Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sharp Cuts - 1980 - New Music From American Bands (Various)

"Five years ago, rock was the province of largely established artists mining musical territory mapped out years beforer- country rock, blues jams, "progressive" technoflash, singer-songwriter ballads, etc. As for new bands coming up, if they didn't play the hits of the day, they didn't play; if they didn't sign with an established record label, they didn't record. Rock & roll appeared to be stagnating.
Five years later, it's a whole new ball of wax. New rock bands proliferate by the thousands, refining forgotten forms of rock & roll or devising new ones. Clubs are springing up to accommodate them; groups routinely release records on their own independent labels, and some of them get radio airplay. It's a resurgence of rock & roll fervor unmatched since the mid-sixties.
What happened? Essentially, it was a grass-roots reaction to an apparent dead-end situation. In England, bands returned to rock & roll/blues basics and played pubs. Stir in some sociological ferment and a punk-rock revolution was born. In the U.S., groups from New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and all over the nation banded together. Their musical approaches differed widely, but they were united in opposition to what they perceived as the complacency of mainstream rock. A music of a hundred disparate strains coalesced into anunwieldy but animated new scene —sometimes the strains showed, factions developed, rivalries blossomed, but the unleashed energy was unstoppable.
This record, featuring American artists working in a wide variety of styles, draws on this uprising of the past five years. It attempts to capture a musical moment in all its diversity and enthusiasm and raw, awkward, irresistible excitement. It's a distillation of the present and its links to the past and future, and a salute to the endurance of the rock & roll spirit. If there's ¡ one single most cheering lesson to be learned from this new reawakening, it's that rock & roll will stand a lot of adversity and a lot of positive and negative musical influences, but rock & roll will stand.
" (taken from the credit notes of the album)

Tracks & Credits in comments.

Various - Sharp Cuts
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Rings - 1981 - Rhythm Method

On August 12, 2007, I posted the first album of this Boston band. Days ago, Patrick sent me the music and the scans of their 2nd and last album.
Rhythm Method was recorded months after the selftitled album. A little bit inferior than it (in my opinion), Rhythm Method had highly favorable reviews.
You can see more about them at the New England Music Scrapbook site.


Uh Oh Here I Go Again / Take The Chance / You Can Never Day It / Talk Back / Rhythm Method / Bang Bang / It's Not Enough / Move Over / Walkin' In The Dark / Love's Not Safe / The Rhythm Method

The Rings - Rhythm Method
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Also avalaible The Rings - 1981 - Selftitled (post) (download link)

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Neighbors - 1985 - Famous Potatoes

The Neighbors, Washington DC, 1984-1989.
"This album is nothing short of an orgy of sprightly melodies, luxuriant vocal harmonies, and twangin' guitar playing. John Moremen and Peter Gilstrap rival the Brill Building in output of incredibly catchy tunes that gives a new degree of purity to the term "pure pop." You might call The Neighbors reactionary--every song sounds like a good old-fashioned Top 40 radio hit--but there was no other local band in the past year to have such a clear vision of what they wanted to do and then so successfully went out and did it." (City Paper--Best Local Album: Famous Potatoes)

More info and their second album 'Welcome Wagon' at Power Pop! Criminal$ Blog.

The Neighbors:

Peter Gilstrap (rhythm guitar) / Scott McKnight (bass) / John Moremen (lead guitar) / Steve Woehrle (drums)

They all write, they all sing.


Hole In Your Life / 1000 Wishbones / Somebody Else' Shoes / Gave You Up / Frozen Face / Sick And Tired Of You / Buckets / Sad And Lonely / I Took Her Away From Me / Running Away / Isn't It True / Come Back / A Million Things / Coffee

The Neighbors - Famous Potatoes
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This is another great release sent by Patrick.

The complete Scott McKnight notes in the Power Pop ! Criminal$ blog.

'The Neighbors - Power Pop Art' is available at: English (25 € .... ± $ 35 + shipping costs)
78 Records Australia (55 AUS$ .... ± 34 €.... $48 + shipping costs)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Marc Minelli - 1984 - Take Me To America

Singer- Songwriter with an original personality, talented musician, author of texts which don't evoke already not heard. Character atypical and attaching, rich person of a rare musical and literary culture, he's an artist who deserves the turning. Savage and to tend, his One Man Show is a model of the genre, between Kent and Iggy Pop, unless it isn't the reverse… He has a quasi-animal energy, other poetry and a songs lover.

Sites (french): Website / My space


Take Me To America / Elevator Rock / So Crazy / Kingston Stomp / Sarah

Bonus tracks:

Stranded In The City / Dreams Come True / Jungle Twist / Take Me To America (Different Version) / So Crazy (New Version)

Marc Minelli - Take Me To America + Bonus
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This is another great Patrick's rip.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wire Train - 1992 - Trail Mix Or Cabin Fever (The No Soul No Strain Demos)

Trail Mix Or Cabin Fever is a collection of demos recorded in 1992 for No Soul No Strain. Many of them have never been published. With more acoustic sound, specially the second cd, in a few times they are near of their 80's songs.
The "No Soul No Strain" fans will see in them another vision of the album songs.
The "... In A Chamber" and "Between Two Words" lovers will think "every past time was better".
And if you like "Ten Women" or "Wire Train selftitled" you'll have the heart divided.

My contribution to their music finishes here.
You can judge it by yourself.


