Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tommy Keene - 1996 - Live At Underground Cafe, Hartford

In 1984 a six-song platter of pop perfection titled Places That Are Gone (Dolphin) put Tommy Keene onto the CMJ charts and atop the Village Voice EP of the Year poll. Looking back, it's easy to forget what an audacious piece of work the record was. Blatantly romantic, unapologetically melodic, bittersweet but absolutely invigorating, Places That Are Gone was the sort of record that you could put on before you went out on a Saturday night, or sit around and mope to if you didn't feel like facing the world. It still stands as one of Keene's most powerful statements, and it has held up remarkably well over the years....
In 1996, Keene released Ten Years After (Matador), his first full-length album of all-new material in seven years. Produced by Keene and recorded by pop music wunderkind Adam Schmitt, the album contains classic pop hooks and the loudest guitars to date. The album probably comes closest to the sound of a live Tommy Keene show, which, if you've never seen one, can be a pretty thunderous affair. Apart from rockers like Going Out Again, Compromise and Turning On Blue, the album also contains the lovely Silent Town (dig the tremolo guitar solo at the end) and the country swing (sort of) of You Can't Wait for Time. If Ten Years After revealed that Keene had stored up a lot of creative energy in the 49 dog years between full length LPs, his next effort, Isolation Party (Matador), showed that he could do just as well if not better on much shorter notice. (Tommy Keene website)
This is the sound of his show.


Call On Me / Going Out Again / Turning On Blue / Astronomy-Alive / Your Heart Beats Alone / On The Runway / Nothing Can Change You / Silent Town / Good Thing Going / Back To Zero / Compromise / Love Is A Dangerous Thing / Places That Are Gone

Tommy Keene - Underground Cafe Hartford
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

John Eddie: Selftitled (1986) + The Hard Cold Truth (1989)

who the hell is john eddie?
"On the roller coaster of his career so far, John Eddie has had enough big breaks, hard luck, new beginnings, false starts, serious adventure and big fun to inspire a boxed set's worth of country songs. He's had the sort of life - often hard-scrabble, occasionally charmed -- that other artists only imagine, or have someone else write about for them. John has managed to document a lot of this on Who The Hell Is John Eddie?, his debut disc for Lost Highway, along with details of assorted dreams, wishes, romances, and regrets. He really has spent endless days and nights on the road, playing the "shit-hole bars" he so hilariously and accurately recalls. And he's endured the heckling of alcohol-fueled patrons wanting to hear Skynyrd and Petty and demanding to know, Who The Hell Is John Eddie?.
The funny thing is, his career first took at a time when everybody, in the music biz at least, wanted to know who the hell John Eddie was. It was the mid-eighties and the Virginia native, who'd recently relocated to New Jersey, was playing a showcase club in Manhattan called Trax.
A busload of supporters had come to cheer him on. A few A&R guys caught the show, in which John wowed everyone in the house. By the next morning he found himself on the brink of an intense major-label bidding war that soon attracted the interest of the press as well as the industry. It didn't hurt that Bruce Springsteen, was, and still is, a fan and would sometimes surprise John by hopping onstage during his weekly gig at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ."

Selftitled tracks:

Dream House - Pretty Little Rebel - Hide Out - Just Some Guy - Please Jodi - Cool Walk - Jungle Boy - Stranded - Waste Me - Romance - Buster - Living Doll

The Hard Cold Truth tracks:

Shake My Faith - Baby's Gone Wild - Swear - When Love Turns Mean - Pourin' Rain - Payday - Tough Luck - Daddy Said - Run and Hide - In Private

John Eddie - Selftitled
John Eddie - The Hard Cold Truth

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Note: Both albums were repackaged in a double cd, but the package is out of stock.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Interview: Big Oceans (1979) + Snakes And Lovers (1980)

Interview was formed in 1977 by Pete Allerhand, Alan Brain and Jeff Starrs in the lovely City of Bath, England. After adding Manny Elias on drums and Phil Crowther on bass they quickly rose from playing pub gigs in Bath to club gigs in Bristol and then on to the thriving 'Pub Rock' scene in London. Around this time the band recorded a simple demo which Jeff and Alan took round the record companies getting the most favourable response from Virgin Records. After sending out Arnold Frolows, an A & R guy, to see them play live Interview were duly signed up to a five album recording deal.
After two albums, 'Big Oceans' and 'Snakes and Lovers' (selftitled in The States), four singles (remember them), 'Birmingham', 'You Didn't Have to Lie to Me', 'To The People' and 'Hide and Seek' – several British and European tours and several managers the band, sadly, split up and went their separate ways.

