Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Joe Egan - 1979 - Out Of Nowhere

Joe Egan is a Scottish singer- songwriter. Egan together with former school mate Gerry Rafferty, played in various smaller British bands, The Sensors and The Mavericks, and worked as a session musician. In 1972 he and Rafferty founded the folk / rock band Stealers Wheel. After two unsuccessful singles the track "Stuck in the Middle With You", which he had co-written with Rafferty, surprisingly became a hit in 1973 and reached the Top Ten of both the UK Singles Chart and the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.
Subsequently the band had a few smaller successes, amongst others with the Egan penned song "Star", but stagnating sales figures and artistical differences finally led to the band's break-up in 1975. Egan eventually recorded his solo debut album Back On The Road, but this did not occur until 1979 as he and Rafferty were contractually obliged not to release any recordings for three years.
In 1978 Rafferty had a worldwide hit with "Baker Street" and the following year Egan registered a minor hit with his first single release, also named "Back On The Road".
The same year Egan's second single "Out Of Nowhere" turned out to be a flop. 1981 saw the release of his second album Map, which was not a critical or commercial success. Egan disappeared from the music industry and has not released any new recordings.
As of 2005, Egan lives in Renfrewshire and runs a publishing company from his home.


Back On The Road / Ask For No Favour / Natural High / Why Let It Bother You / The Last Farewell / Freeze / Pride / No Time For Sorrow / Leavin It All Behind / Out Of Nowhere

Joe Egan - Out Of Nowhere
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Friday, November 23, 2007

Fantastic Something - 1985 - Selftitled

From Cherry Red Records first and later from Blanco y Negro/WEA, Fantastic Something reached resonance in the 80's by their Pop of classic cut. They were as a well dressed independent Simon & Garfunkel with a good way of life.
They released a little production (1 album and 1 single) - more than nothing due to their perfectionist eagerness but they inspired to many Pop bands. The Veis brothers were seven years settled down in the United Kingdom and assimilated emblems of other people's cultures and studies of architecture and cinematographic arts in London. Of simple spirit, not contaminated, they were progressing and acquiring notoriety until the point of being considered next to Everything But The Girl like the exotic flower of the independent Pop of the 80's. Finished their adventure in the United Kingdom they returned to Athens (Greece).
Probably the best greek band together with the Aprodite's Child.
Here you have the album and the single reunited.
In 2001 they released a mini-lp called "Songs In A Small Room" (2001), avalaible only for 7€ here.


The Night We Flew Out The Wind / Melancholy Bay / Drawing Rooms / Picking Up Little Adventures / The Angels Took Over The Train / Sleeping In Your White Valleys / Perfect Napoleon / Garden City / In Houses By The Port / Hurt Kingdoms

Bonus tracks:

If She Doesn’t Smile (It’ll Rain) / The Thousand Guitars Of St Dominiques

Fantastic Something - Selftitled
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We are lucky. A new Blog done by a collaborator has begun.
Called VINYL TRESAURES, in it you will be able to find.... "out-of-print music from his vinyl collection which has never been reissued to date..... Hopefully this will serve to stir interest in reissuing these fine albums, and artists will get the recognition they deserve once again. Amen! Oh, and he'll also rave about current music he digs."

GOOD LUCK!! and thanks a lot.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dogs - 1982 - Live In Lyon (The Lyon Tapes)

A very interesting concert of this phenomenal french band.
Recorded live for Radio Bellevue and Zap FM at the Salle Rameau, Lyon, France on October 20th, 1982, this recording is the Pre-FM Master tapped by Lolive.
The complete history of the recording is contained in the artworks.