Open Sky (Demo) / John Was Dancin' / Right Cross / 17 Spooks / Hey Jordan (Demo) / How Many More Times / Yeah / Entertainment / Why Breakdown / I've Had Enough / Drive all night

Useless / Bad / Why Should I? / Holiday / You Make Me Real / True / Higher / Stone Me / Why Don't You Stay / I Won't Burn For You

Wire Train - Trail Mix Or Cabin Fever (cd 1) Rapidshare cd1-part1 - rapidshare cd1-part2 (Note: To decompress you must have both rapidshare parts in the same folder)
Wire Train - Trail Mix Or Cabin Fever (cd 2 + Artworks)

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Scott Wilk + The Walls - Shadow-Box Love (complete)

In the original upload of Scott Wilk album, "Shadow-Box Love" was a partial file. Only a minute and half showed up... (thanks to Max Murdoc for his comment).

Here is the entire song:

Scoot Wilk + The Walls - Shadow-Box Love

No pass (ripped by popcat)

The new download link of the album contains the song repaired.

Scott Wil + The Walls - Selftitled

Wire Train: No Soul No Strain (1992) + Snug (1993) [Unreleased]

No Soul No Strain review by beatmichael at rateyourmusic:
"The cover art is atrocious. The booklet layout and art is hideous. The back cover is awful. Even the spines are ugly. The packaging is screaming: "FILE IN THE DOLLAR BIN! BEWARE! DON'T LISTEN!" Too bad MCA's art department pawned this one off on the blind intern because.... It's a great album. And nobody ever heard it.
I don't know Wire Train from Lionel Trains. I've read reviews of their early stuff and heard from a friend that they were great early on in their career. That's cool, I've never dug into the back catalog. Maybe someday.
I think this record suffers from a sequencing problem. To me, the best stuff comes towards the end. It starts off with "Stone Me" which got the most (very little) airplay at the time. A game enough opener but the real treats come during the middle of the album. "Willing It To Be", "Higher", and especially "Impossible" with it's awesome, jarring guitar solo are highlights.
No Soul No Strain reminds me of the Beatles American version of Rubber Soul. It's all acoustic guitars and piano driven with very little "big production". False starts and count-in's are in abundance. It sounds very live and laid back- a band who are comfortable with each other, playing loose and natural. Great drumming and singing.
AllMusic describes it as boring MOR. That's not true.
No Soul No Strain is a classic. A timeless, well played, well produced album with great songwriting. And really bad packaging. If it's the bands swan song they could have done much worse

In 1993, Wire Train recorded around two albums-worth of material intended for use as a follow up to No Soul No Strain. Tentatively titled Snug and Electric, they were both rejected by MCA for being "too weird".
When No Soul... appeared it definitely marked a departure from any sound that the band had established in the '80's. There was a small leaning towards something funky or soulful on a couple of the tracks (eg, Stone Me and Willing It To Be), and Snug - in places at least - takes this a whole stage further.

No Soul No Strain tracks:

Stone Me / Open Sky / Yeah, Yeah, Yeah / Crashing Back to You / Hey Jordan / Other Lover / How Many More Times / Willing It to Be / Higher / Impossible / When I Met You / 17 Spooks

Snug tracks:

Who Gives A Shit? / I Was Wrong / Get In With You / Funky Monkey / Superstar / She Is The World / Enemy / Down / I Will Be Something / Drive All Night / You Took Me In / You're Not Around / Picture In A Picture

Wire Train - No Soul No Strain
Wire Train - Snug [Unreleased]

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Note: Snug is an strange recording. The songs go united and for that reason I recommend to burn it without pause between tracks.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wire Train: Ten Women (1987) + Selftitled (1990)

Early 1986 saw them hit Europe for several tours, opening for the likes of The Alarm, Bangles and The Waterboys. At one point, Jeff Trott was on the verge of joining The Waterboys, but for one reason or another this was not to be. During this period the band began preparing material for their third album, which was recorded in the Autumn of '86 in London. Ten Women found its way out in '87, and featured contributions from The Alarm's Dave Sharpe and Waterboy Mike Scott.....
.... Effectively having to split up to extract themselves from their contract left the band pretty disillusioned, but individually at least, they were in demand. Jeff Trott found time to join ex Waterboy Karl Wallinger's World Party , and Brian Macleod spent time working with Michael Jackson & Madonna, amongst others. Wire Train marked a definite change in direction for the band - much looser and folkier than anything they'd produced before. The sound was also characterized by Jeff Trott's sumptuous slide guitar playing, completely rewriting the Wire Train blueprint. The album crept out in summer 1990 without too much fanfare, and the single, Should She Cry?, began to receive some MTV airplay.(Wire Train website)

Ten Women tracks:

She Comes On / Take Me Back / Diving / She's a Very Pretty Thing / Breakwater Days /She's Got You / Mercy Mercy / Certainly No One / The Hollow Song / Too Long Alone

In the U.K. copy of the album "Compassion" replaces "The Hollow Song".

Selftitled tracks:

Spin / Should She Cry / She / If You See Her Go / Dakota / Moonlight Dream / Simply Racing / Precious Time / Oh Me Oh My / Tin Jesus / All Night Living

Wire Train - Ten Women
Wire Train - Selftitled

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NO SOUL NO STRAIN, SNUG (unrelesead) & TRAIL MIX OR CABIN FEVER (The No Soul No Strain demos) soon here !!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Michel Pagliaro - 1975 - Pagliaro I

On August 1, 2007, angelo, the master chief of the fantastic Power Pop! Criminal$ Blog posted Pagliaro (1975).
In 1975 (1976 in Europe), Michel published two albums: Pagliaro and Pagliaro I. In the eponymous disc he sang in french and in P-I the songs were sung in english. Take a look at the PPC Blog post for the complete history.
This rip and artworks have been maded by Patrick with my little help cleaning the songs and customizing the final sleeves.