The band:

Jeff Starrs : Lead and backing vocals / Alfie Agius : Bass and backing vocals / Pete Allerhand : Lead guitar, backing vocals and keyboards / Alan Brain : Guitars and backing vocals / Manny Elias : Drums and percussion

Big Oceans tracks:

You Didn't Have To Lie To Me / Here Come The Cavalry / Feet Start Walking / Love Fallout / Fire Island / Academies To Anger / Blow Wind From Alesund / St. Jean Wires / Hart Crane In Mexico / Shipyards

Snakes And Lovers tracks:

Hide and Seek / Adventurers / It's Over Now / The Conqueror / To the People / Style on Seaview / A Gift / I Hope It's Me / Crossing Borders / Until I Hold Her / Union Man

Interview - Big Oceans
Interview - Snakes And Lovers

Links removed (complaints received)

You can take a look at Interview website

Los Illegals - 1983 - Internal Exile

Los Illegals sprang out of East L.A. in 1980 as part of the L.A. punk rock scene, Chicano- style.
They had an album entitled “Intenal Exile” on A&M Records in 1981, produced by Mick Ronson of David Bowie fame (also producer of the Payola$ 2nd and 3rd albums), and played the punk/new wave circuit in Hollywood. This all became possible when they co-founded a venue on the Eastside called Club Vex. They were able to create a scene that amazingly even drew Westside bands such as The Blasters and X to the barrio. Although Los Illegals were most active and visible in the 80s, they are not to be confined to that decade. They’re an ongoing concept that continues to evolve and have a social and cultural impact. In 1997, Los Illegals recorded an album with Concrete Blonde on Miles Copeland’s Ark 21 label. In 1999, they participated on a CD and documentary called “Searching for Jimi Hendrix”, which also featured tracks by such diverse artists as Los Lobos, Laurie Anderson, Rosanne Cash and Chuck D. (Extracted from Mark Guerrero site)


Spawned by artist/muralist Willy Herron (keys, vocals), civil rights activist, Jesus “Xiuy” Velo (Bass), Drummer Bill Reyes, and guitarist brothers Manuel and Tony Valdez (who also perform with their Mariachi parents & relatives).


EL Lay / Secret Society / We Don't Need A Tan / Guinea Pigs / The Maze / Rampage / Maybe / The Mall / Wake Up John / Search And Seizure / Not Another Homicide / A-95

Los Illegals - Internal Exile
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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Hoodoo Gurus - 1984 - Live In Sidney

The Hoodoo Gurus is a band very well-known by all the Power Pop fans.
Stoneage Romeos is a classic for me. Songs like "I want you back" or "My Girl" have sounded thousands of times in my record player.
Like it was very difficult that my favorite bands toured in Spain, one of my hobbies has been to be compiling concerts of them.
It could not see them but I could hear them.
Searching, months ago I found this concert of their better momment via "torrent" in flac format, my only work has been restore a little clipped audio and make the artworks inspired in the Stoneage Romeos sleeves. I've also converted it to mp3 because many of you don't know how to burn the flac files.
I hope that you enjoy it so much as I because the sound is very good.
The perfomance was at the Silver Spade Room, Chevron Hotel, Sydney, Australia on July 18th, 1984.


Who Do You Love! / Dig It Up / I Want You Back / Death Ship / Tomorrow That Was Yesterday / I Want You / My Girl / Because You're Mine / Leilani Pt. 2 / Be My Guru / I Was A Kamikaze Pilot / Rock 'n' Roll (Part 2)

The Hoodoo Gurus - 1984 - Live In Sidney
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

PAYOLA$: Introducing (1980) + In A Place Like This (1981) + No Stranger To Danger (1982) + Hammer On A Drum (1983)

