manage to release another record until 1991, when Columbia issued Places I Have Never Been. With the EP Hard Times in America in 1992, which became a cult favorite throughout Europe, Nile finally managed to jump off the major-label hamster wheel. Gathering together his resources over time, he managed to put out his first self-released album, Beautiful Wreck of the World, just before the end of the century. (full bio at Nile's website)

Like curiosity. the Rolling Stones plagiarized their song “She's so cold” for their album “Emotional Rescue” but his record company decided not to demand them.

Both albums were released in cd format in 1998 by Razor & Tie (home of the songwriters), but now are out of print and the amazon prices are from $50 (used) to more than $100 (new).

The late Nile's albums are avalaible here:

Streets Of New York (popmadrid)
Beautiful Wreck Of The World (cdbaby)
Live At The Turning Point (cdbaby)

Willie Nile at myspace

Selftitled tracks:

Vagabond Moon / Dear Lord / It's All Over / Across the River / She's So Cold / I'm Not Waiting / That's the Reason / They'll Build a Statue of You / Old Men Sleeping on the Bowery / Behind the Cathedral / Sing Me a Song / Edge of the Earth (cd bonus)

Golden Brown tracks:

Poor Boy / Shine Your Light / Grenade / I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind / I Like The Way / Golden Down / Hide Your Love / Les Champs Elysees / Shoulders

Willie Nile - Selftitled
Willie Nile - Golden Brown

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If you like the Nile's music, support him !!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pistones: Primeros Tiempos 82-83 (1984) + Persecución (1983)

Pistones arising in the early 80's at Madrid, Spain. They were formed by Juan Luis Ambite (bass), Frank López Ruiz (keyboards, vocals), Ricardo Chirinos (guitars, vocals and one of the best spanish songwriters) and Ramón López (drums).
Their music formula was easy: fresh Power Pop, three minutes for song, easy melodies and lyrics talking about the things of that years, girls, drugs and rock'n'roll.
Primeros Tiempos contains their first hits: "Las 7 menos cuarto" (ep), "Voces" (ep) and the 7" singles "Los Ramones· and "Nadie". I've included ·Vuelve Pronto" and "El Parque" (Los Ramones and Nadie b-sides), not included in the original lp.
Songs like "Te brillan los ojos", "Metadona" or "La Cazadora" are classics for the spanish power pop people (specially the last for the mods).
In 1983, Ariola, buy the rights of the indie label MR and decides to support the band. With a deluxe producer Ariel Roth (member of Tequila, other mythic spanish band) and Peter McNamee like engineer, they recorded a memorable album: "Persecucion".
A disc full of energy, with a sound a little more hard, and a clean and powerful production that enriched songs that sounded like never. They lost the innocence enchant and something of freshness, but gained in power pop force. It gave to the band the five minutes of fame. Songs with half times in the Plimsouls style, psychedelic and new wave songs, and their great hit, "El Pistolero", danceable pop-rock in the style of the Clash in Sandinista.
Nobody waited this boom, they passed from a poor level of sales, to be in all the televisions, radios etc… All of this was very hard to assume by them. Three years later they published a new album, but it will be other history.

Primeros Tiempos tracks:

Las 7 Menos Cuarto / El Artefacto / Te Brillan Los Ojos / No Estas De Suerte / Los Ramones / Quien Llama Por Teléfono / Voces / Soul Finger / Metadona / La Cazadora / Vuelve Pronto / El Parque

Persecución tracks (see comments for source):

Persecución / Ultimo soldado / Galaxia / Lo que quieres oir / Nadie / Mientes / Fórmula / Metadona / El pistolero / Flores condenadas

Pistones - Primeros Tiempos
Pistones - Persecución

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dogs - 1986 - More More More

It's all told about this fantastic french band.
Patrick has sent us this gem produced by Bob Andrews (Graham Parker and the Rumour’s keyboard) and Colin Fairley (Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe’s sound engineer), and two songs like bonus track: the 7" single "Mon Coeur Bat Encore" b/w "Down At Lulu's" (recorded in 1984 and produced by Jeff Eyrich.)