I don't believe it's you / Louise / How does it feel? / Nobody / Oh baby, we've got a good thing goin' / What the hell I got / Walking the dog / Cry baby / Get down / Make or break healer

Michel Pagliaro - Pagliaro I
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Playmates - 1986 - Scared To Tell (bonus track)

josega65 sends me the Wasted Years 7" b-side. It wasn't included in the album. Recorded during the same sessions with the production of Alan Thorne and Rob Younger.

Playmates - Scared To Tell (bonus track) + new artworks
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Note: If you downloaded the album before today, you only need this new file. The album link is updated with the new song.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Playmates - 1986 - Long Sweet Dreams

Bluecartoon sends me this authentic gem.
The review is taken from "Pep- sounds", written in spanish by "Edgar" and translated to english -by me and the translators on line (excuse me for the mistakes)-.
"The autumn has arrived and with it the highs and lows of the spirit that accompanies each climatic change. It's at this time when we make examination mainly the happened things in the passed course, we considered new challenges and we regreted made things.
Many years ago, in this time always sounds in my record player a black vinyl that from the moment which it entered by the door of my parents home, it became in a classic. An album that is a faithful reflection of the vital unevennesses that we underwent all those that are too much "orgánic". I'm speaking of the swedish Playmates and their album titled "Long Sweet Dreams".
Published by the british indie label "What Goes On Records" in 1986 (a year and a time in that what reigned the rebuked hairs, the fitted trousers and the boots of pointed toe...), and recorded under the production of the Australians Alan Thorne and Rob Younger, these five boys give birth to an album full of delirous melodies able to shake the hardest heart.
Songs that sadden and cheer to you one behind another one, under the omnipresent sound of the tewlve chords guitars, the choirs and the doubled voices. An album with positive or negative emotions, based on the meaning that each one of the songs. A disc with personality, own life, passion, sweetness, bitterness, cold and heat.
In my personal level, in each listening I'm let myself take of the hand by each one of them, with more or less strength, until arriving at its expensive B-side and, concretely, the track titled "Wasted Years", a song that undoes to me completely, it causes that my miseries arise and that cries drowns to me and relieves, and returns to resurge like the "Phoenix Bird".
'There is Rain gonna fall tonight and the Smile on her/his face turned out to be hatred. She/he whished that she/he was strong´cause in days of winter, the nights are long. You think you paid the price but a cheaper way is hard to find'.
A poetry that shines with own light on the rest of the other seven songs of the album, and that will make you arrive to the sky if you are one of those which take off of the Earth and imagine a parallel world to their measurement, surrounded by those want and do what they want. Yes, I know that it sounds to topical hippie but it's what transmits to me, and as I feel it, i tell you without shame or fear to the ridiculous situation, because any person with a minimum of sensitivity will fall tired before this piece of hymn... a poem full of changes of time, voices, clean guitars, illusion, sadness, life.... POP.
"There is Rain gonna fall tonight and the Smile on her/his face turned out to be hatred. She/he whished that she/he was strong´cause in days of winter, the nights are long. You think you paid the price but a cheaper way is hard to find."
If you liked the Infidels, you will like Playmates. They're their Pop compensation. Let you take by them, enjoy, thank for and take advantage of the opportunities that the life offers you.
" (Pepsounds - spanish)


MICHAEL KARLSTRÖM: lead & backing vocals / RICHARD STENLUND: 6 & 12 string guitars, lead vocals on "Need Somebody" & "Wasted Years" & backing vocals / JÖRGEN HOLMBERG: lead & 12 string guitars / ÂKE UNGER: bass / BJÖRN EKSTRÖM: drums & tambourines


Remember / Fine, Fine Day / Someone To Save / Need Somebody / Days After Tomorrow / Wasted Years / White Is White / (Shall We) Face The Light / Scared To Tell (bonus track)

Playmates - Long Sweet Dreams (including the bonus track)
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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Watermelon Men - 1988 - Moving Targets

Here is the last album recorded by the Watermelon Men (Upsala, Sweden). Called "Moving Targets" and produced by Kevin Lamb was released in 1988 for WEA.
With a more soft and polished sound contains good songs like "The Cold", "Can't get away", "Daydreamers Dilemma", "The Ghost" and "Honest To Be True" (this is nearer their first times and my favourite).


Erik Illês: lead vocals / Johan Lundberg: electric guitar / Imre von Polgar: acoustic guitar / Hans Saclén: bass / Eric Westin: drums / Magnus Ågren: keyboards

Vicki Benkert & Karin Risberg: bacground vocals / Magnus Adell: acoustic bass / Hans Engström: additional keyboards


The Cold / Actions Speak Louder / Can't Get Away / Nobody's Fool / Real Love / Serpentine Avenue / Day Dreamers Dilemma / Tonight / The Ghost / Waiting for Nothing / At Least We Did Try / Honest To Be True

Watermelon Men - Moving Targets
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Watermelon Men older posts:

Watermelon Men: Past, Present And Future (1985) + Wildflowers (1986)

Watermelon Men - 1985 - Four Stories by the.... + bonus [mlp]

Watermelon Men - 1986 - Fifteen Stories By The.... (Live In Germany

The Secret - 1979 - Selftitled

The Secret, a British duo aided here by three added musicians, pursued roughly the same muse as Sparks, playing quirky, uptempo inventions with witty lyrics and intricate arrangements. Lacking any real character, though, their album succeeds in tweaking the intellect and making toes twitch.

