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Moving Pictures - 1982 - Days Of Innocence

Australian pub rock and R&B-influenced "Moving Pictures" are best remembered for their power ballad "What About Me?," which shot the band to number one in Australia in 1982. Formed by singer Alex Smith and writer Gary Frost, they signed with Wheatley management in 1981 and released two singles, "Walls" and "Bustin Loose". Their debut album, Days of Innocence, was released in October 1981 (Australia), 1982 in Europe, but it wasn't until the release of the number one single "What About Me?" in January 1982 that Days of Innocence also topped the charts. "What About Me?" went on to win the Best Single Award at the 1982 Countdown Awards. (All music)

Personally, my favourite song is "Joni and the Romeo".

The group was comprised of Alex Smith (vocals/occasional guitar), Garry Frost (guitar/piano), Andrew Thompson (saxophone), Charlie Cole (keyboards/trumpet), Ian Lees (bass) and Paul Freeland (drums).


Nothing to Do / What About Me / Round Again / Bustin' Loose / Wings / The Angel and the Madman / Sweet Cherie / So Tired / Joni and the Romeo / Street Heart

Moving Pictures - 1982 - Days Of Innocence
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Va por tí, Antonio, descansa en paz (RIP).

Spain turned the Euro 2008 final into a football fiesta on Sunday, playing a dazzling passing game as they deservedly swept away Germany with a 1-0 victory.

A brilliant 33rd-minute goal from striker Fernando Torres graced a magnificent final whose scoreline did not reflect the supremacy of the superb Spanish side.

The long overdue victory in a major tournament sent fans in Madrid and all over Spain pouring on to the streets where they prepared for night-long celebrations, waving red and yellow banners and singing "Viva España".

Germany, as everyone knew they would, fought hard in Vienna and occasionally threatened on the break but they could not match the silky skills and swift inter-passing of veteran coach Luis Aragones's team.

In the end, Spain had 13 shots on goal to Germany's four, and seven on target to Germany's one, statistics which better reflected the margin of the Iberian triumph.

Thousands of Spanish fans in the Ernst Happel stadium celebrated ecstatically as they watched Spanish captain and keeper Iker Casillas hold the European trophy aloft after receiving it from UEFA president Michel Platini.

Though long recognised as one of the great football nations and producing an endless series of gifted players, Spain's only previous major trophy was the European title in 1964. Their only final since was the European in 1984 when they lost to France.


But they proved to be the delight of the three-week tournament in Austria and Switzerland, their midfield artists Xavi, Andres Iniesta, David Silva and Cesc Fabregas producing sublime passing moves which had neutrals drooling with pleasure.

The contrast in the final was clear. The Germans played stereotypically solid football.The Spaniards played football of flair and fantasy.

But the difference was also Torres, a superb striker who had been mostly misfiring in the tournament until the final with just one goal and a barrowload of misses to his name.

His electric pace earned him his goal as he raced on to a great through ball from Xavi, touched it on and then sprinted round defender Philipp Lahm, stretching to dink the ball with his right foot past advancing German keeper Jens Lehmann and just inside the far post.

It was a great goal worthy of a great final and of a great tournament.
"This is the most important title after the World Cup. I am going to enjoy this, this victory is good for football," Torres said afterwards.

Germany, as Russia before them in the semi-final, were simply outclassed. Though injured captain Michael Ballack overcame a calf muscle injury to play, he was never able to exert his full influence on the match.

He was consoled afterwards with words of commiseration from German chancellor Angela Merkel as he picked up his loser's medal.

Spain's King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, seated nearby in the VIP stand, cheered their national team and were on their feet to celebrate Torres's goal.

After the match the entire Spanish squad danced a conga inside the stadium as they sang "Viva España".

