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Ian Gomm - 1979 - Live At Old Waldorf

Ian Gomm is probably best-known for the time he spent in premier pub rock band Brinsley Schwarz. Together with fellow band members Nick Lowe, Billy Rankin, Bob Andrews and Brinsley Schwarz himself he contributed to a series of excellent albums.
After that band's split in 1975 Ian retreated to the Welsh countryside and helped build and run Foel Studios. This also gave him a wonderful opportunity to try out his new songs with months of free studio time.
While his former colleagues found fame and fortune elsewhere (Nick Lowe becoming a solo artist and sought-after producer and Bob Andrews joining Graham Parker in the Rumour) Ian Gomm busied himself on his first solo album - 'Summer Holiday' which - for the US market was renamed 'Gomm With The Wind' and spawned a hit single in 'Hold On'.
The hastily-convened Ian Gomm Band then toured the States as support to Dire Straits and the live concert recorded in San Francisco in October 1979 picks up on the band's U.S. legacy, and includes Top 40 hit 'Hold On'.
This is the complete FM Broadcast of "24 Hour Service" album.


Ian Gomm (vocals, guitar); Taff Williams (vocals, guitar); Nick Glennie-Smith (keyboards, background vocals); Rod Demick (bass guitar, background vocals) and Alan Coulter (drums)


It Don't Help / 24 Hour Service / Dirty Lies / Come On # / Sad Affair / Nobody's Fool / Slow Dancin' (Swayin' to the Music) ## / Man on a Mountain / Chicken Run / Airplane / What a Blow / You Cannot Do That ### / Hold On / Hey Bartender #### / Black & White/Hooked on Love / What Makes a Man a Man #####

All songs written by Ian Gomm, except: # Chuck Berry; ## Jack Tempchin; ### John Lennon/Paul McCartney; #### Floyd Dixon; ##### Robin Pizer (Gipsy [1971 UK]) (don't confuse with the Charles Aznavour same titled)

Ian Gomm - Live At Old Waldorf (Rapidshare)
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Ian Gomm - Live At Old Waldorf (Cd image: flac, cue, log + artworks)
Megaupload: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 (Compressed and splitted with stuffit)
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The A's: Selftitled (1979) + A Woman's Got The Power (1981) + Four Dances [ep] (1982)

This is a re-post by request of the bloggers.
We have waiting for the re-releases of the albums but..... (see comments).
"This new wave band from Philadelphia, US, recorded two albums for Arista Records in 1979 and 1981 and one e.p. for their own label in 1982. The group consisted of singer Richard Bush, his songwriting partner Rocco Notte (keyboards), Rick DiFonzo (guitar), Terry Bortman (bass) and Mike Snyder (drums). The A's built a reputation on the east coast club scene with a strong power pop sound and an energetic, goodtime stage show. Their self-titled debut album was praised by Rolling Stone but failed to excite the record-buying public. It was produced by Rick Cherttoff and opened with the instantly memorable "After Last Night," which Clarence Clemons covered fine. "C.I.A." and "Teenage Jerk Off" still ring true too. The follow-up, A Woman's Got The Power, produced by Nick Garvey of the Motors, found the band taking a more serious approach and reached the lower rungs of the US album chart. It led off the sophomore album with a mighty hook. "Heart of America" and "Johnny Silent" both packed wallops.
But even with all the right moves, the A's never quite caught on beyond Philadelphia. Singer Richard Bush has dozens of great unrecorded songs nobody's heard since then. Rick Di Fonzo and Rocco Notte have both done some serious sessions in the after-years."

Selftitled tracks:

After Last Night / C.I.A. / Five Minutes In A Hero's Life / Words / Parasite / Artificial World-Who's Gonna Save The World / Teenage Jerk Off / Grounded-Twist And Shout Interpolation / Nothing Wrong With Falling In Love

A Woman's Got The Power tracks:

A Woman's Got The Power / Electricity / Heart Of America / How Do You Live / When The Rebel Comes Home / Johnny Silent / Little Mistakes / Working Man / I Pretend She's You / Insomnia

Four Dances [ep] tracks:

Do The Dance / Painting By Numbers / Ain't No Secret / Girl That I Love

The A's - Selftitled
The A's - A Woman's Got The Power
The A's - Four Dances [ep]
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Graces - 1989 - Perfect View