The Secret:

Mickey Modern - vocals / Benny Leopard - bass


Pete Phipps - drums / Pete Oxendale - keyboards / Frankie Deepe - guitar / Shrink - noise / Meekron - backing vox: talking to Mickey on "Lucking Lizard" / Gary, Luke and ANN, The Hit & Run Horns - horns


Satellite / Going Down Again / Hotel Caribineros / What Is Wrong / Sick and Tired / I Don't Wanna Go Out There / Modern Art / Night After Night / Fallen for an Angel / Another Cold Night in Germany / I'm Alive / Lucky Lizard

The Secret - Selftitled
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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Romans - 1986 - The Last Days At The Ranch

The Romans were one of Los Angeles first super- groups with members of the budding art/punk scene sweeping Southern California in the early '80s, with instrumen- tal rock stylings, and the dusty loneliness of country music. With musicians from Human Hands, Monitor, Bpeople, Deadbeats, 45 Grave, Consumers, Tikis, The LAFMS and Green On Red.


Michael Uhlenkott: vocals, bass, acoustic guitar / Juan Gomez: electric and acoustic guitar, bass, backing vocals / Robert Lloyd: electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass, piano, whistle, backing vocals / Keith Mitchell: drums, backing vocals
Chris Cacavas: piano, electric piano and organ
The Oh! Sisters (Regina and Theresa O'Donoghue): backing vocals / Kevin Keane: banjo / Ellen Guon: fiddle / Steve Wynn: backing vocals

Produced by Steve Wynn. Engineered by Rick Novak & Paul B. Cutler. Mixed by Paul B. Cutler. Spring 1986. (Released August 8, 1986.)

All tracks written by M. Uhlenkott unless otherwise noted:

In My Hometown / You're Coming with Me / Ten Cent Wager / Loser (Uhlenkott/Gomez) / Robert's Lament (Lloyd) / Greed, Hate and Drinking (Uhlenkott/Alison Anders) / Vicki Seventy (Uhlenkott/Gomez) / Open Wide / Rest in Peace / Last Days (Uhlenkott/Gomez) / Sarah Gets a Haircut (Lloyd) / Roll Them Down Closed

The Romans - The Last Days At The Ranch
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The Boothill Foot-Tappers - 1985 - Ain't That Far From Boothill

The original Cowpunks - skiffle, ska and high energy band - produced 4 singles 'Get your feet out of my shoes', 'Jealousy', 'Too much time', 'Love and affection' and 1 album 'Ain't that far from Boothill. This is their only album.
An exercise of eclecticism with hard and sweet reviews.
Listen it and judge it.

The BFT were:

Danny Heatley (Drums) / Kevin Walsh (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals) / Slim (Clive Pain) (Accordion) / Chris Thompson (Banjo, Vocals) / Marnie Stephenson (Washboard, Vocals) / Merrill Heatley (Vocals) / Wendy May (Billingsley) (Vocals)


Love And Affection / Jealousy / Pride takes A Fall / Nothing Ventured / Feelings / Sunday Evening / Get Your Feet Out Of My Shoes / Have You Got The Confidence For The Trick / Stand Or Fall / What's The Matter / There's No Way (I Can Leave You Alone) / Too Much Time

The Boothill Foot-Tappers - Ain't That far From Boothil
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Rank And File: Sundown (1982) + Lone Gone Dead (1984) + Selftitled (1987)

"...Tony, Chip and Al say they always had country roots. The Kinmans were military brats growing up in Virginia and the Carolinas, hearing country music constantly. Alejandro grew up in San Antonio, Texas, where his father sang in a Mexican swing band. When The Dils and The Nuns Disbanded. Chap and Al both moved to New York, while Tony decided to leave the music business and live in Oregon. Al played in the Judy Nylon band. Chip and Al decided to get together and form Rank And File, they recruited former Clash tour DJ Barry Myers for bass and the drummer from the Judy Nylon band. In this configuration Rank And File were torn between being a pop band and being a country band, and the experiment never gelled. Four steps were needed. First, they fired their rhythm section, the part of the band that had been pushing for a pop direction. Then, they coaxed Tony Kinman out of hiding to play bass. Then, they moved to Austin, Texas; a proper environment for a country band. Finally, they found drummer Jim "Slim" Evans, an Austin native. Evans was an oddball for Austin - he'd played in such local bands a Sharon Tate's Baby, The Chickadiesets, and The Inserts, but he knew the country best. Living in Austin, Rank And File began practicing in garages and playing anywhere they could, from rock clubs to roadside honky-tonks... ...And in Austin, Rank And File found the sound they were looking for. A true country sound, but with a hard, abrasive edge to it, and lyrics the go well beyond country's usual crying-in-my-beer moaning. "I'd like what we do to be called country music." Tony says, "but you can't really label it. It's not country-rock. One writer called it rock-country. It's been called country-punk. It's all those things."" (Rank And File at myspace)

Rank And File:

Alejandro Escovedo - guitar / Slim Evans - drums / Tony Kinman - vocals & bass / Chip Kinman - vocals & guitar / Junior Brown - guitar / Bob Kahr - drums / Jeff Ross - guitar

Sundown tracks:

Amanda Ruth / (Glad I'm) Not in Love / Rank and File / Conductor Wore Black / Sundown / I Went Walking / Lucky Day / I Don't Go Out Much Anymore / Coyote

Lone Gone Dead tracks:

Lone Gone Dead / I'm An Old Old Man / Sound Of The Rain / Hot Wind / Tell Her I Love Her / Saddest Girl In The World / Timeless Love / John Brown / Last Night I Dreamed / It Don't Matter

Selftitled tracks:

Black Book / One Big Thing / Golden Age / RBT / Pistol Dawn / Sweet Life / Good Times / Oh! That Girl / Unlucky In Love / Love House

Rank And File - Sundown
Rank And File - Lone Gone Dead
Rank And File - Selftitled

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Orphan - 1973 - Rock and Reflection

"Here’s a wonderful band that deserved much more than it achieved (sounds familiar?).
Orphan was basically the creation of songwriter/ singer Eric Lilljequist, a very talented musician who grew up in Massachusetts' Brockton/Avon area, the ensemble emerging in the mid-'60s. They recorded nine singles of original material for Epic Records in the late 60’s (wish I could get my hands and ears on those!). In the early 70s they met Jonathan Edwards of "Sunshine" fame, and worked a lot with him in a couple of his early albums, even appearing live on stage together. Orphan released three albums featuring a very nice I’ve-Just-Seen-A-Face-Beatle sound and folk-rock a la Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers. Yes, something you are bound to like! Mr. Lilljequist had a fantastic voice and was a great composer too. You can read a lot more about the band here. Rock and Reflection was their second album, which we have carefully and lovingly transferred from glorious vinyl for your enjoyment. The other two (Everyone Lives To Sing and More Orphan Than Not) are just as good. Really. (Another Mr. Popcat great work and review)

The Band:

Eric Lilljequist - lead guitar, vocals / Dean Adrien - rhythm guitar, vocals and occasional drumming / Steve Abdu - Fender bass, background vocals / Richard "Schticks" Adelman - drums and percussion
All spiced with other friends adding pedal steel, piano, organ, more background vocals and strings."


It's A Good Day / Wild Mountain Ride / When All Helpers Fail / Sing A Sad Song / Hide Away / Given All The Good Times / Places I've Been / Smilin' River / Lovin' You / Morning Rhyme / Waitin' On Tomorrow / Sit Down Rock And Roll Man

Orphan - Rock And Reflection
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Key - 1978 - Fit Me In

"If you're a fan of catchy pop in the Emmitt Rhodes - James Paul McCartney - Badfinger and even Gilbert O'Sullivan vein (you should!), take a chance on this stunning piece of vinyl and don't let their choice of such an obscure cover fool you. Their music sparkles and shines, really! Key were an Anglo-German duo (well, pretty much the baby of their German part, Herr Volker Langefeld, as he composes, plays and sings almost everything here), who released their sole LP in West Germany and Spain only, making this a tough little album to turn up. Vocally and stylistically, this will remind you of Red Rose Speedway McCartney in many parts, while other songs go back even further in time to the days of 1967-1968 for some classic UK toytown popsike in the style of the Idle Race or late Beatles. Salivating already? (You should!) Dear pop friend, you’re in for a feast of fantastic music filled with healthy doses of Pepper-era strings and effects, deftly applied touches of rococo piano, weirdly delicious acappella "human-tuba" sections, magic phasing, great dolloping guitar breaks, Mexican-like brass thrown in for good measure, Walrus'-style pop... Need I go on? The tunes are solid, catchy and hummable throughout, the chord changes are imaginative and fresh, the production is magnificent, and the very odd use of synths is very subtle and tolerable. All in all, a true find, a warm and delicate baroque obscure Macca-style pop treasure that indeed fits like a glove, and getting better all the time!" (Mr. Popcat rip, artworks and review)

The pop magicians:

Alan Warren* - Drums
Volker Langefeld - All vocals and all other instruments (see artwork for more details)

Whatever happened to you after this masterpiece, Herr Langefeld? Anyway, my sincere and deepest respect to you!

*his surname is mis-spelt in the back cover and lyrics


The Farmer And The Fisherman / And The Rain / Pamela / Lazy Bird / Pretty Little Star / Old Fashioned Boogie / Half As Much / I'd Really Go For A Lady / That Game / Dragonamonia / Fit Me In / Sometimes / Western People

Key - Fit Me In
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Bitrate: 320

Note: The album has been reiussed by Revola Records in cd format with bonus tracks (Ba-Uwa-Mare-Re / Until The Day / Should You Ever Meet Again / Cause You're A Lady). You can buy it here

Bagatelle: Selftitled (1981) + Cry Awat The Night (1987)

Bagatelle begun their career in August 1978, their first single “Summer in Dublin” went on to become an overnight classic and catapulted them to international fame. The band played in the United States, Canada, England and Ireland for six years non-stop, creating several Gold and Platinum albums and singles along the way, like “Trump Card”, “Second Violin” and “Love Is The Reason” earning Bagatelle a historic place in Irish Rock alongside U2, Thin Lizzy or Van Morrison.
Bagatelle have shared stages over the years with such musical legends as Bob Marley, U2, Boomtown Rats, Don MacLean, Christy Moore, they also appeared in the famous “Self Aid” concert in the mid 80s and sold out concerts in the R.D.S.
There are not many bands nowadays who can boast about still being together 29 years after they had formed and still have three of the - four original members present - namely Liam Reilly, John O'Brien and Ken Doyle.
They made classic rock with very good melodies.