(Editing by Jon Bramley - Daily Mir

DIY Teenage Kicks - UK Pop I (1976-79) (11993)

Punk helped restore a nervy, stripped-down sensibility to rock that was quickly filtered through a number of more pop-oriented bands that were labeled as new wave. Not surprisingly, many of these new wavers were holdovers from pub rock, whose unpretentious, anti-star attitude foreshadowed punk rock. These pub rockers were devoted to the three-minute pop single, but they also had a biting wit and kinetic energy that separated them from conventional pop/rock bands, and the best of this first wave of new wavers are collected on the dynamic D.I.Y.: Teenage Kicks: UK Pop (1976-79). Beginning with Nick Lowe's explosive "So It Goes," the collection runs through a series of classic singles from Eddie & the Hot Rods ("Do Anything You Wanna Do"), Wreckless Eric ("Whole Wide World"), the Motors ("Dancing the Night Away"), Tom Robinson Band ("2-4-6-8 Motorway"), Squeeze ("Take Me, I'm Yours"), the Only Ones ("Another Girl, Another Planet"), XTC ("This Is Pop?"), the Rezillos ("Top of the Pops"), and the Undertones ("Teenage Kicks"), throwing in a number of forgotten gems along the way. Although the collection doesn't feature Elvis Costello due to licensing restrictions, he isn't missed -- in fact, the collection plays better without him, since focusing on overlooked artists demonstrates what an amazing era new wave was for smart, catchy guitar pop. Few various-artist collections capture their subject as well, or as infectiously, as Teenage Kicks does. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Track Listings:

1. So It Goes - Nick Lowe
2. Do Anything You Wanna Do - Eddie And The Hot Rods
3. Mary Provost - Nick Lowe
4. Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric
5. Dancing The Night Away - The Motors
6. 2-4-6-8 Motorway - Tom Robinson Band
7. Television Generation - Kursaal Flyers
8. Take Me, I'm Yours - Squeeze
9. Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones
10. This Is Pop? - XTC
11. Brickfield Nights - The Boys
12. Airport - The Motors
13. Jilted John - Jitled John
14. Top Of The Pops - The Rezillos
15. Ghosts Of Princes In Towers - Rich Kids
16. Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
17. Look Back In Love (Not In Anger) - Yachts
18. A Girl I Know (Precis Of A Friend) - The Pleasers
19. Into The Valley - Skids

DIY Teenage Kicks - UK Pop I (1976-79)
Part 1 / Part 2

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DIY-Starry Eyes UK Pop II (1978-79) (1993)

Picking up where Teenage Kicks left off, D.I.Y.: Starry Eyes: UK Pop II is even more pop-oriented than its predecessor, and that's taking the Buzzcocks' searing "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've?)" into consideration. Although it includes a handful of great singles from artists that were on Teenage Kicks (the Undertones' "Get Over You," XTC's "Life Begins at the Hop," Squeeze's "Up the Junction," the Revillos' "Where's the Boy for Me?"), plus Joe Jackson's familiar "Is She Really Going Out With Him?," Starry Eyes shines in rounding up terrific singles from under-appreciated artists like Bram Tchaikovsky ("Girl of My Dreams"), the Jags ("Back of My Hand [I've Got Your Number]"), the Records ("Starry Eyes"), the Searchers ("Hearts in Her Eyes"), and Purple Hearts ("Millions Like Us"). These are sparkling pop songs, with ringing guitars and immediate, catchy melodies. Very few of these songs were actual hits, but they are the cornerstone of British new wave and power pop, which has rarely sounded as energetic and vital as it does here. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Track Listings:

1. Ever Fallen in Love? - Buzzcocks
2. Get over You - The Undertones
3. Yachting Types - The Yachts
4. Is She Really Going Out With Him? - Joe Jackson
5. Schooldays - Starjets
6. Girl of My Dreams - Bram Tchaikovsky
7. This Is Airebeat - Squares
8. Life Begins at the Hop - XTC
9. Up the Junction - Squeeze
10. Back of My Hand (I've Got Your Number) - The Jags
11. Let's Talk About the Weather - The Radiators
12. Starry Eyes - The Records
13. Mourning Star - Zones
14. Millions Like Us - Zones
15. Time Goes by So Slow - Distractions
16. Hearts in Her Eyes - The Searchers
17. Where's the Boy for Me? - Revillos
18. White Mice - Mo Dettes
19. So Good to Be Back Home Again - The Tourists

DIY-Starry Eyes UK Pop II (1978-79)
Part 1 / Part 2

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DIY-Shake It Up! -American Power Pop II (1978-80) (1993)

D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) series views late 70's punk, power pop and new wave music in various volumes, separated by region and musical style. Published by Rhino Records and now out of print, this volume inlcudes the best of the US power pop bands in 1978 to 1980, the heyday of power pop movement!.