Waiting for a miracle / Back on my mind / I just can't fall in love / Jungle of lies / More More More / I love music / Somewhere in heaven / Our last goodbye / Is it the wind? / Poison my heart ....... plus the mentioned bonus tracks.

Dogs - More More More
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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nick Lowe - 2007 - The Basher Back At The BBC

The collabora- tions every day are better. Now is geekroick who sends me two little Nick Lowe's gems.
In the first disc Mr. Lowe performs an intimate session for BBC Four from LSO St Luke's, London, June 7th, 2007. He's accompanied by a specially assembled band including long-time cohorts Robert Treherne on drums and Geraint Watkins on keys, as well as a horns section featuring legendary bandleader and trombonist Chris Barber.
The set features songs from his latest album, At My Age, and a veritable "best of" from across his long career, including hit songs Cruel To Be Kind; I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock 'n' Roll); Beast In Me, which he wrote for Johnny Cash; the anthemic What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love And Understanding – which was a hit for Elvis Costello; and the quietly beautiful love song, You Inspire Me.
The second disc, includes live acoustic songs and interview on the Mark Lamarr radio show, June 30th, 2007, four live acoustic songs on WXPN radio, Philadelphia, June 19th, 2007 and "Long Limbed Girl" live on the Conan O'Brien show, New York, July 16th, 2007.
A great collection with a very nice artworks maded by the own geekroick.

Disc 1 tracks:

Heart / What's Shakin' On The Hill / Without Love / Lately I've Let Things Slide / Has She Got A Friend / I Trained Her To Love Me / Indian Queens / Cruel To Be Kind / You Inspire Me / Long Limbed Girl / Hope For Us All / The Other Side Of The Coin / Shting Shtang / A Man In Love / What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? / I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock 'N' Roll) / The Beast In Me

Disc 2 tracks:

Interview 1 / Rome Wasn't Built In A Day / Interview 2 / I Trained Her To Love Me / Interview 3 / Interview 4 / A Man In Love / Interview 5 / Lately I've Let Things Slide / Interview 6 / Long Limbed Girl / BBC Outro / / I Trained Her To Love Me / A Better Man / People Change / The Beast In Me / Long Limbed Girl

Nick Lowe - The Basher Back At The BBC (disc 1)
Nick Lowe - The Basher Back At The BBC (disc 2 + Artworks)

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Les Valentino: Valentino (1985) + Mon Etoile (1986)

Courtesy of Patrick, other french band.
In 1980, were formed the MISFITS with three former members of BYE BYE TURBIN: Eric Gervais (vocals/guitar/mandoline), Bernard Beuneiche (bass, vocals) Patrick Pannier (drums, vocals). A demo of the MISFITS leaves containing 7 tracks. Then, renaming for LES VALENTINO.
Their most representative track was "Mati" (the revelation of compilation “Rock'n'roll in Caen " (UHT, 1984)) with 4 different version of it. On the faith of this piece remained legendary with the invaluable and delicate writing, Les Valentino are accomodated at New Pink, for which they record an mini-album eponymus, where their style approaches a little of the Dogs, all in preserving a “literary” aspect more, if one wants (they put in particular in music “the Gypsy” of Apollinaire). Will follow the very beautiful album “Mon Etoile" (My Star) (1986), but fault to have met its public, the group will separate shortly after.
For the second album played: Marc Periz: guitar, vocals (ex Alligators), Jean Jacques Bellenger: dobro, Philippe Denemours: piano (see also Richard Lovene) and Aldo Ripoche: violoncelle

We also have included in the Valentino mini-lp like bonus, their first single.