Bird Dogging / Wanderin' Robin / The Most Forgotten French Boy / Death Lane / Home Isit's neccesa Where I Want To Be / Mona / Gone Gone Gone / Too Much Class For The Neighbourhood / Tallahassee Lassie / No Way / Words / Here Comes My Baby / Quick Joey Small (Run Joey Run) / Poisoned Town / Skakin' With Linda / Different Me / Shout / Till The End Of The Day / The Train Kept-a-Rollin' / Nobody But Me / If You Don't Want Me No More / Nineteen / These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

The Dogs - Live In Lyon

Part 1
Part 2

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IMPORTANT!: To unpack the rar file it's necessary to put both parts in the same folder.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Yipes!: Selftitled (1979) + A Bit Irrational (1980)

The Yipes! were a Power Pop band arised in the late 70's in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, leadered by Pat McCurdy.
Their first appearance was in a compilation called “Big hits of Mid America Vol.three” of Twin/Tone Records in 1979. In it was included a song called “The Ballad of Roy Orbison”, later included in their first album. Of this compilation were only sold 5,150 copies, and the Yipes only appears in the first 2,150, because in the second pressing their song was replaced by other of the Minneapolis band called The New Psychenauts.
This compilation is out of print since 1985. Luckyly, they were rescued by RCA/Millenium for the recording of the first album, where besides the mentioned song (with verses in spanish), has gems like “Girls Get In Trouble”, “Hanging Around or “Russian Roll”.
“A irrational bit”, published in 1980 is a dark piece of collector.
A luxury sound, attention to songs like “Heartbreak Again”, “Was That You”, the Supremes cover “Come See About Me” and other of The Beach Boys “Darlin'”. Twelve authentic gems of the best Power Pop.

Yipes! were:

Patrick McCurdy - vocals / Mike Hoffman - guitars / Andy Bartel - guitars / Pete Strand - bass / Teddy Freese - drums

Selftitled tracks:

This Is Your Life / Good Boys / Out In California / Girls Get In Trouble / Me And My Face / East Side Kids / Russian Roll / Hangin' Around / The Ballad of Roy Orbison / Last of the Angry Young Men

A Bit Irrational tracks:

I can See You're In Love / Was That You? / Come See About Me / Magic / Good As Gold / She Got Me / Please / Darlin' / (I Can Hardly) Wait For Night / Ballad of Rudolf Kaiser (Einstein) / Kiss Me / Heartbreak Again

Yipes! - Selftitled
Yipes! - A Bit Irrational

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The Rubinoos - 2007 - The Early Shows ('77 & '79)

Here are two early shows of this classic band.
A Live Conccert At The Boarding House, San Francisco in 1977 and another live show At The Reading University, Uk for Rock Goes To College in 1979.

Live At The Boarding House tracks:

Wouldn't It Be Nice / Peek-a-Boo / Fallin' In Love / Red Light / I Never Thought It Would Happen / Please, Please Me / Memories / Chicken Sing Along / Look So Good To Me Now / I Think We're Alone Now / Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead / Sugar, Sugar (Honey, Honey)

Live At The Reading University tracks:

Tonight / I Think We're Alone Now / Hard To Get / I Never Thought It Would Happen / I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend / Hey Royse / Promise Me / Hold Me / Fallin' In Love / Arcade Queen / Please, Please Me / Walk Don't Run / Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead

The Rubinoos - Live At The Boarding House + Live At The Reading University (Rock Goes To College)

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The Fleshtones - 1989 - Soul Madrid

Fleshtones new album, Take A Good Look, coming January 22

"The amazing thing about the Fleshtones is that every night for the last thirty years they have consistently been the best live band on earth. Year in, year out -- high, low and in between -- the Fleshtones have embodied the very essence of rock and roll. And in my own defense, that fire that Keith and I started in France was really a very small fire. Not worth mentioning at all. Please."
- Peter Buck, R.E.M.

While you buy the new album, you can enjoy with the garage revival of this lp recorded live by Carlos Roa, at the Rock Club, Madrid, Spain, December 20th, 1988.