Track Listings:

1. Shake It Up (Ain't It Time) - The Cryers
2. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend - The Rubinoos
3. (I Thought) You Wanted to Know - Chris Stamey & The dB's
4. First One [*] - Gary Valentine
5. Love You Tonight [*] - Prix
6. Giving It All [*] - 20/20
7. Tell It to Carrie - The Romantics
8. Tomorrow Night - Shoes
9. Yellow Pills - 20/20
10. Walking Out on Love [*] - The Beat
11. Too Late - Shoes
12. Work-A-Day World - The Beat
13. Waiting for the Night [*] - The Pop
14. You Got It (Release It) - Pearl Harbour & the Explosions
15. Stay in Time - Off Broadway
16. What I Like About You - The Romantics
17. Zero Hour - The Plimsouls
18. I Like Girls - Know
19. Tell That Girl to Shut Up - Holly & the Italians

[*] Cd bonus tracks

DIY-Shake It Up! -American Power Pop II (1978-80) (1993)
Part 1 / Part 2

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Spear Of Destiny - 1988 - The Price You Pay

Courtesy of 'chang1112' this album unavailable in cd format (Thank you very much!).
Spear of Destiny is a British rock band, formed in 1983 by singer and songwriter Kirk Brandon and bassist Stan Stammers.
Brandon had previously been in The Pack, and from 1980 to 1982 in the post-punk Theatre of Hate with its album Westworld and single 'Do You Believe In The Westworld ?', which was a UK Top 40 single in 1982, whilst the album made the Top 20.
As had happened with Joy Division and New Order, the band were criticised for using the name Spear of Destiny, with its potential Nazi overtones. Any such links were fiercely denied, particularly since the band were politically left-leaning.
'The Price You Pay' was the fifth studio album released by Virgin Records in 1988.

Spear Of Destiny at myspace


Kirk Brandon - Vocals and guitar / Alan St. Clair - Guitar / Chris Bostock - Bass / Volker Janssen - Keyboards / Pete Barnacle - Drums


So In Love With You / Tinseltown / The Price / I Remember / Dreamtime / Radio Radio / If The Guns / View From A Tree / Junkman

Spear Of Destiny - The Price You Pay
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Note: The cd version included two bonus tracks.This is the vinyl rip of the album cleaned and remastered with Adobe Audition 3.0 and converted with dBpoweramp.

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Various - 2007 - The Early Spanish New Wave

Another recovery of the Power Pop Lovers blog. A small compilation of the first Spanish bands of the new wave. It includes the first recordings and the original artworks.
For the spanish bloggers they are very well known, and some of them also for the foreigners, especially 'Los Secretos' thanks to the magnificent cover of Déjame by 'The Mockers'.
This one is a small tribute for all those bands that invigorated the Madrid scene in the 80's.
Probably somebody will think that lack or exceed bands, but it's a good sample.

Singles & EPs:

01 - Regresas A Casa A Las Diez
02 - Nada Más
03 - Chicas De Colegio
04 - Ya No Volverás

05 - Radio 222
06 - Intrusos En Mi Jardín
07 - Sólo Necesito Un Poco De Diversión

08 - Me Debo Marchar
09 - Este Es Mi Tiempo

10 - Ráfagas
11 - La Máquina -Paraíso -No Te Creas

12 - Déjame
13 - Niño Mimado
14 - Sobre Un Vidrio Mojado
15 - Loca Por Mí

SPRAYS - TE VERÉ A LAS 10 (SG -1982)
16 - Te Veré A Las 10
17 - Estás

18 - Todo Ha Sido Un Juego
19 - La Chica Del Vespino

20 - La Calle Del Ritmo
21 - Cristina
22 - Fuera De Sitio

23 - Corazón Loco
24 - Holocausto Caníbal
25 - Hay Un Hombre En Mi Nevera
26 - Narcosis

27 - Déjame [Bonus Track]

The Early Spanish New Wave (Links interchangeables)
Part 1 / Part 2

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Tributes Or Not Tributes: De nuevo + Hello Again! Covered (2006)

The skeleton series 'Tributes Or Not Tributes' were originally posted by the Power Pop Lovers Blog, here I bring to you again the works of 'josega65' and 'Power Pop Lover'.
'De nuevo' is a great compilation of covers maded by 100 % spanish bands.
'Hello Again! Covered' is a compilation of covers following the line of the great comps maded by apollo for the Power Pop Lovers Blog.
Other 'Tributes or Not Tributes' can be found at the Power Pop Criminal$! blog.

