Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Everything Is OK !

Hi Vex and all who asked for me.
Everything's Ok !
I have had a problem with my uploads. I couldn't upload files larger than 1 Mb (at 1024 kb the upload crashes).
I've been trying to fix the problem the last two months and finally I've found the solution thanks to one person in an spanish forum.
There are a Windows XP SP3 update crash (more people has the same problem...)
The solution:
With Linux or any windows (not XP) O.S. the problem is fixed.
Now I have two O.S. in my PC (Linux and Windows 7) and I can upload all the files without problems.
I'm reuploading all the links broken (Wire Train, Cosecha Roja...)
When all the files were uploaded I will turn to post new files.
Thanks to all for the comments.

Stay tunned !!!