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Los Valendas: The Summer Of The Jellyfishes (1995) + Greatest Flops (2002)

This post is especially dedicated to the non-spanish users.
Los Valendas were one of the best Power Pop bands of the Spanish scene in the 90's. Arisen in Palma de Mallorca in 1990 they did a fine Pop-Rock in the style of bands like The Smithereens (The Summer Of The Jellyfishes) or Pop Art (In A Tiny Box). With producers like Peter Holsapple (dBs, R.E.M.) they gained a recognized prestige. They disbanded in 1996.
In 1998 they think about possibility of returning to play together and new songs are written, all this work is gathered in a scale model of 16 subjects recorded in May of 1999 with the incorporation of Emili Gené to the keyboards. In October-November of 2000 they begin to record the first songs with the intention to publish an EP that never will see the light.
In December of 2001 begins the recording of "Sugar Coated Lies" with the drummer Lluis Segura; in April of 2002 the album is finished, or that seemed at least… They spend four years with the album in the drawer and Los Valendas live in a state of semi-hibernation until March of 2006. Then, they begin remixes, adjustments and re-recordings of some of the songs of the CD.

Los Valendas at myspace

Greatest Flops is a compilation with their best songs.
The Summer Of The Jellyfishes is an e.p. with remixes.

The Summer Of The Jellyfishes tracks:

The Summer Of The Jellyfishes / Through The Needle's Eye / In A Tiny Box (Acoustic Version) / The End Of The Rainbow (Remix) / The Summer Of The Jellyfishes (Alternate Version) + The Complete cd (The 6 songs in one file)

Greatest Flops tracks:

Purple Friend / Tweety Bird Tatto / World Of Satin / The Summer Of The Jellyfishes / Satellites / Through The Needle's Eye / The Clock Is Ticking / Water Phyton Skin / All Over The Neighbourhood / Ice Cream World / Shiny Leather / Like Jumpy Women Do / In A Tiny Box / Dear Lady X / My Shameful Past

Los Valendas - The Summer Of The Jellyfishes
Los Valendas - Greatest Flops
Part 1
Part 2

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Martha and the Muffins-M+M - 1983 - Danseparc-Mystery Walk

Courtesy of the master "rush2112" the out of print cd containing the 4th and 5th albums of this canadian band.
Danseparc was produced by Daniel Lanois, Gane and Johnson. Gane, eager to finally drop the name "Martha and the Muffins", proposed that the group be now called "M + M". In a compromise, both names were used for a time, and the Danseparc album cover had both "M + M" and "Martha and the Muffins" printed on it.
The album's title track was another top 40 single in Canada, and for the Danseparc tour, the group was augmented by auxiliary players including guitarist Michael Brook. However, at the end of the tour Gane and Johnson (now a couple) announced that while they wanted to continue as a recording act, they also wanted to branch out in new directions by using new collaborators. In essence, Gane and Johnson decided that "M + M" was now Martha + Mark, along with a bevy of studio musicians and hired sidemen.
Their duo's 1984 album Mystery Walk was again co-produced by Daniel Lanois with Gane and Johnson, and featured a a large sticker crediting the band as "M + M o/k/a (once known as) Martha and The Muffins". Guest players included drummer Yogi Horton, bassist Tinker Barfield, and the Brecker Brothers on horns.
Whatever their group name, the Mystery Walk album gave M + M/Martha and the Muffins their biggest hit in years with "Black Stations/White Stations", an anti-racist anthem whose first verse took radio stations to task for refusing to play a song about mixed-race romance, a story which Martha Johnson had heard related on the radio while driving in her car.
"Black Stations/White Stations" was a smash hit in Canada; in the United States it reached #2 on the dance music charts, but was ironically banned by many radio stations. "Cooling the Medium", the second single, was also a significant hit in Canada. In 1985 Johnson and Gane started work on their next album in Montreal, before heading to Bath, England to work with producer David Lord, resulting in the album The World is a Ball (1986). Although the lead single "Song in My Head" garnered them some airplay (and was another top 40 hit in Canada), the album sold poorly, and Gane and Johnson subsequently moved to England for a time.


Danseparc: Obedience / World Without Borders / Walking Into Walls / Danseparc (Every Day It's Tomorrow) / Sins of Children / Several Styles of Blonde Girls Dancing / Boys in the Bushes / What People Do For Fun / Whatever Happened to Radio Valve Road?