Selftitled tracks:


Second Violin (original version) / Love Is The Reason / Turn The Heat On / Always On My Mind / The Only Thing We're Sure Of / Rough Flight / I Need You / Nowhere / Trump Card / Outrageous

Cry Away The Night tracks:

Only Love / Heartche Street / Cry Away The Night / You've Gone Too Far / Quiet Moments / Second Violin (slow version) / Shoot For The Moon / Thinking Of You / The Turning Wheel / A Kiss Away From Heaven

Bagatelle - Selftitled
Bagatelle - Cry Away The Night

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Friends Again - 1984 - Trapped And Unwrapped

Glasgow, Scotland's Friends Again combined '60s- influenced rock with funk, R&B, and country. Forming in 1982, the band produced three singles, "Sunkissed," "Honey at the Core," and "State of Art" on Moonbot Records before signing to Mercury Records. The group released a self-titled EP in 1983 and then recorded their debut album, Trapped & Unwrapped, in 1984. The LP' sound ranged from '70s-style funk to soulful balladry sung with Chris Thompson's David Bowie-esque croon and featured their last single "South Of Love". The LP received mixed reviews,and was a commercial failure. James Grant left the group in 1984, and Friends Again fell apart. Grant formed Love and Money in 1985 with the rest of the band while Thompson created the Bathers in 1987. Although short-lived, their influence helped to define the emerging sound of the Scottish bands that followed them. (Lost Bands Of The New Wave Era)

More info

Friends again were:

Chris Thompson (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) / James Grant (lead guitar, vocals) / Neil Cunningham (bass) / Paul McGeechan (keyboards) / Stuart Kerr (drums)


Lucky Star / Sunkissed / Lullaby No. 2 / Vaguely Yours / Skip the Goldrush / Tomboy / State of the Art / Swallows in the Rain / South of Love / Old Flame / Honey at the Core / Moon 3
Bonus Tracks:
State Of Art [Single Version] / Winked At ["State Of Art" B-Side]

Friends Again - Trapped And Unwrapped (rapidshare) (megaupload)
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The Searchers - 1979 - Selftitled

Founded in 1957 by John McNally (guitar, vocals), the Searchers were originally one of thousands of skiffle groups formed in the wake of Lonnie Donegan's success with "Rock Island Line." The Searchers' immediate competitors included bands such as the Wreckers and the Confederates, both led by Michael Pender (guitar, vocals), and the Martinis, led by Tony Jackson (guitar/vocals).
At the end of the 1970s, their recording fortunes were revived once again as Seymour Stein, the head of Sire Records, signed the Searchers for two albums. Those records, The Searchers and Love's Melodies, were the best work the group ever did, highlighted by achingly beautiful yet vibrant and forceful playing and singing, and an unerring array of memorable hooks and melodies.origi
With songs of The Records (Hearts in her eyes was written for The Searchers), Bob Dylan or Tom Petty, and the production of Pat Moran, the self-titled album was an authentic delight. Both albums were published in an only cd (called The Sire Sessions) by the australian label called "Raven".

Here is the selftitled album with the original vinyl artworks.


Hearts in Her Eyes (Hill Birch/John Wicks) / Switchboard Susan (Mickey Jupp) / Feeling Fine (John David) / This Kind of Love Affair (John McNally/Mike Pender/Frank Allan) / Lost in Your Eyes (Tom Petty) / It's Too Late (John David) / No Dancing (Noel Brown) / Coming from the Heart (Bob Dylan/Helena Springs) / Don't Hang On (John McNally/Mike Pender/Frank Allan) / Love's Gonna Be Strong (Ronnie Thomas)

The Searchers - Selftitled
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Bruce Wolley & The Camera Club - 1980 - English Garden

"Before The Buggles "Video Killed The Radio Star" became the first video aired on MTV in 1981, Bruce Woolley (also known like the 3rd Buggle) and the Camera Club recorded and released the song on the only album released by the band in 1980. The song was written by Woolley along with Trevor Horn and Geoffrey Downes who went on to form the Buggles. Members of the Camera Club went on to greater things too. Keyboard player Tom Dolby (you all know Thomas Dolby), went on to work with Lene Lovich before releasing his own work, Matthew Seligman went on to play with Robyn Hitchcock, the Thompson Twins and Thomas Dolby among others. Drummer Rod Johnson also played with Hitchcock.
Bruce Woolley formed Firmament and the Elements and released an EP in 1983. More recently he has been making music on the theremin with his band the Radio Science Orchestra
". (Lost Bands of the New Wave)


English Garden / Video Killed the Radio Star / Dancing With the Sporting Boys / Johnny / No Surrender / Flying Man / You Got Class / W.W.9. [instrumental] / Clean/Clean / Get Away William / Goodbye to Yesterday / Goodbye to Yesterday (reprise) / You're the Circus (I'm the Clown)

Bruce Wolley & The Camera Club - English Garden

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Various - 1980 - Chiswick Collection

A collection of songs by bands of the mithyc english label "Chiswick".
Very hard to find in this format (vinyl), years later the label published an album called "The Chiswick years". It contained some of these songs.
Chiswick was very known by his greatest hit "Driver Seat" by Sniff'N The Tears, but it was a company with a lot of good bands. The perfect examples are The Nips with the fabulous "Gabrielle", The Textones or Dan Kelleher.
A great compilation.