Valentino tracks:

La Tzigane / Ce Matin / Mort À L'ambulance / L'hôtel Des Fièvres Folles / Mitsouko / Theda Bara / Au Pays De L'oubli (bonus) / Mati (bonus)

Mon Etoile tracks:

Au Royame De Son Coeurb / Barbara / La Maison Drôle / Le Jardin Des Lys / Mon Étoile / Un Matin Sans Alibi / Ofelisia / Des Tours Et Des Aveux / Les Douces Années / Colomba / Route De Nuit

Les Valentino - Valentino
Les Valentino - Mon Etoile

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Gerard McMahon: Blue Rue (1981) + No Looking Back (1983)

Gerard McMahon -also known as G TOM MAC - GerardS.. ThomasS. MacMahon, (the correct Irish spelling of McMahon)-, was born in Birmingham, England. His family relocated to New York City when he was eleven years old. He started learning the guitar and the bass. His first gigs there were playing in R&B bands in Harlem, and Gerard was tapped to write songs for other artists. He also wanted write music for films, and he went to Los Angeles for a showcase. In the audience at his showcase were David Geffen, Joel Schumacher, Cameron Crowe, and Jerry Bruckheimer.
His seminal ode to nocturnal night Cry Little Sister, which he wrote and performed the title track from Director Joel Schumacher's visionary movie The Lost Boys, still reigns as a perennial cult classic favorite. Recently the remix of Cry Little Sister topped the UK charts.
His diversity in music and songwriting caught the ears of prominent artists. His songs have been recorded by artists such as: KISS (Is That You), Ice Cube (Money Can't Buy The Love), Roger Daltrey (who produced and wrote the album Rocks In The Head), Carly Simon (Give Me All Night), Phoebe Snow/Michael McDonald (Right To The End) or Vonda Shepard (Wake Up The House).
Hollywood has also featured his songs in films such as: Chasing Amy, The Banger Sisters, The Players Club, Fast Times at Ridgemont Hight, All the Right Movies, Born to Be Wild or The Terminator.
Finally his songs continue to be widely used in several television programs including: Charmed, The Shield, Witchblade, Felicity, The West Wing, The X-Files or Dawson's Creek.

Blue Rue tracks:

Taxi (Nightdriver)/ Night Woman / Gone Tomorrow / Town Girls / All I Really Need / You Know Me Better Than I Do / Run Into Your Shadow / One More Goodbye / Blind Love / What've You Gotta-Lose

No Looking Back tracks:

Count On Me / I Wouldn't Take It From You / No Looking Back / She's The Woman / Talking 'Bout Girls / (You're) Wearing My Heart Out / No Sweat (It's Alright) / When She Was Mine / Nickel Charm Jack / So Many Nights

Gerard McMahon & Kid Lightning - Blue Rue
Gerard McMahon - No Looking Back

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Fotomaker - Selftitled + Vis-à-Vis (1978) [lp's]

Fotomaker was possibly the first Power Pop supergroup. Formed by members of The Rascals, Gene Cornish (bass) and Dino Danelli (drums), ex-Raspberries Wally Bryson (guitar), in addition to Lex Marchesi (guitar) and Frank Vinci (keyboards). The best album was clearly the 1978 debut release, simply titled Fotomaker. This album featured all the clichés of power-pop of the `70's --- hook-laden choruses, tight overdriven guitars, lush strings, 12-string acoustic guitars, a few melodic ballads, 3-minute radio-friendly tunes and strong vocal harmonies throughout. The 2nd album, Vis-a-Vis was hurriedly released later that year but it failed to hit.