Mistery Walk: Black Stations/White Stations / Cooling the Medium / Come Out and Dance / I Start to Stop / Big Trees / In Between Sleep and Reason / Garden in the Sky / Nation of Followers / Alibi Room / Rhythm of Life

Martha and the Muffins-M+M - Danseparc + -Mystery Walk

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The Regents - 1995 - The Album

The Regents were a british (London) new wave band formed in the late 70's and disbanded in 1981.
Formed by Martin Sheller, guitar; Rupy Johnson, drums; Fast Eddie, guitar; Damian Pew, bass and Bic Brak, vocals.
They had a brief UK chart career with two singles, their first song, '7-teen' rose to number 11 in the charts over the Christmas period 79/80 and they appeared on 'Top Of The Pops' three times. 'See You Later' only got to number 43. Their appearances were cancelled due to a strike at the BBC.

The only web page of the Regents in the net (maded by the wife of one of them)

The album tracks:

Seventeen / Darling / Just A Little / Angels In Space / Love Money / X / Ride Cowboy Ride / All Of You (Inside Of You) / See You Later / Oh Terry / Hole In The Heart / Titerope / Dance Don (bonus track "Just A Little" B-side)

The Regents - The Album
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The Bandogs - 1997 - The End Of The Bandogs [unreleased]

The Bandogs were a Power Pop band arisen in the early 90's in Madrid, Spain.
In 1994, their first song "My life has changed" (written in 1991) was published in the second tape of the fanzine Snap! (avalaible at Power Pop! Criminal$). In that time they were a trio (guitar, bass and drums) and went into the studio to record three own songs "Everytime", "Have you ever been 16" and "Crying alone" published in the Rock Indiana fanzine #4 (Spring '95). Also were recorded "All kindsa girls"(Rich Kids) and "Psycho" (Sonics) for “Any time any wave” and “Bambalam explosion vol. 1” compilations respectively. The result wasn't the awaited and they decided to postpone the album that Rock Indina very possibly proposed them, to incorporate a second guitar ("Juancho") and to dedicate to improve.
In 1997, they self-financed with the money of the live shows the recording of this album.
Probably the studio sound doesn't reflect the energy of their live shows.
Months ago they contacted with me to make an artworks for the cd, and this is the result.


Enjoy it!!.

The Bandogs were:

Juan Torres: voice, guitar
Eduardo Torres: bass
Juancho” Rodríguez: guitar, voices
Fernando Muro: drums


A love like this / Comming back / Stay / Rachel / No one like you / Will she loves me / My kind of girl / Breaks away / Make it last / Tumbled / Till the end of time / Beat on the brat / Be my baby

The Bandogs - The End Of The Bandogs
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Rubber City Rebels - The Hollywood Years (1979-1984)

The Rubber City Rebels are an American protopunk band from Akron, Ohio, that formed in 1976. Together with The Dictators, Rocket From The Tombs, The Ramones and others, wrote the book that Malcolm MacLaren studied so kindly to take it to its own English model, The Sex Pistols. While the majority of Ohio punks inclined by the nihilism “arty” and the punk mixed with eccentric pop (Pere Ubu, I must…), the Rebels simply decided to increase the volume and throw themself to the throat. Like many of their pioneering friendly, The Rubber City Rebels never was a great commercial successful.
In 2003 Smog Veil Records brings to you "Pierce My Brain", the critically acclaimed Rubber City Rebels new album (*****). Available at Amazon, iTunes and cool stores everywhere.

Rubber City Rebels homepage

The Hollywood Years tracks:

Somebody's Gonna Get (Their Head Kicked In Tonight) / Paper Dolls / Gonna Be Strong / Child Eaters / Laugh / Young And Dumb / Lonely Fool / Bluer Then Blue / Rubber City Rebels / No Feelings / Surprise, Surprise / Brainwave / Caught In A Dream / Paper Dolls / Young And Dumb

Rubber City Rebels - The Hollywood Years
Part 1
Part 2

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Wayward Souls [Sweden]: First 7" + albums

The Wayward Souls was one of Sweden's sweetest secrets. Formed in Stockholm in the middle '80s brought Sweden's garage pop rock scene to the forefront nearly five years. The group's roots are strictly '60s garage and '70s powerpop... Buffalo Springfield and Plimsouls. (BEATFORTWO BLOG)
Notably inspired by the Barracudas & Fleshtones potent blend of garage and folk-rock, these Svensk rockers issued the great Painted Dreams LP (same label, same year) before fizzling out with an overproduced follow-up. Swedish bands still rule in 2006 (The Great HIVES or MANDO DIAO etc.), but where are the new Wayward Souls, Playmates or Watermelon Men? And for that matter, where are the new Dogs or Plimsouls? (TWILIGHTZONE! Blog)