Paul Hyde emigrated from Britain to Victoria, BC in the mid 70's, bringing with him the punk that was the main music in the UK at the time. He began playing in local clubs where he met Bob Rock in 1979. Together they performed as a duo and exchanged musical ideas before drummer Terry Nelson Little and bassist Gary Middleclass, a fellow Brit joined up. Payola$' early sound could best be described as punk meets Cyndi Lauper, a culmination of Hyde's British influences and the trendy pop that was all the rave in Vancouver at the time.
As they played and wrote together more, their sound began riding the new wave movement of the day. They quickly became staples of the Vancouver area scene and cut a pair of 45's, "Money For Hype" on N B Records and "China Boys" on their own Slophouse label. The band was selling the records at their shows and in local stores when they caught the attention of A&M Records. Unsure of the band's potential, they told them to prepare 4 songs for a demo, of which "China Boys" made the cut. The tracks were remixed and released as INTRODUCING PAYOLA$ in 1980. The attention received convinced the label to embrace the band as a potential leader in the new wave - punk crossover sound that was becoming mainstream.
With new members Lawrence Wilkins on bass and drummer Christopher Taylor, they brought famed producer Mick Ronson to Vancouver's Little Mountain Studios for their first full album. This was also when Rock would begin his on-the-job training as a studio master, eventually working with the majority of Canadian musicians at one time or another. IN A PLACE LIKE THIS was released in the spring of 1981 to rave reviews. Containing remakes of "Jukebox" and "China Boys", it also had the upbeat "Too Shy To Dance" and "Whiskey Boy", about an under-priveledged youth who grows up in a family stricken with alcohol abuse - a sign of Hyde's conscientious writing style he'd later become renowned for.
After a cross Canada tour which also took the band into the States, they returned to the friendly confines of Little Mountain to begin work on the next album. Altering the band's sound & focus led to Wilkins leaving and being replaced by keyboardist Christopher Livingston. Without actual bass, the sound was had more of a pop feel than the rebelion evident in the first one. Again Ronson was brought in to oversee production.
NO STRANGER TO DANGER was released just over a year later, again gaining instant critical acclaim. The smash "Eyes Of A Stranger" was also featured on the soundtrack to the movie "Valley Girl" and TV's "Miami Vice" a couple years later and won '82's Juno Award for 'single of the year'. Their second single "Romance" again hit Top 40 and helped keep the record on the charts for the better part of the year and earn them 2 more Junos, including recognition for Rock as Engineer of The Year.
HAMMER ON A DRUM was out by the summer of '83 and became their pinnacle release. Backed by the huge hits "Where Is This Love", "Wild West", the lead-off "I'll Find Another", a number of 7" singles were released over the next year to capitalize on the band's popularity in the clubs. The record also featured cameos by Ian Hunter and Bruce Fairbairn - and a smash duet with Carole Pope (Rough Trade) on "Never Said I Loved You". Not just trendy tunes which happened to also gain alot of video airplay, Hyde's songwriting showed it's socially-conscious side with "Hastings Street", a tale of a down and out person on the outside looking in. Again a number of dance-club singles and carefully tailored videos helped push Payolas to the forefront of the Canadian pop scene.

'Introducing' tracks:

China Boys / TNT / Rose / Juke Box

'In A Place Like This' tracks:

In A Place Like This / I'm Sorry / Jukebox / Whiskey Boy / Good Job / You Can't Walk Away / Too Shy To Dance / Hot Tonight / Female Hands / Comfortable / China Boys

'No Stranger To Danger' tracks:

Romance / Eyes Of A Stranger / Some Old Song / Rose / Hastings Street / Youth / Lights To Change / Mystery To Me / Pennies Into Gold / Screaming / Rockers

'Hammer On A Drum' tracks:

I'll Find Another (Who Can Do It Right) / Where Is This Love / Wild West / Perhaps Some Day / Never Said I Loved You / No Prisoners / Christmas Is Coming / I Am A City / Hungry / People Who Have Great Lives

Payola$ - Introducing Payola$
Payola$ - In A Place Like This
Payola$ - No Stranger To Danger
Payola$ - Hammer On A Drum

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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Plimsouls - 1981 - Live At The Whiskey A Go Go

Formed by singer, guitarist and songwriter Peter Case (who had previously fronted The Nerves), the core lineup of the Plimsouls included Case, guitarist Eddie Munoz, bassist David Pahoa and drummer Lou Ramirez.
The band's first release was an EP, Zero Hour in 1980, followed by a full length album in 1981, The Plimsouls.
The band achieved its greatest notoriety in 1983 when the single release "A Million Miles Away" was included on the Valley Girl motion picture soundtrack and became a minor hit. The band, which also appeared on camera in the movie, performing the song and parts of two others, quickly re-recorded the song for inclusion on a second album, Everywhere At Once, produced by Jeff Eyrich, but broke up shortly after. Several years later, in 1990, a then up-and-coming band named the Goo Goo Dolls covered "A Million Miles Away" on their Hold Me Up album.