Tracklistings in comments.

Tributes Or Not Tributes - De nuevo
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Tributes Or Not Tributes - Hello Again! Covered
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

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Los Valendas - 2006 - Sugar Coated Lies

Valendas is a municipality in the district of Surselva in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland, but also is one of the best Indie bands of the spanish scene in the 90's.
This is the history of the album:
In 1996 "Los Valendas" disbanded, but in 1998 they think about possibility of returning to play together and new songs were written, all this work was gathered in a scale model of 16 subjects recorded in May of 1999 with the incorporation of Emili Gené to the keyboards. In October-November of 2000 they began to record the first songs with the intention to publish an EP that never will see the light.
In December of 2001, they began the recording of "Sugar Coated Lies" with the drummer Lluis Segura; in April of 2002 the albums was finished, or that seemed at least… They spend four years with the album in the drawer and Los Valendas lived in a state of semi-hibernation until March of 2006. Then, they began remixes, adjustments and re-recordings of some of the songs of the CD.
Today, courtesy of Xavier Escutia (he has sent me the cd), I can post it.
I've wanted to put it like it is. For that reason there are two ways to get the album. One, over 475 Mb, is a Nero image file of the album (5 parts) and one file with the complete artworks.
The second way is the rip of the cd in mp3 at 320 kb with the artworks also (over 180 Mb)
In your hand is the decision to how to download this great work.

Los Valendas:

Xavier Excutia: voice & guitars / Antoni Noguera: guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, recorder & producer / Germà Soler: bass / Lluis Segura: drums / Emili Gené: keyboards


My Family & Other Freaks / Sleep / Flares & Plattorm Shoes / The Second Biggest Letdown / Against All Odds / Cigarettes / Imaginary Waves / Dubois / Dull Grey Sunday / Come Down To The World / Figment / Washing Machines / Welcome To The Void / After Funerals

Los Valendas - Sugar Coated Lies (mp3 rip at 320)

No password.

Enjoy it! and thank you very much... Xavier.

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The Pribata Idaho - 2000 - Los Conciertos De Radio 3 + 1993 EP (bonus)

Classics from the spanish scene (Móstoles, Madrid, Spain), The Pribata Idaho career has been marked by the sound and overrides the concern about not stagnate in a sound folk-rock revival (in special The Byrds). Originally formed by Ernesto González (vocals, guitar), Pedro del Amo "Curry" (drums), Manuel Servan (bass), Ana Struch (keyboards), and Tómas López (bass), begin to play in 1988 with the name inspired in the B-52's song and garage style. They recorded three demos, the latest of which likes to Munster Records. (Pablo Gil
"Guía de la música independiente en España"
Here is a concert broadcast through Radio 3 and TVE for the first time on February 8th, 2000.
Before, in 1993 they recorded the limited edition EP titled "The Pribata Idaho" (Munster), with Peter Holsapple (dBs, REM) as producer and with the collaboration of Kurt Block and Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows). It has been included as bonus.

The Pribata Idaho myspace

Tracks (Concert):

Song For A picture / Unexpected End / Don't Put The Blame On Me / After The First Sin / The Taste Of Things To Come / For Some Crazy Reason /

Tracks EP (bonus):

Don't Put The Blame On Me / Starry Eyes (Records cover) / Don't Wait Up For Me (Paul Collins Beat cover) / Headless Man

The Pribata Idaho - Los Conciertos de Radio 3 + 1993 Ep (Bonus)
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All, rips and scans courtesy of 'bluecartoon'. Thank you very much !!!

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Los Valendas: Turtle Friend Extended (1992) + World Under Water (1995)

Courtesy of 'Tomy' from Valladolid (Spain) more music of this excellent band.
Turtle Friend 'Extended' is a compilation of songs of their first single "Purple Friend", the mini-lp "Turtle Friend" and the maxi -single "Tweety Bird Tatoo".
World Under Water was their second album. Before it they disbanded until 2006.