The three-piece act the Graces was a project put together by Go-Gos guitarist Charlotte Caffey, following that band's mid-'80s breakup. Formed in 1988, Caffey was joined by Meredith Brooks and Gia Ciambotti, and the trio was inked to a deal with A&M Records. Their debut, A Perfect View, was released in 1989 to generally positive reviews, although it only managed a modest hit with the single "Lay Down Your Arms." In early 1991, the Graces were dropped from their label and Brooks left to pursue a solo career (and would ultimately land a number two smash with "Bitch" in 1998). Guitarist Chrissy Shefts, who had played in Go-Go drummer Gina Schock's House of Schock, took her place and the band continued to tour. However, a year later, Ciambotti received an offer to tour as a backup singer with Bruce Springsteen and the band split up without recording a second album. ~ Tom Demalon, All Music Guide

Track Listing:

Lay Down Your Arms / When The Sun Goes Down / Perfect View / Fear No Love / Time Waits For No One / 50,000 Candles Burning / Should I Let You In / We Never Met / Tomorrow / Out In The Fields

The Graces - Perfect View
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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Prisoners: A Taste Of Pink (1982) + TheWiserMiserDemelza & 7 (1983) + The Last Fourfathers (1985) + In From The Cold (1986)

The Prisoners was a mod revival band formed in 1982 in Chatham, Kent, England. Their 1960s garage sound made them a regular live fixture in London's "psychedelic revival" mini-scene of the early 1980s, and they often toured with sparring partners The Milkshakes, who included Billy Childish on guitar. The Prisoners' sound combined catchy, retro-flavoured melodies, punky guitar riffs, a Steve Marriott-esque vocal style and a lead instrument of the then-unfashionable Hammond organ. The Prisoners never met with much commercial success during their original lifespan but have latterly been likened to Paul Weller and The Charlatans. Indeed Tim Burgess of the Charlatans has cited the Prisoners as a major influence.
After releasing several self-financed records and spending a year with Big Beat Records, in 1985 the Prisoners signed a new management deal with Acid Jazz that saw them move away from the London garage band tag and instead directly into the Mod revival mainstream. They also made a patchy final album, "In From The Cold", for the ailing Stiff Records label. These deal were unsuccessful and the band split up acrimoniously in 1986. They have however reformed for live shows several times since then, and managed to release a final one-off single in 1997.
Since splitting up the members of The Prisoners have featured in a wide range of bands. James Taylor and Allan Crockford formed mainstream jazz funk band the James Taylor Quartet in 1986, although Allan Crockford is no longer part of their line-up. The Solarflares, who released four albums before splitting up in 2004, were Graham Day and Allan Crockford basically reprising The Prisoners sound along with drummer Simon "Wolf" Howard and Mr Parsley on organ. Other bands who have featured former members of The Prisoners are Planet, The Buff Medways, The Prime Movers, Thee Mighty Caesars and The Stabilisers . Presently Day fronts Graham Day & the Gaolers, who released their first album, Soundtrack to the Daily Grind, in November 2007.

The band's lineup was: Graham Day (vocals and guitar), Jamie/James Taylor (hammond organ), Allan Crockford (bass) and Johnny Symons (drums).

For tracks see comments.

The Prisoners - A Taste Of Pink
The Prisoners - TheWiserMiserDemelza & 7
The Prisoners - The Last Fourfathers
The Prisoners - In From The Cold

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Sundays - 1992 - Wild Horses (plus new cd Tray including bonus)

By Jim request.
The Stones cover "Wild Horses" was only included in the US print of their album "Blind". The song was used as the last dance song at the Prom in the popular '90s TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was also featured on the first released soundtrack for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and in the movie Fear with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg during the roller coaster ride.

The Sundays - Wild Horses (plus new cd Tray with bonus included)
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Sundays - 1989 - Can't Be Sure [12'']

By "Brad H" request.
"Can't Be Sure" was the 1989 debut single by The Sundays. It was the first (and in the UK, only) single to be released from their album Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, which appeared a year later. The B-side was "I Kicked a Boy", which also appeared on the album. The 12" single contained an additional, non-album track, "Don't Tell Your Mother".