The Plimsouls at my space
Peter Case site


Hush, Hush / Shaky City / Lost Time / Inch By Inch / Sorry / Now / Women / A Million Miles Away / I'll Get Lucky / Zero Hour / I Want You Back / Everyday Things / Jump, Jive & Harmonize / Come On Now / Dizzy Miss Lizzy / New Orleans / Goin' Back To Birmingham / Run Run Run

The Plimsouls - Live At The Whiskey A Go Go
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

3-D: Selftitled (1980) + See It Loud (1981)

3-D was a short-lived American new wave quintet of the early 1980s, better known for the hit singles All Night Television, Telephone Number and the classic X-Ray Eyes.
They toured with such groups as The Ramones, The Cars, Eddie Money, Poco, and U2. Keyboardist Teddy Wender and Vocalist Ric Zivic have a music production business currently in Manhattan were they produce music for TV and commercials. U2 opened for 3-D at the Ritz in April 1980; they also appeared on SNL that same month. They opened for the J.Geils Band on the Love Stinks tour circa 1980. Ric and Ted also produced the music for The Learning Channel's children's show Bingo and Molly and the current popular show Overhaulin. As a keyboardist, Ted has recorded and performed with Michael Powers, Albert King,Wilson Pickett,Ben E King,Dr. John,Johnny Winter,Ric Derringer,Gordon Waller {Peter&Gordon},Paul Jones, Odetta,Bill Chinook ,Ray Draper,Gary Stewart,and Loudon Wainwright III (Ted played piano on Dead Skunk). Ted also composed two dance hits for the Doobie Brothers and the Memphis Horns. Teddy first started recording with the underground classic country rock band, White Cloud, which members included [country fiddler legend] Kenny Kosek and [duleing banjos] Eric Weissberg.

3-D were:

Rick Zivic - Lead Vocal / Keiv Ginsberg - Guitars & Vocals / Ted Wender - Keyboards & Vocals / Nick Stevens - Bass & Vocals / Mike Fink - Drums

Selftitled tracks:

Telephone Number / It's No Fun / Here Today, Gone Tomorrow / Pin up Girl / Back to Youv / X-Ray Eyes / All American Boy / Carnival / All Night Television

See It Loud tracks:

There's A Sound / Long Distance / Goin' Through The Motions / Thrill Seeker / Flashback Baby / Feeling Of Love / Blind Love / Easier Said Than Done / Something In My Eye (I'm Not Crying)

3-D - Selftiled
3-D - See It Loud

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Rip and artworks for "See It Loud" maded by davester and Paul, respectively.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Splitsville - 2001 - Los Conciertos de Radio 3

Benefiting from three equally talented singer songwriters (Ira Katz and twin brothers Matt and Brandt Huseman), Baltimore's Greenberry Woods push all the right power-pop buttons on Rapple Dapple, co-produced by Andy Paley. After the second album Big Money Item, they changed their name and became Splitsville. (Power Pop! Criminal$)
In 2001 The Complete Pet Soul was released to international critical acclaim. The album featured six new songs, as well as their cover of Burt Bacharach's "I'll Never Fall in Love Again," which is featured in the movie Get Over It starring Kirsten Dunst and Sisqo. The new songs were recorded with Andy Bopp (Love Nut/Myracle Brah) at his home studio, and the CD has been released through Air Mail records in Japan and Houston Party records in Europe.
In the fall of 2001, Splitsville became a four-piece. With the addition of Tony Waddy on lead guitar and vocals, they have been able to add songs previously unperformed in their live set. They enjoyed a second trip to Spain, which included local and national radio interviews in several cities, numerous print interviews and a live concert taped for Spanish national television. The fifteen-show, thirteen-date tour was a big success.

Here is that show for the Spanish TV courtesy of "bluecartoon".

Recorded at Música-1 Studios, Madrid, Spain, December 2001
Broadcast in Spain (Radio 3 & TVE 2), January 10th, 2002


Matt Huseman - voices, guitar
Paul Krysiak - voices, bass, keyboards
Brandt Huseman - voices, drums
Tony Waddy - guitar, voices


Yearbook / Forever / Manna / Big Red Sun / Oh Janine / The Love Songs of B. Douglas Wilson / You Ought to Know / Pretty People / The Kids Who Kill for Sugar

Splitsville - Los Conciertos De Radio 3
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Color Me Gone - 1984 - Selftitled