Turtle Friend Extended tracks:

Tweety Bird Tatto / Miserable Day / Purple Friend / With The Tide / Running Over The Dogs (After Making Love) / Satellites / Water Python Skin / A Pair Of Velvet Gloves / Good Old Days / Rows Of Eyes / Black Widow / Watch The Sunrise / I Want What You Got / Purple Friend (Acoustic) / Butter Tricks

World Under Water tracks:

The Clock Is Ticking / Nobody There / All Over The Neighbourhood / Red / Sedatives, Laxatives And Sticking Plasters / The Summer Of The Jellyfishes / World Under Water / Like Jumpy Women Do / The Genie In My Pocket-Flask / Too Lively To be dead / Drizzle In My Shoes / The Glo-Worm Song / Open Books

Los Valendas - Turtle Friend Extended
Los Valendas - World Under Water

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Rips and scans maded by 'Tomy'. Thank you very much!

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The Shirts: Selftitled (1978) + Street Light Shine (1979)

The Shirts' heydays were in the late seventies. As an integral part of the raucous and classic CBGB's scene, they experimented from their own distinctive musical starting point. During their brush with big-time showbiz, they were managed by Hilly Kristal, who is still the club's owner in 2006.
When the Shirts were really coming into their own, hitting their long stride with hits from their first album in 1978, it was easy to cast them as just one of several CBGB's bands breaking through after paying their dues to that extraordinary downtown scene. Television, Blondie, Mink DeVille, the Ramones, the Talking Heads….the Shirts. All these breakthrough bands were different. But the Shirts were different again.
The Shirts were, and are, about Brooklyn, just as the Ramones were about Queens. They are about neighborhood, street-level family. Unlike the Ramones, they liked each other then and still do, and that social glue continues to be reflected in the quality of their music. It has sustained them through the crazy storms that come with making pop music and having success. Thanks to the family of blood and the family of the neighborhood, they never lost their bearings. Most of them are related: of the five men, three are cousins. Like the borough itself, they go way back. (Read More)

"Inner Sleeve", released in 1980, is still available to download from Power Pop Criminal$! Blog.

You can buy "Only The Dead Know Brooklyn", released in 2006, from cdbaby.

Selftitled tracks

Reduced To A Whisper / Tell Me Your Plans / Empty Ever After / Teenage Crutch / 10th Floor Clown / The Story Goes / Lonely Android / Running Through The Night / They Say The Sun Shines / Poe

Street Light Shine tracks:

Laugh And Walk Away / Love Is A Fiction / Don't You Hesitate / Milton At The Savoy / Ground Zero / Triangulum / Out On The Ropes / Starts With A Handshake / Can't Cry Anymore / I Feel So Nervous / Outside The Cathedral Door / Kensington Gardens

The Shirts - Selftitled
The Shirts - Street Light Shine

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Note: Both rips are courtesy of 'rush2112'. Many thanks for the efforts.

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V.A. - 2005 - A Tribute To Tom Petty By Free Pop Records

The Spanish label FREE POP RECORDS was born in 2002 with the aim of releasing the first CD by the Spanish band THE NACIONALES. Then, three years later, the label released the second and last album until now, a tribute CD to TOM PETTY ( one of the artist we admire the most ). In this compilation , some of the most relevant musicians , local and international, pay homage to PETTYS music by making a cover of his songs, from AMERICAN GIRL to I DONT WANNA FIGHT, from ECHO album, through his clasic tracks like FREE FALLIN', A THING ABOUT YOU, LEARNING TO FLY, REFUGEE, I WANT BACK DOWN, etc... Artists such as ELLIOTT MURPHY , SMACK DAB ( the band formed by STEVE WYNN , LINDA PITMAN(GOLDEN SMOG, STEVE WYNN & THE MIRACLE 3) and PACO LOCO for this unique event ), the Argentinian, SUPER RATONES , THE KILLER BARBIES , etc .... are some of the participants. At present, the label are studying several projets for the future.


Alvaro Urquijo - Even the losers / Elliot Murphy - Angel dream nº2 / Sexy Sadie - American girl / Cujo - I won't back down / Bird Dogs - Insider / Los Valendas - The waiting / Taxi - Free falling / Carlos Goñi - A face in the crowd / The Pauls - Mary Janes' last dance / Glycerine - Honey bee / The Killer Barbies - A thing about you / Los Protones - Kings highway / Hermanas Sister - I don't wanna fight / Smack Dab - Don't come around here no more / Super Ratones - Running down a dream / Javier Andreu - Learning to fly / Nowayout - Refugee / The Nacionales - Too good to be true

A Tribute To Tom Petty By Free Pop Records

Part 1 / Part 2)

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Los Valendas - 1993 - One, Two... Tree!

