Monday, November 24, 2008

Fotomaker - 1995 - The Fotomaker Collection

Fotomaker was possibly the first Power Pop supergroup. Formed by members of The Rascals, Gene Cornish (bass) and Dino Danelli (drums), ex-Raspberries Wally Bryson (guitar), in addition to Lex Marchesi (guitar) and Frank Vinci (keyboards).... (more)
Courtesy of D. Moose this fantastic collection with the best Fotomaker songs.


Where Have You Been All My Life / Can I Please Have Some More / All There In Her Eyes / Two Can Make It Work / The Other Side / Say The Same For You / Plaything / All These Years / Pain / Lose At Love / Miles Away / Name Of The Game / If I Can't Believe In You / Baby I... - (previously unreleased) / Snowblind / Nowhere To Turn

Fotomaker - The Fotomaker Collection
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Badfinger: Discography Part Four (Rare & Comps)

Badfinger released a number of highly praised albums on the Apple and Warner Bros. labels. But the original band never released a live album during its time together, and DAY AFTER DAY is a long-overdue document of the original Badfinger's in-concert power.
Includes two of Badfinger's greatest hits, "Day After Day," and "Baby Blue," along with many highlights of the Apple albums. Recorded in 1974 at the Cleveland Agora, the album captures Badfinger's last tour featuring all four original members: guitarists Joey Molland and Pete Ham, bassist Mike Gibbins, and drummer Tom Evans.
SHINE ON is a 12-track British compilation of Badfinger's two Warner Bros. albums, containing eight songs from Badfinger and four from Wish You Were Here, both originally released in 1974. None of the band's classic tracks are to be found here, but this set demonstrates that even in decline Badfinger could make some enjoyable music. "Lonely You," for example, is a ballad very much in the tradition of earlier Badfinger love songs, while "Andy Norris" is one of their more stirring rockers.
The Ass album was the last one they did for the Apple label before moving to Warner Brothers for two ill-fated records. COMPLETE ASS collects 37 tracks from the sessions for that record including a the 10 track original album in different sound than the reissue. There are demos ("Piano Red" is the highlight as it sounds better in this stripped down form than in the two band outtakes included on the second disc), Mike Gibbons Welsh recordings ("For So Long" is great), alternate versions of album songs (including a piano driven version of the opus "Timeless") and outtakes (three versions of "Regular" anybody?). There are four versions of ! the outtake "Do You Mind" which turned up on the Apple CD reissue and to these ears, the wrong version was chosen. Track 17 should have been the keeper with sharper guitar and an appealing organ break "Coppertone Blues" is a backing track that went nowhere while "Rock And Roll" is a Tom Evans rocker with lame lyrics, but great instrumental toughness that deserved to be worked out more. "Dreaming" was also a track deserving more attention (if only to lose the harmonica which ruins an otherwise excellent Joey Molland rocker). Admittedly, yours' truly would buy an album to hear anything associated with this band, but if you are a fan then you need this two cd set.
APPLE DEMOS 1970-72 is the first version of Badfinger's Straight Up album rejected by Apple. Not demos but an alternate album.


Badfinger - Day After Day-Live
Badfinger - Shine On
Badfinger - Complete Ass (Part 1 / Part 2)
Badfinger - Apple Demos 1970-72

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Shoes: Best (1987) + As Is (1996)

"Shoes Best" is a cd with 22-song retrospective covers Shoes’ career from 1976 to 1987. Rolling Stone wrote, “Shoes Best is a feast of shimmering neo-sixties power pop”. Out of stock is available only as CD-R.
"As Is" is a limited edition two-CD set, jam-packed with 2 1/2 hours of Shoes rarities. Disc One includes previously unreleased tunes, alternate mixes, rough demos and other tidbits from 1973 through 1994. Disc Two includes two early Shoes albums from the mid '70s, "Bazooka" and "One In Versailles". Each copy was individually numbered and autographed by the band. Only 1,311 copies were manufactured. Absolutely guaranteed to contain all the pops, rattles, ticks, hum and hiss of the original tapes for your listening pleasure!

Shoes Best tracks.

As Is tracks.

Shoes - Best
Shoes As Is (Part 1 / Part 2)

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Badfinger: The Last Studio Album

Courtesy of D. Moose and continuing with his idea, here is the last studio album of this fenomenal band.
It contained new material. Issued in January 1981 on Radio Records, the LP was the second and last attempt by Tom Evans and Joey Molland to recapture Badfinger's earlier market success, which was lost after the death of band founder Pete Ham in 1975. The album was recorded in Miami, FL by Evans, Molland, keyboardist Tony Kaye (formerly of Yes), guitarist Glen Sherba and drummer Richard Bryans and was co-produced by Jack Richardson.
Rockier than its predecessor Airwaves, this final outing by Badfinger produced one semi-successful single with the song "Hold On," which reached #56 on U.S. Billboard charts in 1981. The album peaked at only #155 in the US Billboard charts.