This six song EP did more than just introduce future adult alternative goddess Marti Jones to the world; it's also good enough to make Color Me Gone's breakup shortly after its release seem a bit disappointing. The well-crafted and finely produced jangle pop stands up to what most of the Akron quartet's peers were offering at the time, with a little extra guitar muscle and the group's ability to get credibly rootsy (the sweet country-soul of "Hurtin' You," the harbinger of Jones' subsequent direction) to further recommend it. It's Jones who makes the most difference, though; in a genre where great singers were almost nonexistent, hearing one slice through the ringing guitars and harmonies was certainly welcome and occasionally ("Lose Control," "Hideaway") thrilling. ~ Dan LeRoy, All Music Guide

Color Me Gone were:

Marti Jones: Guitar, Vocals / George Cabaniss: Guitar, Vocals / Jack Troweridge: Bass / Rob Brill: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals / Don May: Drums, Percussion


Love Control / Calm Before a Storm / Hideaway / Almost Heaven / Hurtin' You / July/December

Color Me Gone - Selftitled
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Rip and scans courtesy of "bluecartoon".

Friday, October 12, 2007

Patrick's New Blog

Hello bloggers.
Patrick has his own blog dedicated to the music we like: REAL ROCK'N'ROL.

Called "SONS OF THE DOLLS" is written in french, but that's no problem because everybody can use the translators on line.

He has began with a few and selected albums and important music news.

Enjoy it !!!

And "GOOD LUCK" in the blogger adventure.

P.D.: He will continue collaborating with this blog.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Olivier Lorquin et la Connection Marseillaise - Lorquin-The Singles (1980-1982)

Hello guys. Weeks ago Patrick sent me a rar file with a few singles and scans of this french singer- songwriter.
I'd never listened something about him and my surprise was that I was listening an authentic rocker.
The info about him in the net is "nothing" or perhaps my french knowledge is very limited and he's the director of the Dina Vierny Musée Maillol Foundation.
In any case, I've only found references about him at ebay or a few french sites with the singles references. Also in the Mickey Jupp covers site is mentioneed.

Here are his 4 singles released since 1980 to 1982 reunited in a cd with special artworks maded for the ocassion.
It's curious the good taste for the single artworks (All the original singles artworks included in the rar file).


Le Rock Dans L'sang / J'ai Un Coup De Cafard (WEA 18148 - 1980)
Martine,tu Deconnes / Coquine (WEA 18247 - 1980)
J'aime Ma Grenouille / Je Suis Un Flambeur (CBS A2199 - 1981)
Le Joker / Carnet D'cheques (CBS A1595 - 1982)

For the Dr. Feelgood fans:
Carnet D'chéques (Cheque Book) & J'ai Un Coup De Cafard (Down At The Doctors), written by Mickey Jupp/Olivier Lorquin.
J'aime Ma Grenouille (I Love My Frog) written by Olivier Lorquin/Wilko Johnson

Olivier Lorquin et la Connection Marseillaise - Lorquin-The Singles (1980-1982)
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bangles: Selftitled EP (1982) + All Over The Place (1984)

Bangles were a part of LA's "Paisley Under- ground" of the mid 1980s which featured groups that played a mixture of 1960s influenced folk-rock and jangle-pop with a more modern punk-ish/garage band undertone (The Three O'Clock, Rain Parade, Green On Red and The Dream Syndicate among others).
After their 1981 formation like the Colours became the Supersonic Bangs and then just the Bangs. They wrote their own songs and recorded one, “Getting Out of Hand,” on their own Down Kiddie label while they began playing Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley nightspots.
Manager Miles Copeland heard them, signed them up, and sent them on tour with the English Beat and Cyndi Lauper while releasing a five-song EP on his Faulty Products label. When the group was threatened with a potential lawsuit from pre-existing East Coast Bangs, the girls renamed themselves the Bangles in a Mexican restaurant on the way to Las Vegas.
In 1983 the group signed with Columbia Records. Zalinkas left after not being able to fulfill her desire as lead singer. She was replaced by Michael “Micki” Steele, the original lead singer of the all-girl Runaways. (source)

Selftitled EP tracks:

The Real World (Hoffs/Peterson) / I'm In Line (Peterson/Peterson/Hoffs) / Want You (Peterson) / Mary Street (Hoffs/Peterson) / How Is The Air Up There? (Duboff/Kornfeld)

All Over The Place tracks:

Hero Takes a Fall (Hoffs, Peterson) / Live (Rhodes) / James (Peterson) / All About You (Peterson) / Dover Beach (Hoffs, Peterson) / Tell Me (Hoffs, Peterson) / Restless (Hoffs, Peterson) / Going Down to Liverpool (Rew) / He's Got a Secret (Peterson) / Silent Treatment (Peterson) / More Than Meets the Eye (Peterson)

Bangles - Selftitled E.P.