Courtesy of 'bluecartoon', I proudly present the second album of this excellent band from Mallorca (Spain).
One, Two... Tree! was published in 1993 by Munster Records, one of the best indie spanish labels.
With the special collaboration of Peter Holsapple (known by all... The dB's, R.E.M.) and Susan Cowsill, this album was the definitive step to recognize them as one of the best Indie bands of the spanish scene in the 90's.
Fresh sounds, fine guitars and very good melodies.... all the ingredients to cook a five stars album.

Please: PLAY IT LOUD... and ENJOY IT!!

Specially indicated for foreign users.

One, Two... Tree! tracks:

Narrow Minded Kids / Ice-Cream World / In A Tiny Box / Dear Lady X / Seth Dove / Through The Needle's Eye / The Death Of Dr. Mertens / Answering With Questions / Lonesome Clowns / Shiny Leather / Set Dove ... / Hidden Track

Los Valendas - One, Two... Tree!

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Cosecha Roja: Discography

Courtesy of 'Carlos Rego' the complete discography of this fine and forgotten Power Pop band from Orense (Spain).
Taken from the band's myspace site:
'''About Cosecha Roja:
It is difficult to sum up 13 years in so few lines. In Decem-
ber 1988 several people from different unsuccessful groups got together ( “Viernes y los Robinsons”, “Ultima Fila” and “Las Hierbas” ) with the intention that we would take things more seriously, or at least, a little more seriously. In the beginning we began to go round micro-companies, financing and promoting our songs. This was a total waste of time and money, as most of the media and companies in this country were totally indifferent to what we could offer. In 1993, after producing a couple of singles, our first LP, “Nuevos Caminos” came out. Two years later, our next record , “Vacaciones Permanentes¨ was only produced on cassette. We almost disappeared for a couple of years, as we spent our time playing our favourite songs under the name ¨Los Cachorros¨. We reappeared in 1997 with an EP that Santi Campos ("Malconsejo") helped us to produce. A year later our first CD, “Conducir Despacio” came out. When we finished recording “A Plena Sombra”, there was no company that published it. So, in the middle of 2000 we produced a home-made version that went absolutely nowhere. When we decided to take a rest at the beginning of 2000, we didn't know that it was going to be the end for us. However, we still have our songs, and the friends that we made on the way. That's worth a lot.
''' (Translation by Alan Crisp)

The name of "Cosecha Roja" (in english "Red Harvest") is taken from the homonymous Dashiell Hammett novel.

Cosecha Roja were:

Carlos Rego: guitar & voice / Antonio Rodríguez "Amadís": bass / Javier Doforno "Dofo": guitar / Aser Álvarez: drums

Aquellos maravillosos años (EP) (1996):

Querida realidad / Un millón de besos / Aquellos maravillosos años / Vacaciones permanentes

Conducir despacio (CD) (1997):

Cicatrices / Corazoncito / Un par de cosas / Se puede decir / Un millón de besos / Violines y campanas / No me hagas caso / Llueve sobre mojado / Radio Corazón / Conducir despacio

A Plena Sombra (CD) (2001):

El mismo sol / Nada que mirar / Maldito / Zulo / Holgazanear / Despedida / Seis días / Tendrías que habernos visto / Alicia G / Como la nube / Nadie te escuha / Todo va a cerrar / Cicatrices (Nueva versión) [Bonus] / Corazoncito (Nueva versión) [Bonus] / She's your problem now (Ben Vaughn cover) [Bonus]

1994-1989 (Lp + Ep's + Cassette) (Nuevos Caminos + Vacaciones Permanentes+ Se Acabó + Orense Underground) (2008)

Vacaciones permanentes / Nido de serpientes / Desde un rincón / No entiendo nada / Un par de cosas / Ya está aquí / Un millón de kilómetros / El asiento de atrás / Roto en pedazos / Demasiado tarde / Verano loco / Contigo / Se acabó / Nuevos caminos / Nada más / Recordarte o morir / No puede ser verdad / Pierdo el tiempo / Espera / No puedo volver / Qué esperas de mi

Cosecha Roja - Aquellos maravillosos años
Cosecha Roja - Conducir despacio
Cosecha Roja - A Plena Sombra
Cosecha Roja - 1994-1989

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Thanks to 'Carlos Rego' & 'josega65' for the great job.