Selftitled tracks:

Where Have You Been All My Life (Cawley, Cowley) / Can I Please Have Some More (Marchesi) / All There in Her Eyes (Marchesi) / Two Can Make It Work (Marchesi) / The Other Side (Vinci) / Say the Same for You (Danelli, Marchesi) / Plaything (Danelli, Marchesi, Vinci) / All These Years (Danelli, Marchesi, Vinci) / Pain (Danelli, Marchesi) / Lose at Love (Marchesi, Vinci)

Vis-à-Vis tracks:

Miles Away (Vinci) / Does She Dance (Marchesi) / Snowblind (Marchesi) / Just for You (Aversa, Byrd / Name of the Game (Bryson) / If I Can't Believe in You (Vinci) / Come Back (Bryson) / Two Way Street (Marchesi) / Sweet Lies (Sallows) / Make It Look Like an Accident (Marchesi)

Fotomaker - Selftiled
Fotomaker - Vis-à-Vis

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Candy - 1985 - Whatever Happened To Fun [lp]

Candy was a quartet of young L.A. power- popsters from the '80's hair-band era, whose members included guitarist Gilby Clarke (later of Guns N' Roses and Rock Star Supernova) and vocalist/pianist Kyle Vincent (who is now a solo artist). Candy's chief songwriter was bassist Jonathan Daniel, who later formed Electric Angels with drummer John Schubert. Although Candy existed from 1981 until 1987, they released only one album, Whatever Happened To Fun..., in 1985. Candy didn't achieve much widespread success in their day, but they have acquired a posthumous following. Their album, however, is currently out of print.
Whatever Happened To Fun... very much resembles an album by the Raspberries, updated just slightly for its decade. (The production is credited to "Teeth", a pseudonym for ex-Raspberries producer Jimmy Ienner; ex-Raspberries guitarist Wally Bryson is credited as the musical director). Daniel's lyrics convey the growing pains of L.A. teenagers who see the end of their youthful party years coming, and are confronting the realities of adulthood. The songs may not exactly be upbeat beneath the surface, but the pleasant power pop sound and the innocence of Vincent's vocals make them sound like they are. This album embodies a seemingly long-lost era, when rock and roll was about having fun instead of being miserable. In the age of post-grunge angst, this album's title has become a good question indeed. The lyrics of the title track and "Last Radio Show" actually seem to predict the negativity which would permeate rock music in the '90's and beyond. Purveyors of contemporary joylessness might do well to learn a lesson from Whatever Happened To Fun.... While the songs here do acknowledge the pains of growing up and of falling in and out of love, those things are not portrayed as if they signal the end of the world. In fact, Whatever Happened To Fun... could easily serve as an escape from such worries, instead of as a means to wallow obsessively in them. Wasn't that the reason we used to listen to music?


American Kix / Turn It Up Loud / Whatever Happened To Fun... / Last Radio Show / Kids In The City / Weekend Boy / First Time / Electric Nights / Lonely Hearts

Candy - Whatever Happened To Fun
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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Gilles Tandy - 1986 - La Colère Monte [lp]

Courtesy of Patrick, here is the first album of this french artist.
In the year 1986 the Dogs teamed up with a friend named Gilles Tandy to make a record called La Colère Monte. Tandy had been in the French band the Olivensteins. The songs on this album are all sung in French by Tandy, and the album was released by New Rose records under his name, but Dominique and Antoine both contributed heavily to the songwriting and the guitar sound and overall atmosphere is strongly reminiscent of the Dogs (though with Tandy singing in French instead of Dominique in English there is at the same time a marked difference as well). (Talen from nvkdrecords)


Gilles Tandy, Antoine-Louis-Jérome Masy-Périer (Dogs), Jean-Christian Villeneuve, Charles Hurbier, Dominique Laboubée (Dogs) & Juliette.
Recorded and mixed at Mix-It studio by Eric Débris & Jean Labbé.
Artworks designed by Hervé Di Rosa.
Produced by Dominique Laboubée .


Le Vampire / Disponibilité à toute heure / Touriste / Le Responsable / À Demain / La Colère Monte / Ostende Sommeille / Le Dealer est un Ami / Les Crayons De Couleurs (bonus Le Vampire b-side) / John Wayne (bonus Ostende b-side)

Gilles Tandy - La Colère Monte
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