1. Can't Be Sure
2. I Kicked A Boy
3. Don't Tell Your Mother

The Sundays - Can't Be Sure [12'']
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Sundays: Reading, Writing & Arithmetic (1990) + Blind (1992) + Static & Silence (1997) + The Black Session (1992)

When The Sundays hit the British indie scene in the summer of 1989, they were heralded by the press as the next Smiths. While they didn't share The Smiths' ambitions of world domination, they certainly proved to be one of the most original and innovative bands of the 90's and they quickly became indie heroes. Their sound is airy, ethereal, driven by shimmering melodies and jangling guitar atmospheres. Harriet Wheeler's high-flying sorprano is loose, boundless and beautiful, and her husband David Gavurin's gleaming guitar work boasts a similar soaring feel, free to glide across the songs' laid-back energy. Their presence has been completely personal and unconcerned with passing trends and fads in the highly flakey U.K. music market. This reflects in their rather sparse album output, as they've released a total of three full-length records since their 1988 formation. Yet their international fanbase remains unfettered, as they've managed to win a place in the heart of nearly every thinking music fan and their influence is well aparent in ethereal-tinted acts such as The Innocence Mission and Sarah McClachlan.... (more)


David Gavurin (guitar), Harriet Wheeler (voice), Paul Brindley (bass guitar) and Patrick Hannah (drums)

Reading... tracks:

Skin & Bones / Here’s Where The Story Ends / Can’t Be Sure / I Won / Hideous Towns / You’re The Only One I Know / A Certain Someone / I Kicked A Boy / My Finest Hour / Joy

Blind tracks:

I Feel / Goodbye / Life & Soul / More / On Earth / God Made Me / Love / What Do You Think? / 24 Hours / Blood On My Hands / Medicine

Static... tracks:

Summertime / Homeward / Folk Song / She / When I'm Thinking About You / I Can't Wait / Cry / Another Flavour / Leave This City / Your Eyes / So Much / Monochrome

... Session tracks:

I Won / Can't Be Sure / What Do You Think? / Joy / On Earth / Medicine / My Finest Hour / Here's Where The Story Ends / More / Hideous Towns / A Certain Someone

The Sundays - Reading, Writing & Arithmetic (Rapidshare)
The Sundays - Blind (Rapidshare)
The Sundays - Wild Horses (plus new Blind Tray included) (Rapidshare)
The Sundays - Static & Silence (Rapidshare)
The Sundays - The Black Session (Rapidshare)

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Dwight Twilley: Twilley (1979) + Jungle (1984)

After the demise of the Dwight Twilley Band, Twilley continued as a solo act, keeping Pitcock on lead guitar and adding Susan Cowsill on harmony vocals. This lineup released the album Twilley for Shelter/Arista in 1979, although the album's most successful song, "Darlin'", featured backing vocals by Seymour. His next album, "Blueprint", co-produced by Jack Nitzsche, was rejected by Arista after the failure of the 1980 single "Somebody to Love" (and Nitzsche's scandalous divorce from wife Carrie Snodgress), although it was assigned an Arista release number. "Blueprint" ultimately was never released, keeping Twilley out of circulation until his Shelter contract expired at the end of 1981.
He then moved to EMI America for Scuba Divers (1982), a combination of rejected Blueprint tracks and new material. His follow-up album, Jungle (1984), produced his second national hit single, "Girls", featuring a counterpoint vocal by Petty, which also reached #16 on the Billboard Hot 100. His follow-up single, "Little Bit Of Love", reached #77. Jungle has never neen released in cd format. Unfortunately, Twilley left EMI America at that point, which once again dissipated his momentum from the hit. Twilley's 1986 album "Wild Dogs" was recorded for Private I Records, a custom label run by independent radio promoter Joe Isgro that was distributed by Epic Records; however, when Isgro was implicated in a 1986 radio promotion scandal, Private I Records collapsed. Instead, the album was quietly released by Epic's CBS Associated label, where it went largely unnoticed, despite the appearance of the last Twilley/Seymour song, "Shooting Stars".
After the failure of "Wild Dogs", Twilley found himself without a label (or a lead guitarist, as Bill Pitcock IV had quit), although the Dwight Twilley Band albums were reissued in CD form with bonus tracks by the audiophile DCC Compact Classics label in 1989 and 1990. Twilley also contributed one track to the hugely successful 1992 Wayne's World soundtrack, "Why You Want to Break My Heart" from Jungle.
You can find "Dwight On White (1979 E.P.)" at the Power Pop Criminal$! Blog.

