Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome to the Club!

Hi guys.
About three years ago me and other fools began the adventure of a blog called Power Pop Lovers.
Unfortunately the adventure was only active for a year more or less, the reason: a 'person' a little bit intransigent.
Each of the partners has taken different steps and now mantain blogs that are visited daily by thousands of lovers of the good music.
Finally I've decided to reopen the old Power Pop Lovers Blog published simultaneously on wordpress and blogger with the same inputs in order to recover and keep those wonderful albums to enjoy the nostalgic and new discoverers of them.
The new sites are:
For that reason I'm going to close PVAc Blog slowly and move the old posts there reuploading those files whose links have expired with new servers more operatives than rapidshare, because Rapidshare has ceased to be an attractive host to upload.
Gradually I try to upload the albums in lossless format (FLAC) for collectors and mp3 (320) for the other users. Please! be patient because I have only 640 kb upstream, and the uploads are very slow.
To avoid download problems and unnecessary delays, I recommend to use JDownloader (can be used in windows, linux and mac). It's easy to use and you can queue multiple downloads for all the upload servers. JDownloader recognize captchas and is perfect to download files from the servers with a big speed.
Thanks to all and enjoy it!