Bangles - All Over The Place

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Charlie Pickett With the Eggs - Cowboy Junkie Au-Go-Go (1984) + Route 33 (1986)

Courtesy of Patrick.
Charlie's first release after ther “Live at the Button” LP continued with the same personel (Pickett, Johnny Salton on guitar, Dave Froshnider on bass and John (Stix) Galway on drums) making their first collective studio effort. Anyone paying attention could easily see he had reached his first plateau as a recording artist, while the Eggs had become a beautifully sloppy and soulful backing band willing to play it as straight or as out as necessary to get the point across. From the Louie Louie lowdown hoedown of Marlboro Country to the stinging Liked It Alot, rightly described by Robert Christgau as “ one of the bitterest post-free-love songs you've ever heard.”
Eggless, but joined by such sympathetic grunge talents as ex-Panther Burns guitarist Jim Duckworth and Maureen Tucker, Charlie is still burning with unquenchable rock'n'roll fire on Route 33. The material is almost entirely Pickett's; Minneapolis legend Chris Osgood produced it to resemble an old Stones album from a real ethnic American perspective. A little bit blues, a little bit country, but strictly bullshit-free, the album is a straightforward electric charge from a real heartlands original.

Cowboy Junkie Au-Go-Go tracks:

Marlboro Country / But I Didn't / Overtown / Trash Fever / Liked It A Lot

Route 33 tracks:

A. On Horseback / All Love All Gone / Heads up - Heel Down / Tarwater / Cowboy No.77 / Phantom Train / Seka's Wedding / Remember Every Moment / Meigs County

Charlie Pickett & The Eggs - Cowboy Junkie Au-Go-Go
Charlie Pickett - Route 33

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Also avalaible at Power Pop! Criminal$: Charlie Pickett & The MC3 - 1988 - The Wilderness

The Elvis Brothers: Movin' Up (1983) + Adventure Time (1985)

The Elvis Brothers, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1980. Power Pop trio, with rockabilly and roots touches. They recorded for Portrait Records (CBS) two great albums.
Their first record, Movin' Up is a 12-song album that included Fire in the City, Hey Tina and Santa Fe and was well received by the critics. In the Trouser Press Record Guide, Ira Robbins calls the album "truly mega-fun". A Rolling Stone reviewer called it "a record that I wouldn't trade for a king's ransom".
The second, "Adventure Time" has 5 or more songs that could have been number ones. The reggae-inflected “Don’t Take My Guns Away” (which remembers Joe Jackson), “Somebody Call The Police” (suggesting Cheap Trick, with whom they shared a manager) or the singles “I Wonder Why,” “Akiko Shinoda” or “Burnin’ Desire” as shouldabeen hits.
In 1995 they recorded "Now Dig This" for the independent label Recession.

The Elvis Bros were:

Brad Elvis: drums / Graham Elvis: vocals & bass / Rob Elvis: vocals & guitars

Today Brad Elvis is in the line-up of a Power Pop band from Illinois called "Three Hour Tour"

Movin' Up tracks:

(I Know You) Shake It / It's So Hard / Hidden in a Heartbeat / Hey Tina / Red Dress / Fire in the City / Here We Go Again / Movin' Up / Santa Fe / Full Speed Straight Ahead / You Got Me / Long Gone

Adventure Time tracks:

Burnin' Desire / Somebody Call the Police / Don't Take My Guns Away / Holy Moly / Crosswinds / Count to Three / I Wonder Why / Akiko Shinoda / Chin Up / Big Ideas

The Elvis Brothers - Movin' Up
The Elvis Brothers - Adventure Time

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Bombardiers - 1984 - Search And Enjoy

The Bombar- diers were a Power Pop band from Seattle, Washing- ton. Formed in 1984, they recorded a mini-lp called "Search and enjoy" and an album called "Fight Back".
The band was formed by Al Bloch (bass, vocals and lead guitar on "When the drama Ends), Leif Cole (lead vocals and sax), Rick Dean (guitars and vocals) and Richard Stuverud Jr. (drums, vocals and keyboards).
Bloch also was member of another band called "Wool" formed in in 1991. In this band was Franz Stahl (Foo Fighters).
Stuverud was member of bands like The Fastbacks, Suicide Squad, Three Fish and War Babies (hard rock).
Here is their first work with a highlight song called "Rich Man" (a delicious).
Produced by Peter Barnes (drummer for The Enemy, The Fishsticks)