The Wayward Souls:

Vocals Tambourine: Per “Perre” Ahlén / Guitar Vocals: Jonas “Bullis” Engberg / Guitar Vocals: Patrick “Putte” Svensson / Bass: Jonas Eriksson / Drums: Håkan “Hank” Fagerstedt

Uunknown Journey tracks:

Unknown Journey / Now

Painted Dreams tracks:

Back For More / Girl In The Rain / My Only Friend / Build A Fire Inside / Dance Of Love / Are You Gonna Be There / Painted Dreams / Hard To Tell / Silent Prayer / Looking For You / Ration Of Shakes / I Cant't Hear Their Voices

Songs Of Rain And Trains tracks:

Angels Of Glory / Boots And Saddle / Red Parade / For Better, For Worse / Travelin On / The Escape Train / New Hard Times / Vow Of Silence / My Wild Rose / Song For My Lady

Like Junk Food Kings On Diet tracks:

Restless Child / Hit The Town / Feelin' Good, Lookin' Bad / Edge Of Darkness / Heaven Can't Wait / Back Again / Another Time, Another Place / Are You The One / On The Waterfront / Come Tomorrow

The Wayward Souls - 1984 - Unknown Journey (7")
The Wayward Souls - 1985 - Painted Dreams
The Wayward Souls - 1986 - Songs Of Rain And Trains
The Wayward Souls - 1987 - Like Junk Food Kings On Diet

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Game Theory (More discography) [Expanded]

Scott Miller's Game Theory released several albums in the 80's that went sadly unnoticed by the public despite crtical raves. The San Francisco Bay area band's melodic and sometimes experimental pop was not demand in a world of dance music and hair metal. The now out-of-print CDs have sold for over $100 on ebay. In the early 90's Scott changed the name of the band to the Loud Family and continues to record. (Lost Bands Of the New Wave Era)

The Loud Family website.

Real Nighttime tracks (15):

Here Comes Everybody / 24 / Waltz The Halls Always /I Mean It This Time / Friend Of The Family / If And When If Falls Apart / Curse Of The Frontierland / Rayon Drive / She'll Be A Verb / Real Nighttime / You Can't Have Me / I Turned Her Away / Any Other Hand / I Want To Hold Your Hand / Couldn't I Just Tell You

The Big Shot Chronicles tracks (17):

Here It Is Tomorrow / Where You Going Northern / I've Tried Subtley / Erica's Word / Make Any Vows / Regenisraen / Crash Into June / Book Of Millionaires / The Only Lesson Learned / Too Closely / Never Mind / Like A Girl Jesus / Girl w/ a Guitar / Come Home With Me / Seattle / Linus And Lucy / Faithless

Lolita Nation tracks (27):

Kenneth, What's the Frequency? / Not Because You Can / Shard / Go Ahead, You're Dying To / Dripping With Looks / Exactly What We Don't Want to Hear / We Love You, Carol and Alison / Waist and the Knees / Nothing New / World's Easiest Job / Look Away / Slip / Real Sheila / Andy in Ten Years / Watch Who You're Calling Space Garbage Meteor Mouth / Where They Have to Let You In / Turn Me on Dead Man / Mammoth Gardens / Little Ivory / Museum of Hopelessness / Toby Ornette / All Clockwork and No Bodily Fluids Makes Hal a Dull Humbert / One More for Saint Michael / Choose Between Two Sons / Chardonnay / Last Day That We're Young / Together Now, Very Minor

2 Steps From The Middle Ages tracks (13):

Room For One More, Honey / What the Whole World Wants / The Picture of Agreeability / Amelia, Have You Lost / Rolling With the Moody Girls / Wyoming / In a Delorean / You Drive / Leilani / Wish I Could Stand or Have / Don't Entertain Me Twice / Throwing the Election / Initiations Week

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Game Theory - 1985 - Real Nighttime
Part 1 / Part 2)
Game Theory - 1986 - The Big Shot Chronicles
Part 1 / Part 2
Game Theory - 1987 - Lolita Nation
Part 1 / Part 2)
Game Theory - 1988 - 2 Steps From The Middle Ages

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More Game Theory albums posted at the great Power Pop! Criminal$ Blog.