Band Personnel:

Joey Molland: vocals, guitar / Tom Evans: vocals, bass / Tony Kaye: keyboards / Richard Bryans: drums / Glenn Sherba: guitar


I Got You (Molland) / Come On (Evans) / Hold On (Evans/Tansin) / Because I Love You (Molland) / Rock N' Roll Contract (Evans) / Passin' Time (Molland) / Three Time Loser (Molland) / Too Hung Up On You (Evans) / Crocadillo (Evans/Roach) / No More (Molland)

Badfinger - Say No More
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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Badfinger: Discography Part Two (1974 / 1979)

Six weeks after the Ass sessions were completed, Badfinger entered the studio to begin recording material for their first Warner Brothers release titled Badfinger (the intended title, For Love Or Money, was excluded from the album pressings).
Ass and Badfinger were released almost simultaneously and the accompanying singles from Badfinger, "Love Is Easy" (UK) and "I Miss You" (U.S.), were unsuccessful. Badfinger did manage to retain some U.S. fan support as a result of several American tours. One concert at the Cleveland Agora on March 4, 1974 was recorded on 16-track tape for a possible live album release, although the performance was deemed unsatisfactory at the time.
Following the American tours, Badfinger recorded Wish You Were Here at the Caribou Ranch recording studio in Colorado and AIR Studios in London.
The album was extremely well-received by Rolling Stone and other periodicals upon its release in October 1974.....
With Molland gone and an increasingly unstable situation overall, Polley's next ploy was to press the band to go back into Apple Recording Studios to record its third album under the Warner contract, instead of a U.S. support tour. Within two weeks, tracks were cut for an album entitled Head First, and rough mixes were distributed to the musicians and Warner Brothers Records in America. Before the album was formally accepted by Warners Records, Warners Publishing had already filed a lawsuit against Stan Polley and Badfinger on December 10, 1974 in L.A. Superior Court. Polley had hoped submitting the Head First tapes would secure at least one more album advance prior to the litigation, but Warner Brothers refused to accept the tapes and never paid for the sessions. The legal action led to Warners Records stopping the promotion of Wish You Were Here and they stopped distribution of Wish You Were Here worldwide, thus completely halting Badfinger's career.
Airwaves was released in 1979. (Wikipedia)

For tracks, see this

Badfinger - Selftitled
Badfinger - Wish You Were Here
Badfinger - Head First
Badfinger - Airwaves

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Badfinger: Discography Part One (1970 / 1973)

In October 1969, while the release of "Come and Get It" was pending, the band and Apple Records agreed that a name change was critical. "The Iveys" were still sometimes confused with "The Ivy League", and the name was considered too trite for the current music scene. After much debate, the group changed their name to Badfinger. Other suggestions had included: "The Glass Onion," "The Prix", and "The Cagneys" from John Lennon, and "Home" by Paul McCartney.
The name "Badfinger" was suggested by Apple's Neil Aspinall as a reference to "Bad Finger Boogie", an early working title of Lennon's "With a Little Help from My Friends", so-called because Lennon had composed the melody on a piano using his middle finger, after having hurt his forefinger.

For tracks, see here

Badfinger - Magic Christian Music
Badfinger - No Dice
Badfinger - Straight Up
Badfinger - Ass

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The Iveys (1969): Maybe Tomorrow + Someday We'll Be Known (1968 Demos)

Maybe Tomorrow was the only official album released by The Iveys (who later called themselves Badfinger). It was issued in 1969 on the Apple label in Japan, West Germany and Italy. Although the album was scheduled to be released worldwide, the release in the U.S. and the U.K. at that time was halted without explanation. Many reasons for halting the album have been suggested by the band and Apple employees, but the most common theory is that Apple's newly-hired president, Allen Klein, stopped all non-Beatle releases on Apple until he could examine the company's finances, which were in disarray at the time.
A majority of the album's songs were later issued as Badfinger songs on the Badfinger album Magic Christian Music.


Pete Ham: guitar, keyboards, vocals / Tom Evans: guitar, vocals / Ron Griffiths: bass, vocals / Mike Gibbins: drums, vocals

Maybe Tomorrow tracks:

See-Saw, Granpa / Beautiful and Blue / Dear Angie / Think about the Good Times / Yesterday Ain't Coming Back / Fisherman / Maybe Tomorrow / Sali Bloo / Angelique / I'm in Love / I've Been Waiting + Cd Bonus tracks: No Escaping Your Love / Mrs. Jones / And Her Daddy's a Millionaire / Looking for My Baby

Someday We'll Be Known tracks:

I Believe In You (Version 1) / The French Song (In A Taxi) / Harmonizing / Bingo Comment / Man Without a Heart / The Girl Next Door in a Mini-Skirt / Turn On Your Lovin' Mood / It Takes So Long / Title Unknown / Handsome Malcolm (Practice Vocals) / Hey Baby / The Leaves (Acoustic 1) / The Leaves (Acoustic 2) / The Leaves (Acoustic 3) / The Leaves (Piano 1) / The Leaves (Piano 2) / The Leaves (Piano 3) / Mr. Strangeways / I'll Kiss You Goodnight / Sausage & Egg / Handsome Malcolm / Another Day / I Believe in You (Version 2) / Love Hurts / For My Sympathy / Maybe Tomorrow (Mono) / And Her Daddy's a Millionaire (Mono) / Dear Angie (Mono) / No Escaping Your Love (Mono) / Storm in a Teacup (Mono) / Sali Bloo (Wah-Wah Intro)

The Iveys - Maybe Tomorrow
The Iveys - Someday We'll Be Known (1968 Demos)

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