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The Last Drive: Underworld Shakedown (1986) + Blood Nirvana (1991)

The Last Drive is a Greek garage revival rock group which formed in 1983 and broke up in 1995. In January 2007, the band announced on their website that they got together again for some gigs. They are regarded by many as the most important Greek rock group of the 80's and one of the most important and influential groups of Greek rock history.
In 1986 they released their full-length LP album, called Underworld Shakedown, which caused a sensation both for its content and the quality of production (by the Drive themselves) which was unusually high for the standards of the independent scene of that time. The LP contained covers of garage standards like Misirlou and Night of the phantom, as well as their own material.
Their LP Blood Nirvana, which was released in 1990, marked the change in their sound, a fact that let down some of their hardcore garage fans and ended their cooperation with Music Maniac. At this time they were considered a part of the "explosion" of the hard rock/indie Greek scene that took part during the early 90's. Thus, they started becoming widely popular among rock fans in Greece, and on the same year they were voted "band of the year" by the readers of the leading music magazine, Pop & Rock.

Underwolrd Shakedown tracks:

Me 'n' My Wings / Valley Of Death / Poison / Misirlou / This Fire Inside / Blue Moon / Sidewalk Stroll / The Shade Of Fever / Every Night / The Night Of The Phantom / Repulsion

Blood Nirvana tracks:

Bite / Overloaded / Chain Train / Desert Rose / The Bad Roads / Cool Spine / Slave To The Wave / Holy War / Sweet Thing / Fleshdiver / Time Has Come Today (cd only) / Have Mercy (cd only) / Black Limo (cd only)

The Last Drive - Underworld Shakedown (Rapidshare) or (zShare)
The Last Drive - Blood Nirvana (Rapidshare: Part 1 / Part 2) or (zShare: Part 1 (uploading)/ Part 2)
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The links of the Underworld Shakedown Parts 1 & 2 are interchangeables.

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Scruffy The Cat - 1987 - Tiny Days

Courtesy of 'bluecartoon', a fantatstic rip of this album at mp3 HQ.
First thing you should do is check out the Scruffy the Cat prehistory provided by Eric Coleman , (who swears that every word is true, even the things he wrote about himself). It has info about Scruffy's Iowa roots, the band's ties to the Young Fresh Fellows and Charlie Chesterman's pre-Scruffy band called the Law.
Scruffy's first appearance on record was the tune "The Oldest Fire in the World" on the Throbbing Lobster Let's Breed compilation, which was released in 1984. After signing with Relativity, the band released two EPs and two full-length LPs. The six-song High Octane Revival, which was produced by Dave Minehan of the Neighborhoods, came out in 1986. 1987 saw the release of Tiny Days, which was produced by Chris Butler of the Waitresses, and the EP Boom Boom Boom Bingo. Scruffy's swan-song, the 16-track Moons of Jupiter, was produced by the legendary Jim Dickinson and released in 1989.

The band's lineup was pretty steady over the years:

Charlie Chesterman: Vocals and guitar / Stephen Fredette: Guitar / Mac Paul Stanfield: Bass / Randall Lee Gibson IV: Drums / Burns Stanfield: Piano/organ


My Baby She's Allright / Shadow Boy / Upside Down / Time Never Forgets / Thomas Doubter / Never, Never / Hello Angel / Momma Killed Hate / When Your Ship Comes In / My Fate Was Sealed With a Kiss / Tiny Days

Scruffy The Cat - Tiny Days
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Fisher-Z - 1979 - Word Salad

John Watts was originally the mastermind of Fischer-Z, contemporaries of the Police and XTC. He has a distinguished catalogue of 17 albums – more than 2 million sales. His career was initially inspired equally by the late 60s Trojan catalogue and great maverick artists, from Alex Harvey to Lou Reed, Captain Beefheart to Tom Waits and the ‘Hunky Dory’ David Bowie. Watts moved to the point where art-wave and reggae crossed over and signed a record deal as Fischer-Z with United Artists alongside the Buzzcocks and the Stranglers. The band became well known throughout continental Europe and achieved chart success as far abroad as Australia.


Pretty Paracetamol / Acrobats / The Worker / Spiders / Remember Russia / The French Let Her / Lies / Wax Dolls / Headlines / Nice To Know / Billy And The Motorway Police / Lemmings (2:59)

Fisher-Z - Word Salad
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