Search & Enjoy / Rich Man / When The Drama Ends / New Blood / Sleepwalkin' Man / Direction

The Bombardiers - Search And Enjoy
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Blue Angel - 1980 - Selftitled

Prior to becoming the iconoclastic vocalist who would revolu- tionize the role of women in rock & roll during the 1980s, Cyndi Lauper fronted Blue Angel, a New York-based pop/rock quintet that was all too short-lived. Their sound recalls all that is good (OK, great) about the superbly crafted early-'60s pop music genre -- especially female-led units such as the Angels and the Ronettes. Producer Roy Halee perfectly re-creates Phil Spector's Wagner-ian "Wall of Sound" on the upbeat "I Had a Love" -- complete with timpani interjections and percussive castanet flourishes -- as well as "Just the Other Day," throwing in more than a hint of a reggae shuffle backbeat". (extracted from all music)

Blue Angel were:

Cyndi Lauper (vocals) / Arthur Neilson (guitar) / Lee Brovitz (bass) / John Turi (keyboards, saxopbone) / Johnny Morelli (drums)


Maybe He'll Know (Lauper, Turi) / I Had a Love (Lauper, Turi) / Fade (Lauper, Turi) / Anna Blue (Lauper, Turi) / Can't Blame Me (Lauper, Turi) / Late (Brovitz, Lauper, Turi) / Cut Out (Fowler, King, Mack) / Take a Chance (Lauper, Turi) / Just the Other Day (Lauper, Turi) / I'm Gonna Be Strong (Mann, Weil) / Lorraine (Lauper, Turi) / Everybody's Got an Angel (Blue Angel, Gross)

Blue Angel - St (1980)
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Barracudas: Live EP (1984) + Live In Madrid (1986)

Originally posted by the Power Pop Lovers Team, this is a josega65 contribution.
"THE BARRACUDAS, "The best R&R band in London at this moment" like says YVES GUILLEMOT at the begining of "Grammar of misery". Recorded in Madrid, February 1984, and released in 1986 at Imposible Records (only 1000 pressed), this record hasn't had a CD release. In 1984, shortly after the Madrid concerts, an EP was released by Record Runner Records with four songs recorded at that shows. Here are both records for your listening pleasure.
English readers, sorry for my bad english. Only my english speaking is worse than my grammar.
" (written by josega 65 at Power Pop Lovers Blog)

The Barracudas 1984:

Jeremy Gluck: vocals / Robin Wills: guitar, vocals / Jim Dickson: bass, vocals / Chris Wilson: guitar, vocals / Mark Sheppard: drums

Live EP (Record Runner Records 002, 1984) tracks:

Song for Lorraine (Gluck - Wilson) / Black snake (Wills) / Ballad of a liar (Gluck - Wills) / Slow death (Jordan - Loney)

Live in Madrid (Imposible Records 4K-025, 1986) tracks:

Grammar of misery (Gluck - Wills) / Bad news (Wills) / This ain't my time (Wills) / Dealing with today (Gluck - Wills) / You've come a long way (Wills) / Pieces broken (Gluck - Wilson) / You're gonna miss me (Rocky Erickson) / We're living in violent times (Gluck - Wills) / Codine (Buffy St. Marie) / I ain't no miracle worker (Mantz - Tucker) / Eleventh hour (Gluck - Wills) / Barracuda (Cobb) / Chimes of freedom (Bob Dylan) / I can't pretend (Wills) / Fortunate son (John Fogerty)

Produced by Ricardo Rodríguez.

The Barracudas - Live EP
The Barracudas - Live In Madrid (New Link Megaupload)

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Winter Hours: Wait Till The Morning (1986) + Selftitled (1987)

Winter Hours, New Jersey, USA. One of those bands appeared in the Athens area at the shadow of R.E.M.. Winter Hours was very influenced by the early Buffalo Springfield, Bob Dylan and Gene Clark. The band built up a presence on college radio after opening for artists like The Hoodoo Gurus, Marshall Crenshaw, Let's Active or The Bongos.