Twilley tracks:

Out of My Hands / Nothing's Ever Gonna Change So Fast / Runaway / Standin' in the Shadow of Love / Alone in My Room / Betsy Sue / Darlin' / I Wanna Make Love to You / Got You Where I Want You / It Takes a Lot of Love

Jungle tracks:

Little Bit Of Love / Girls / Tom Petty / Why You Wanne Break My Heartb / You Can Change It / Cry Baby / Don't You Love Her / Long Lonely Nights / Jungle / To Get To You / Max Dog

Dwight Twilley - Twilley (Rapidshare)
Dwight Twilley - Jungle (Rapidshare)

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Dwight Twilley Band: Sincerely (1976) + Twilley Don't Mind (1977)

Dwight Twilley and Phil Seymour met in Tulsa in 1967 at a theater where they had gone to see The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night, and soon began writing songs and recording together. They continued their partnership over the next several years under the name Oister. Twilley wrote all the songs and played guitar and piano, Seymour played drums and bass, and both sang leads and harmonies. Guitarist Bill Pitcock IV played lead guitar on most of their tracks.
In 1974 they went to Los Angeles to find a label ... where they ironically signed with Shelter Records, a label co-owned by Denny Cordell and Tulsa's Leon Russell, in 1974. Cordell promptly changed the group's name from Oister to the Dwight Twilley Band, which set the seeds for future problems arising from Seymour's anonymity in the partnership.
Their first single, "I'm On Fire", reached #16 on the charts in 1975 with relatively little promotion, largely because the band was in England recording its first album, tentatively called Fire, with producer Robin Cable at Trident Studios.
When the album was finally released in 1976 with the name "Sincerely", it surprisingly failed as well, peaking at #138. During this time, Seymour and Twilley befriended labelmate Tom Petty and contributed backing vocals on several of his tracks, creating a long-lasting friendship.
Shelter then switched distribution again to Arista Records. ABC elected to keep Petty and J. J. Cale, leaving Twilley alone on the Shelter/Arista label. Pitcock became a credited member of the Dwight Twilley Band during touring and recording of the second album. However, that album, Twilley Don't Mind, proved to be another commercial disappointment in 1977, despite a guest appearance by Petty. Seymour left the band the following year, pursuing a solo career with some success until he developed what proved to be terminal cancer. He died of lymphoma in 1993, and Twilley still does not perform Dwight Twilley Band songs that featured lead vocals by Seymour.

Sincerely tracks:

I'm On Fire / Could Be Love / Feeling In The Dark / You Were So Warm / I'm Losing You / Sincerely / Tv / Release Me / Three Persons / Baby Let's Cruise / England / Just Like The Sun + 1989 bonus tracks: Did You See What Happened / Look Like An Angel / Miserable Lady / Rock Yourself, Son

Twilley Don't Mind tracks:

Twilley don't mind / Looking for the magic / That I remember / Rock and Roll / Trying to find my baby / Here she come/ Sleeping / Chance to get away / Invasion / Fallin' in love (cd bonus)

Dwight Twilley Band - Sincerely (Rapidshare: Part 1 / Part 2)
Dwight Twilley Band - Twilley Don't Mind (Rapidshare)

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Note: Twilley Don't Mind also includes an "Special PVAc Tray for cd" reiussed with the original vinyl artwork (better than the cd).

Energy Orchard - 1990 - Selftitled

Energy Orchard were an Irish guitar-based rock band of the late 1980s and early 1990s, from Belfast. Fronted by Bap Kennedy on lead vocals (brother of Irish singer-songwriter Brian Kennedy), their style drew heavily on the influence of Van Morrison and other classic RnB, but incorporated traditional elements of Irish folk music to create a unique sound. The band emerged from the remnants of two other Belfast-based punk/new wave bands, namely The Bank Robbers and 10 Past 7.
Following much hype of the band's early live gigs at the New Pegasus the band were signed to MCA on the personal recommendation of Steve Earle.
The other members of the band were Paul Toner (lead guitar), David Toner (percussion), Joby Fox (bass guitar), Spade McQuaid (rhythm guitar) and Kevin Breslin (keyboards).