The Nips - Gabrielle / The Textones - I Can't Fight It / The Stick Shifts - Automobile / The Physicals - Pain In Love / Dan Kelleher - Alienation / The Stiff All-Stars - Maybe Tonight / The Physicals - Be Like Me / Dan Kelleher - I Couldn't Help But Cry / Disguise - Hey Baby / The Stiff All-Stars - It'll Be Me / The Textones - Vacation / The Nips - Vengeance

Various - Chiswick Collection
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Code Blue - 1982 - True Story

In a field crowded with fine, adventurous new rock ’n’ roll bands that made their homes in Los Angeles between ’78–82, Code Blue stood out from the pack.
This was a no-nonsense unit, without pomposity or cuteness. They were unique at a time when most bands wore their influences and commercial ambitions on their sleeves. Those who caught the original lineup in small clubs were struck by their power and passionate delivery of great songs.
Leader/guitarist Dean Chamberlain had been a founding member of the original Motels with Martha Davis.
Moving to L.A. and leaving that band after a few years, he felt he had finally progressed to the point of forming his own personal version of the great, American rock ’n’ roll band. Dean composed a set of representative tunes and went about the task of finding suitable musicians.

Code Blue website

Thanks to "bluecartoon" for the rip and the scans.


Good Times / When She Comes / Letter From Leavenworth / Is That So Strange / Do You Read Me / Greener Pastures / Stillife / Naked City / Spellbound

Code Blue - True Story
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Still avalaible Code Blue - Selftitled (from lp).

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Dawgs - 1983 - On The Road To You

Like I promised, here is the other work of this Boston bar rockers.
On "On The Road To You", The Dawgs sound a bit like The Atlantics.
The album reprises two of "My Town" tracks (which sound far better — must have been the mastering), adds three produced atmospherically by Elliot Easton and five more; the audio results are far crisper and the playing significantly hotter.
It was released in the french label "New Rose Records" in 1983.

This had not been possible without the effort of Patrick, one of the best collaborators of the Blog. He doesn't let surprise to me with his wonderful albums.


Route 66 / On the road to you / Shot of your love / Main Street USA / Paper Moon / Don't like it / Allibies / Chain Reaction / Chicken / Starring in my dreams

The Dawgs - On The Road To You
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Still avalaible The Dawgs - 1982 - My Town

The Silencers - 1980 - Rock'N'Roll Enforcers

The Silencers, Pittsburgh started rehearsing in the summer of '79. Their debut album, "Rock 'n' Roll Enforcers," hit the streets in 1980 on Preci- sion/CBS, spawning four local radio hits -- "The Peter Gunn Theme," "Modern Love," "Head On Collision" and "Shiver and Shake".
You don't have to confuse them with the other two Silencers (the Scottish band formed after Fingerprintz) or the middle 90's USA band (trio from Michigan-based surf revival).
"Despite a solid grounding in gritty rock'n'roll and a bit of new wave imagination (mainly expressed in weedy organ), this tough-looking Pittsburgh quintet never got the chance to develop. Caught somewhere between Southside Johnny, the Yachts and the spot later occupied by the Godfathers, these Silencers was naïve enough to buy into lame image-mongering but talented enough to put the derivative material across with superior bar-band panache. The Silencers made two solid (if now-dated) albums — Romanic is significantly superior — with some good songs (like "Illegal" on the first and "1 of Those Girls" on the second) before vanishing. Too bad. These guys coulda been contenders". (Ira Robbins - Trouser Press)


Modern Love / Head on Collision / Remote Control / Illegal / Johnny Too Bad / Peter Gunn Theme / Shiver and Shake / Take Out Service / Cold Sweat / I Can't Believe It

The Silencers - Rock'N'Roll Enforcers
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"Romanic" (their 2nd album) is avalaible at Power Pop! Criminal$ Blog.

The Connells - 1985 - Darker Days

Guitarist Mike Connell formed the band in 1984, along with his brother David Connell on bass, Doug MacMillan on vocals, and future filmmaker John Schultz on drums. This initial four-person line-up was quickly supplemented by the addition of George Huntley on second guitar, keyboards, and vocals. Around the same time, former Johnny Quest drummer Peele Wimberley replaced Schultz, finalizing the "classic" line-up of the band.
From the beginning of the group, Mike Connell wrote both the music and the lyrics of the majority of the band’s songs, although he was not the band's primary lead singer. Connell’s influences included the 1960's guitar pop of his childhood, including The Byrds and The Beatles.
Connell and other members of the band were also influenced by then-contemporary British bands such as The Smiths and Echo and the Bunnymen. Another, more idiosyncratic, influence was the British progressive rock band Jethro Tull, whose song “Living in the Past” was covered by the Connells on 1995's New Boy EP. Like Peter Buck of R.E.M. and Johnny Marr of The Smiths, Connell and Huntley played Rickenbacker guitars for the first several years of the band’s career, creating a jangly, folk-rock sound reminiscent of The Byrds and other Southern U.S. and North Carolina bands of the era, such as the dB's and Let's Active.
An early version of “Darker Days,” recorded by the band’s initial four-piece lineup, appeared on the North Carolina indie compilation More Mondo in 1984. A re-recorded version of “Darker Days” provided the title track to the band’s debut album, which was produced by fellow North Carolinian Don Dixon and Rod Dash and released in 1985 on Elvis Costello's Demon Records in the UK and the band’s own Black Park Records label in the U.S., with slightly different tracklistings for each country. In addition to the title track, one of the most notable songs on the album was “Hats Off,” an attack on then-President Ronald Reagan.
This is the UK album release (including "Dial It" as bonus track).