Winter Hours

Joseph Marques: vocals / Michael Carlucci: guitar / Bob Perry: guitars, vocals / Bob Messing: bass / Stanley Demeski: drums

Wait Till The Morning (EP) tracks:

Hyacinth Girl / Wait Till The Morning / Simple John / Island Of Jewels / Incendiary

Selftitled tracks:

Hyacinth Girl / Waiting For The Thunder / We Can Only Win / All Along The Watchtower / Churches / Wait Till The Morning / The Confessional / September Street

Winter Hours - Wait Till The Morning (EP)
Winter Hours - Selftitled

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Campos de Fresas - 1995 - Disfrutando con las canciones de los Beatles

Campos de fresas (Strawberry Fields) is a compilation of indie spanish bands covering Beatles. All you know the songs reason why it's not necessary to comment anymore.
This cd version was put out of the market because was released without permission. The new cd version only contained 14 songs (without Los Brujos & Nando González songs). Actually is out of stock.


Los Brujos - I'll be back again / Los Imposibles - Cry baby cry / Los Escarabajos - Strawberry fields forever / Los Protones - Any time at all / La Buena Vida - Here, there and everywhere / The Green Apples - For you blue / Malcom Scarpa Quintet - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / Joaquín Pardinilla - Honey Pie / Glass Onion - One after 909 / Hank - I'm looking through you / Castafiore - The fool on the hill / Nando González - Conduce mi Rolls (Drive my car) / Pribata Idaho - Rain / El Niño Gusano - Blue jay way / Lobos Negros - Misery / Danger Four - I should have known better

Campos de Fresas: Disfrutando con las canciones de los Beatles
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Monday, October 01, 2007

Live Wire Discography

"After Advertising's demise, guitarist/producer Simon Boswell joined singer/guitarist Mike Edwards' talented London pub band. Live Wire had already released Pick It Up (which resembles Kilburn and the High Roads, or early Dire Straits without the flashy guitar work) when Boswell arrived. Replacing a guitarist named Chris Cutler (not the Henry Cow drummer), he also became the quartet's producer, introducing a slicker, more commercial sound. No Fright has no stylistic connection with Boswell's previous band, but it's a worthy companion to other modest pub-veteran documents.
Boswell wields far more audible influence on the charmingly popped-up Changes Made, eclipsing Edwards' Knopfleresque rock songs with his own delightful "Don't Look Now" and the collaborative "Child's Eye," which suggest a gutsier version of the Records." (Ira Robbins)

Pick It Up Tracks:

Hit & Run Driver / Money / Thinking Of You / Water Into Wine / Lone Car Cruising / Hey Good Looking / Superstitious / Weaving / Paid In Smiles / Hard They Come Up

No Fright tracks:

Dont Bite The Hand / Competition / Broken Glass / Break Of Day / Castle In Every Swiss Cottage / One More Show / First Night Every Night / Taggesschau / No Fright / Red Light Is On

Changes Made tracks:

Changes Made / Child's Eye / Sleep / Don't Look Now / Running / Soundtrack / Anarchists In Love / Power / Wait In The Shadows / Burn

Live Wire - Pick It Up (1979)
Live Wire - No Fright (1980)
Live Wire - Changes Made (1981)

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I Remember Your Name - 1996 - A Tribute To The Records

This release was posted by the Power Pop Lovers Blog, and this was the review:
"In 1996, Antonio Maimo (Baleares, Spain) a fan of The Records had the idea to make a tribute to them. But like the phenomenon of making tribute records to famous gropus and singers, which was at the first moment unquestionably refreshing, had turned into a common matter, what to do?
The intention was to pay a different tribute to The Records, but... how?: by the exaltation of one of their albums.
Here are reunited a lot of spanish indie bands covering the Crashes songs.
He thought it's not a good thing to make comparision between all these bands by listening their songs.
If you are an old fan of the band, just think that he has got a lot: after more than 15 years, here are all those songs, which are almost in the hands of the next generation, and they are as shiny as they were before. (Taken from the linner notes of the album written by Eduardo Ranedo)"


Mr Snoid - Rumour sets the woods alight / Los Potros - Hearts in her eyes / Ross - I don't remember your name / Malconsejo - Man with a girl proof heart / Sunday Crime - The same mistakes / The Happy Losers - Girl in golden disc / Matamala - Spent a week with you last night / Crocodiles - Hearts will be broken / Heartbeats - The worriers / Los Huespedes Felices - Guitars in the sky / Pop Machine - Hearts in her eyes (electric version)

I Remember Your Name - A Tribute To The Records
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