Belfast / Somebody's Brother / Lion / One, Two Brown Eyes / King of Love / Sailortown / Walk In Love / This House Must Fall / Sweet Irish Rose / Hard Street / Good Day To Die / Belfast (Instrumental)

Energy Orchard - Selftitled (Rapidshare: Part 1 / Part 2)
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The Real People + Rain - 1996 - Liverpool: The Calm Before The Storm

Marshmelow Lane were going to be the second album by "The Real People" but never saw the light. Some of the tracks from it were included in the compilation "The Calm Before the Storm" which celebrated Liverpool's contribution to Britpop .The other part of the album included songs from the band called "Rain", formed in 1988 in Huyton, Liverpool with main influences from The Who, The Rolling stones, The La's and The Beatles.
Along with The Real People, The Tambourines, The Farm and The La's, Rain were based at the forefront of the music scene in Liverpool, building up a strong following and fan base.
As with The Real People, Rain signed up with Columbia records in November 1989. Shortly after signing the deal, drummer Mark Robson left the band and was replaced by Tony Mcguigan, formely of The Tambourines. The other members were Ned Murphy, Colin Clarke and Martyn Campbell.

Rain released their debut album "A Taste Of........" in July 1991 but it unfortunately created more attention because of the naked woman on the record sleeve artwork.
The CD is an historical record of where the Northern Indie sound of the 90's began. Both bands formed a solid foundation for the springboard for the new britpop bands of the mid-late 90's, Oasis, Blur etc. They paved the way - Maybe the Real People and Rain were just 5 years too early. Maybe they were just that... the "calm" before the "storm"!!!!


The Real People : Window Pane / The Truth / Everyday's The Same / She / Believer / Seen The Light / Some Things Must Change / What U Want / I Don't Belong / Run & Hide / Car Outside / Too Much, Too Young
Rain: All I Want / Lemonstone Desired / Here They Are / Taste of Rain / Inside Out / Slippin n' Slidin (demo)

The Real People + Rain - Liverpool: The Calm Before The Storm (Rapidshare: Part 1 / Part 2)

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The Real People: Selftitled (1991) + Marshmellow Lane (1992) [unreleased]

The Real People (or "The Realies" as they are known to their fans), from Liverpool, England, were one of the very first bands to play what is today known as “Britpop”, and have been quoted by Oasis as being one of their major influences. They were formed in 1987 by brothers Christopher and Anthony Griffiths, the original line up consisted of Chris Griffiths (guitar and vocals) Tony Griffiths (bass and vocals) Tony Elson (drums) (later to be replaced by Garry Ford) and Sean Simpson (guitar) (later to be replaced by Alan Gillibrand), and over the following 4 years were as pivotal as The La's, The Stone Roses in reinventing rock and roll after the synth led new wave music which dominated the 80s. They signed to Columbia Records in 1989 and released their self titled album and the singles Open Up your Mind, Window Pane and The Truth all to critical acclaim. They sold over 100,000 copies of the album and made significant inroads into Europe, Japan and the US. The follow up "Marshmellow Lane" led off with the top 40 single "Believer" but their label was sold to Sony and the band became an early victim of major label expansion at the expense of talent. CBS became an omprint of Sony and The Real People left, Marshmellow Lane sat on the shelf.

The Real People at myspace.

Selftiled tracks:

Window Pane / I Can't Wait / For You / The Truth / Everyday's the Same / Wonderful / Open up Your Mind (Let Me In) / She / In Your Hands / Looking at You / Words / Another Day

Marshmellow Lane tracks:

Same Mistakes / What You Want / Dream On / Car Outside / Sooner Or Later / Feel The Pain / Seen The Light / All Is Not Lost / I Don't Belong / Wasting Your Time Away / Somehow Fly / Remember The Time / Run And Hide / Someone / Believer / Space / Too Much Too Young

The Real People - St (Rapidshare)
The Real People - Marshmellow Lane (Rapidshare: Part 1 / Part 2)

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Outdoor Miner.
Directly from Spain an easy and complete blog for music lovers.
90's INDIE + LO-FI albums hard to find ripped at 320 with the complete artworks. A luxury !!
The formula is very simple: album title (with year and company), front cover and download link.
Enjoy it!!


Hi guys, I'm back again. I've been very busy in the last month but now I can continue with the blog.
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The first answer for Dan:
With The Naked Eye download works at 100% (I've just download it and decompress it fine), probably it's a problem of your internet connection.
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