The Dreg / Stop Fooling Around / I See The Light / Moon Dawg 88 / Nothings Gonna Bring Me Down / I Got A Line On You / Fingertips Part III / All Around The World / Turn On Song / Los Reyes Del Piel Negro / Hexbreaker 17 / Hall Of Fame / Get Down With It / Lets Go In 69 / Its Too Late / Sha La La

Fleshtones - Soul Madrid
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The Bottles - 1979 - Selftitled

Hi all. I've been busy the last days but I'm here again with more music for you.
The Bottles were a Pop-Rock duo formed in the late 70's by the songwriters of "El Lay", Jefery Levy and Peter Bayless.
This was their only album, never published in Europe.
I've been looking for it years and finally "davester" (thank you very much) sent me the songs.
My favourite song is "Elaina" that carries me to the time of the "Twilley don't mind".
Enjoy it!


I Don't Wanna Be Your Man / Look at Julie / Broken Apart / Too Late to Dance / Further into the Future / Elaina / She's a Mystery / You're a Liar / Pulls Me to You / Citizens

The Bottles - Selftitled
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Friday, November 09, 2007

The Rubinoos & Greg Kihn Band - 1978 - Beserkley GIG 1 (Live Promo)

Another rare album courtesy of "davester".
In 1978 Beserkley Records released this 12 " like promo only.
With some of the early songs of The Rubinoos & Greg Kihn, it has a very good quality of sound.
For "wzjn" enjoy!


The Rubinoos: Tonight / Peek-A-Boo / Hey Royce
Greg Kihn Band: Love's Made A Fool Of You / Untie My Hands / All The Right Reasons

The Rubinoos & Greg Kihn Band - Beserkley GIG 1 (Live Promo)
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Greg Kihn Band - 1981 - Live Promo E.P.

A 1981 rare 7" promo by Greg Kihn sent by davester.
Released by Beserkley in the US with reference AS-11506, the artworks are maded with images founded in the net.
Enjoy it!


The Breakup Song / The Girl Most Likely / Can't Stop Hurting Myself / Valerie

The Greg Kihn Band - Live Promo
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Tommy Keene - 2000 - Los Conciertos De Radio 3

Another "blue- cartoon" collabo- ration (rips and artworks).
A Keene's concert recorded live at Música-1 Studios (Madrid, Spain).
Broadcast through Radio 3 and TVE-2 for the first time on March 6th, 2000.
Like bonus track he has added "Kill Your Sons" recorded live in March 1986 at The World, NY and taken from “Run Now” E.P.


On The Runway / The Man Without A Soul / Long Time Missing / Silent Town / High Wire Days / Compromise / Kill Your Sons

Tommy Keene - Los Conciertos De Radio 3
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Monday, November 05, 2007

Paul Hyde And The Payolas - 1985 - Here's The World For Ya

Despite their critical and commercial success however, execs at A &M were getting antsy for the break-out hit in the US which still seemed to elude them ... then there was the image issue. Though their 'look' seemed tailor-made for video, the name was causing a stir south of the border. The phrase for radio personnel accepting bribes to push certain artists had been dubbed 'taking payola'. Now known as Paul Hyde and The Payolas, they teamed up with mega-producer David Foster, whose common background of living on the BC Coast helped the chemistry. In an attempt to go back to their raw roots, Livingston's keyboards were replaced by Alex Boynton and his bass guitar.
In the spring of '85 HERE'S THE WORLD FOR YA came out. Three singles were released - the title track, "Stuck In The Rain" and "It Must Be Love". Also on the record was "It Wasn't You", which Rock & Hyde collaberated on with Foster, Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams. Unfortunately though, the record execs had lost faith in the band and they were released from the label. Outside projects ushered in the band's breakup later that year.


Stuck In The Rain / You're The Only Love / I Won't Be You / Cruel Hearted Lovers / It Must Be Love / Little Boys / All That I Want / Here's The World / Rhythm Slaves / Never Leave This Place

Paul Hyde And The Payolas - Here's The World For Ya
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