Darker Days / Much Easier / 1934 / Brighter Worlds / In My Head / Hats Off / Holding Pattern / Seven / Unspoken Words / Dial It (bonus US album release)

The Connells - Darker Days
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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Windbreakers - 1985 - Terminal

This album, the group's first full-length release after two EPs, puts forth Bobby Sutliff and Tim Lee as New South style songwriters to be watched. Sutliff's songs are especially memorable; "Off and On" exhibits a wonderfully audacious set of chord progressions, "Can't Go on This Way" is delightfully tuneful and winsome, and "New Red Shoes" boasts a buoyant accompaniment that is irresistable. His excellent "Stupid Idea" would later appear in fuller arrangement on his solo outing Only Ghosts Remain. Lee's work is less strong here, though the guitar hook on his "All That Stuff" is naggingly memorable. "Running Out of Time" (a co-authored song) hints clearly at the energetic excellence to come in the group's late-'80s albums. And an agreeably rustic cover, complete with ragged fiddle and rough-hewn vocals, of the Television song "Glory" (given here in conjunction with the group Rain Parade) is a standout. While this record doesn't have the panache, polish, and drive of later releases (the vocals in particular lack a certain oomph), Terminal possesses a craggy forthrightness that make it well worth hearing. ~ David Cleary, All Music Guide


Off and On - Changeless - Stupid Idea - A Girl & Her Bible - Can't Go on This Way - All That Stuff - New Red Shoes - Again - Glory - From a Distance - Running Out of Time

Windbreakers - Terminal
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More Windbreakers, Bobby Sutliff & Tim Lee stuff at Power Pop! Criminal$ (Windbreakers) (Bobby Sutliff) (Tim Lee)

Scott Wilk + The Walls - 1980 - Selftitled

If you're interested in the music features in this blog (you bet!), then you'll probably agree that Elvis Costello is a very cool musician. What? You can't get enough of his music, his endless reissues, his tons of bonus tracks? Well, I have something for you here. This album will put a smile on your face -hopefully. Mr. Wilk is here to satisfy your needs for more MacManus-like stuff.
I hope you don't call this plagiarism. Take it like an homage. And a truly wonderful one. As soon as the first song starts to play, you'll feel attracted by the sound. Tight playing, well-crafted songs, excellent production... it's a little thrill! Close your eyes, and you'll be amazed at how good Mr. Wilk and his band went for it. Let them talk, let them play. "Familiarity Breeds Mutation" anyone?
Little else is known about Scott Wilk. It seems he switched to techno-dance and released an obscure EP under the Bone Symphony moniker three years later. (Mr. Popcat - Power Pop Lovers Blog)

The Band:

Scott Wilk - Vocals, Keyboards & Treatments / Roger Ciszon - Guitars / Bob Lizik - Bass / Tom Scheckel - Drums & Percussion


Radioactive / Suspicion / Victim Of Circumstance / Danger Becomes Apparent / Man In The Mirror / Too Many Questions / Shorting Out / Careless / Instant This, Instant That / Familiarity Breeds Mutation / Shadow-Box Love

Scott Wilk + The Walls - Selftitled
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Rip and artworks are made by Popcat. Thank you very much !

The Things - 1984 - Coloured Heaven

Phenomenal band from the L.A. Psychedelic scene...was almost like traveling back in time. Saw them live at the now defunct Cavern Club in Hollywood, and make no mistake, these guys could PLAY. The only one I ever heard anything more from was the drummer Roy McDonald, who went on to play with Redd Kross, the Muffs, etc...
Miss these guys, they were awesome. (The Things at Psychedelic-Music.Net)

The Things were:

Steven Crabtree - vocals, guitar & keyboards / Roy McDonald - drums & other percussion instruments / Pete Rouch - bass guitar & vocals / Andre Garcia - guitar on "I won't be there" & "All the time"


Eyes of a child / I won't be there / It's not that way / She came out of the sky / Out of time / Coloured Heaven / It's over / Why am I waiting / Mr. you're a better man than I / All the time / It seems to be raining

The Things - Coloured Heaven
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The other Things albums posted by Power Pop! Criminal$ (download links at their respective titles and pass in comments)

The Things - 1986 - Outside My Window
The Things - 1988 - Things

The Chant - 1985 - Three Sheets To The Wind

On their first album, Florida's four-man Chant plays energetic and sparkling Southern folk-pop with a strong R.E.M. influence. The peppy tempo and flat-picked guitars of "All Behind Me" make that band's overwhelming impact evident from the very start; Walter Czachowski's husky (but articulate) singing furthers the comparison. But the loose-limbed guitar jam of "...For You," the striking country feel of "Heaven Assumes" and a spectacular cover of "Little Black Egg," the classic late-'60s obscurity by Florida's Nightcrawlers, help give Three Sheets to the Wind a legitimacy all its own.

The Chant were:

Walter Czachowski - vocals, guitar / James B. Johnson III - bass, vocals, e-bow / Tood Barry - drums, vocals, triangle / Rich DeFinis - guitar, vocals


All behind me / Small house / Turned inside out / Drive away / Jonesboro / For you / Little black egg / Heaven assumes / Perfect world

The Chant - Three Sheets To The Wind
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The Romantics - 2002 - What I Like About You (Live)

The Romantics, Detroit, Michigan, USA, 1977. Everybody knows them and it isn't necessary to write their biography.
This is a 2002 live album with the title “What I like about you (Live)” (the most famous song of the band). It doesn't appear in the official discography of the band (The Romantics). Published by Pet Rock Records in Europe and Musicrama Records in the USA, now it's out of print.


I'm Hip / Love Me To The Max / C'mon Girl (Work With Me) / Do Me Any Way You Wanna / Gimme One More Chance / When I Look In Your Eyes / What I Like About You / Stone Pony / Rock You Up / Keep In Touch / Got Me Where You Want Me / Open Your Door / Tomboy / Talking In Your Sleep

The Romantics - What I Like About You (Live)
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